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Ishopanishad with Commentary of Kaulacharya Satyananda (PDF)

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The book "Ishopanishad with Commentary of Kaulacharya Satyananda" in English in PDF format.

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Guest Vishnu Acharya


In my humble opinion, the part of this shloka (about which Gandhiji said "If all vedic literature is lost but this shloka survives, so would sanatan dharma"): 'Ten tyakten bhunjithah' is incorrectly interpreted. How can Ten tyakten' mean 'tam tyktwa'? Ishwar having pervaded all is the master of all but on this earth, he releases some of his power to the individual soul: this is the import of 'ten tyakten'. All other souls, thus partly sharing his omnipotence, should enjoy and exercise what is allotted to them and not covet ( and encroach on or usurp) others' entitlement ( of body, mind, intellect, property etc.) as does a vulture.


Hope the pundits do not feel offended by this rather brash interpretation!


Thanki g you with regards


Vishnu Acharya

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Guest K B Sarkar


This is nothing to do with religion...but yes these are hard truths of life and if really true are astonishing facts to the modern world...I agree there should be an awareness to these facts to the general mass of people.....

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