Kodi Swamigal – The 300 Year Old Saint of Puravipalayam

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Sri Kodi Swami lived for over 300 years, before attaining Mahasamadhi in 1993. Some families had been visiting him for generations. He was spoken of as belonging to the saints of the highest order by spiritually acclaimed people and other saints who came to seek His darshan.

As a playful child spirituality was unknown to me but in my little mind was instilled the fact that He was a Godly figure by my parents and elders of the family. Little did I realize the greatness of this spiritual giant Kodi Swamy who spent the last thirty years of His life at our residence, Puravipalayam, a small village near Pollachi in Coimbatore district of Tamilnadu.

Swamy had lived in Naikarapatti Zamin house in Coimbatore before He came to our house. Our elders were frequent visitors of the Swamy. Once when my mother was asked by my grandparents to accompany them to meet Swamy, she expressed her desire to have coffee before they left. But however she had to leave without coffee. This was her first visit to Swami and as soon as He saw her He called out to the cook of the house to fetch her some coffee. My mother was of course dumb founded.

On one of those visits to Swami by my elders, He got into the car of our family members and settled Himself comfortably in the upper portion of our palatial old house where He remained until His Mahasamadhi. The story about Him coming to our house was told and retold by our elders with immense pleasure and we children of a joint family listened with great fascination.


House where Kodi Swami resided for the last 30 years of his life.

As a child I accompanied my mother who was blessed with the privilege of serving Him coffee every morning, which she did faithfully after the above-mentioned coffee episode. He was an old, bearded, fair man who wore more than four long coats one on top of the other at the same time. This was His attire during hot summers and cold winters. The only worthy thing that I followed in serving this great saint was to massage His feet occasionally imitating my elders. As a restless child always wanting to run out to play, I always tried to draw my head off from His lap in the course of His blessing (He did so by touching the heads of the devotees).

The Saint’s Disposition

Swami’s disposition was not always the same. At times He was jubilant and hearty like a child but sometimes He was pensive and did not entertain the company of visitors. At some other times He even resorted to shouting at visitors. He at times resorted to throwing things from upstairs. During one of my visits with my mom to Swami, we found Him conversing with someone invisible to our eyes. Neither could we hear Him talk nor could we see to whom He was talking. All that we could see were His lip movements and gestures. Suddenly He asked us to sit aside stating that the place was crowded. We were surprised at this, because there was no one else except us, the two silent spectators apart from Swami!

Devotees’ Experiences

Numerous are the experiences of devotees with this Great Saint. A devotee’s life was in danger when he met with a fatal accident. He was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition. The doctors gave up hope and an astrologer predicted his death. However Swami gave him a new lease of life. The devotee later said that he had a vision of Swami putting a stick into his nose.

A Spanish couple who are ardent devotees of Swami and our family friends too, were informed about the Mahasamadhi(shedding the body) of Swami by my mother. The husband who is an artist then started painting His picture. When we saw the completed portrait on a later date, we realized that he had painted Swami exactly in the posture in which He shed His mortal coil.

My Mother who went to seek His blessings during her pregnancies was given pictures of baby girls both the times (we are two sisters). My father who was once summoned by the saint, to sleep by His side chose an airy corner in the room. In the middle of the night he woke up astounded, to find Swami, fanning him. My father rolled over and clutched the saint’s feet. Was it a lesson, preaching humility to the world?

The spiritual lessons imparted by the saint through His own activities will be discussed in the next part.


My Experiences With a Great Saint (Part Two)

Swami did not utter even once what His name or place of birth was. In those days with absolutely no spiritual exposure and out of curiosity we used to ask for His name. No amount of cajoling or hours of waiting could make Him disclose His name. He was so steeped in the ‘true self’ that He did not disclose His details pertaining to His body, thereby teaching the highest truth that one is not the body or the mind, but the ultimate reality, which is the ‘Self’.

Most of the times we could see Swami silently starring into the space. During those moments He did not entertain any conversation. Probably He was immersed in subjectivity. Once some devotees mustered the courage to ask Him what were His activities during midnight. Swami answered in His own childish way “Where is night and day?” He thereby confirmed the truth that night and day was only for those who identified themselves with the body and the mind and not for the one who has lost himself in the divine union.

His all pervasiveness and His oneness with the divine were revealed in many occasions. A devotee once approached Him seeking His permission to go on a pilgrimage to Palani, one of the six abodes of Lord Muruga or Skanda. Promptly came the reply, ” This is Palani”.


Bhagavan Kodiswamy’s traits of enlightenment were portrayed in different occasions to different people. I once tried to shoo away a crow that perched on the nearby table cawing loudly. Swami in a gentle tone said that the crow was also a jnani (an enlightened being). I guess that was the last day I ever shooed a crow or other birds in his precincts or at His Samadhi (Tomb) later!

Swami at times exhibited immense anger. It was impossible for anyone to figure out the reason. At times His anger was such that he threw things down from upstairs and broke them into pieces. At other times He was accustomed to asking for a person’s belongings and handing it to a devotee who is totally unrelated. One can discern from the above two instances that he was demonstrating the importance of non-attachment to material things or His dealings with different people and beyond the comprehension of the human mind.

The saint even after shedding His mortal coil is still very active or is more active in taking care of those who appealed to him their afflictions and uplifting those on the spiritual path.

One can still feel peace percolating in the mind at His Samadhi to this day. This subtle yet a very powerful truth finds expression in the increasing number of devotees flocking at His Samadhi.

I humbly place my head at His Holy Feet for having given me the opportunity to pen down about Him. What can be told about the highest truth that is beyond the grasp of the very mind employed to brief about it, let alone words? Its nature is silence; it is silence, the silent substratum or the base of all that is created.

If you have a personal story about Kodi Swami to share, please contact us.

40 comments on "Kodi Swamigal – The 300 Year Old Saint of Puravipalayam"

  1. Punam says:

    Priya, I am so touched by this story…how lucky it is to have lived at the holy feet of such a great saint…god bless. Very blessed must be your family…

  2. venkatesh says:

    Dear Ms.Priya…. I’m very much blessed to read your article… once I had visited to the samadhi for the guru pooja with my Drums Master Mr.Premkumar (Drums Sivamani Anna’s brother)..where my master played Drums…I saw the abhishekam …..I was blessed to see that. Actually my native is coimbatore and due to my work , I am staying in chennai,,,, but I’,m very much upset that being so many years in coimbatore…I ‘ve not blessed to see swami ji before his Mahasamadhi…..anyway I’m happy that you have got a chance to touch Swami ji’s feet…maha Bhagyam…Thank you.


  3. premlatha says:

    Dear Madam Priya, so blessed to read your great article, with much pleasure I share with you I visited your house many times to visit swami, when I see the given picture, it has kindled my memories years back. I am native of sulur, Coimbatore district, presently last 10 years resident of kingdom of Bahrain. Two times, I saw swami very nearby and once received a lemon and a blessing from him, in fact I was so nervous when I was near to him, but felt great vibration… we had food on the new moon day and full moon day, those days … every other day , most of the days in the month, ther would be annadhanam in your house and people who visit swami used to have their food there. I express my gratitude and love to all your family members for having such a great bliss to have the living god in your house for such a long time. even now whenever I visit India, I used to visit the Mahasamadhi of Swami along with my children. I always have his picture with me in purse that im using in my day to day life and everyday think of him and pray to him…so nice to read about great swami your article, may your family and generations be more blessed!

  4. Surya says:

    Now I understand why the enlightened stayed at your home.

  5. Divine Message says:

    ஓம் கோடீஸ்வராய நமஹ

    புதுச்சேரி சித்தர்கள் வாழும் பூமி. இந்த புதுச்சேரியில் பல நூறாண்டுகளுக்கு முன்பே கோடி சுவாமியின் பிரம்மாண்ட ஆலயம் எழுந்திருக்க வேண்டும். சில ஆன்மாக்களின் சங்கமம் ஆகாத காரணத்தினால் பல நூறாண்டுகளாக தாத்தா கோடி சுவாமியின் ஆலயம் எழவில்லை. அப்படி எழும் தாத்தாவின் கோவில் மனிதர்களால் எளிதில் எழுப்பி விட முடியாது. சித்தர்களின், மகான்களின் ஆசியோடு தான் இந்த கோவில் எழுப்ப முடியும். இதற்க்கான ஆன்மாக்கள் சங்கமிக்கும் நேரம் நெருங்கிவிட்டது. பதினெட்டு சித்தர்களும், புதுச்சேரியில் வீற்றிருக்கும் சித்தர்களும், கோவில் பணிக்காக சங்கமிக்கும் ஆன்மாக்களுக்கு ஆசி வழங்கி கோவில் பணியை துவக்க புறப்பட்டுவிட்டார்கள்.

    ஆலயம் எழுப்ப பொருள் தேடி அலையாதீர்கள்.
    சித்தர்களின் அருளுக்காக ஏங்குங்கள்.

    தாத்தாவிடம் இருந்து அருட்செய்தி கேட்க்க பெற்றவர்

    கோடி செந்தில், புதுச்சேரி,

  6. Tamilkumar says:

    Hi Pranams

    Im in need of Thatha’s photos.Im having the one in internet,but i need the photo with laughing face of our swami.If anybody in this forum have please share.

    Thanks in advance

  7. Indra says:

    I want to participitate in the guru pooja pls inform me if there is any pooja function in thatha temple. I am also one of her follower.

  8. raajesh kumar says:

    Im his follower..i need his photo . Im n need of thatha photo . Help me ..


  9. indra says:

    hello mr. venkatesh dont worry in madipakkam, chennai also we are having our thatha kodi baba temple. Here also thatha is coming and blessing and too he is talking with us. So if u are interested pls visit to the temple

  10. Dr. Mitrabasu says:

    Thanks Priya Ji,
    God Bless you for sharing your spiritual experience with someone so evolved.
    This motivates us in absorbing the thought that spiritual power remains around us albeit hidden sometimes, waiting to be discoverd

  11. ashoke says:

    great information aout the great person


  12. kumar p e says:

    I went to pollachi 20yrs before and i got blessings for three times swamiji likes omapodi (karam) and candys. After a longtime yesterday i went to his samathy. I feel much happy by sharing this matter.

  13. Sakthi says:

    Indra ji, Sairam, Could you please share MADIPAKKAM address, we haven’t been to Puravipalayam for 3 years, would like to visit the temple at Madipakkam,

    Thanks in advance, Sakthi

  14. Venkat says:

    Priya ji,

    I am interested to know that how do you that he has 300 years old. If you have any idea please let me know. Please let me know his daily work. Had he doing meditation or pooja daily.

  15. Bala says:

    I’m a native of Puravipalayam and i had been seeing Thiru Kodi Swamikal since my childhood. So much of events and histories that i can remember of Kodi Swamikal and my great native land. I cannot get those days back. But i still keep everything in my memory and prayers…well thousands of miles from USA. I often recall my meetings with Swamikal since early 1970s. Hope his soul guides and comforts us…… It is very rare to see such avatars….

  16. Asmi says:

    Hi.. i heard of Swami from one of my friends, about couple of years back. he said that he and his family were regular visitors and that once, during their visit, his mother was graced with a pair of rubber slippers of the Swami. My friend later told that he saw his mother place the pair of slippers in their puja room and worship continuously. over the years he says.. that the slipper became worn out very surprisingly.. and that at night times, they even heard the sound of someone walking… this friend has his residence somewhere around erode.. i guess. i was very surprised on hearing about this Swami from him.. and on searching furtre on google, found this article. Thank you for sharing with us. and u r al lsoo blessed!! 🙂

  17. Aghor says:

    Plz can anyone tell me mahasamadhi date of sri kodi Swamigal in 1993…?

  18. Bhairavam says:

    Hello, Plz can anyone give me date of mahasamadhi of sri kodi Swamigal in 1993….?

  19. vijy says:

    I am vijy. I am from Coimbatore, . when ever I visited my sister home at Velachery Ramnagar Chennai. My sister who is a devotee to Kodi baba for years, always insisted me visting his temple there. I was blessed to recite Vishnu Sahasranama thrice at his temple( last tamil Jaya year , everyday from 0800 to 1800 hours, continuously devotees recited it, All his Grace).

    Last week, one fine Morning I was taken by my sister to recite Suprabatham. We reached by morning 5 .30 am. I needed to rush back as I got my train by 0800 hours at Tambaram for my native. But after entering the divine space, I was completely involved and we returned back only by 0700 am. After that I have to pack, eat breakfast and rush from velachery to tambaram(which is 15 km away) by public transport. No wonder, there was tension ambience.

    Then i consoled myself that if I miss my train I will catch bus, though I was worried about the hot summer to travel by bus.But still, as my sister used to say, he likes to play with his devotees, I questioned him in my mind. If he is that much very caring of his devotees, why cant he delay the train by just10 min ( that was my calculation to catch the train 🙂 ) As I was late, my sister droppped me at Keelkattalai, so that the probability of getting buses will increase. But I could board the bus only by 07 50 hours. by 0800 train departs at tambaram. as per schedule.

    You know what, His Miracle was.. When I checked from My mobile about the train running status of Guruvayur Express, It is his play that was delayed by 1 hour. Oh god. I was speechless.. sometimes i get tears running down from my eyes, and I ask sorry often for questioning him. I was really a fool.. is it not..

    But after that MIracle auspicious day, Till now, whenever, wherever , whatever annoys my mind..

    I think myself..

    He stopped a train for me.. wont he stop my misfortunes? yes of course.
    since then, i live myself.. i believe he is caring me. yes he does.. He is sitting along with me. walking besides me. laughing with me. and he will never let me cry.
    I believe it. it happened to me. It happens to me. It will happen to me.

    I request you all to believe in him. he will take care of everything.

    Jai Baba.

    Don miss to visit his temple at Ram Nagar.

    Plot No.8, Second Street, Lakshmi Nagar,
    Madipakkam, Chennai – 600 091.
    Tamilnadu, India.
    Phone: +91 44 2258 3104

  20. Jayaraman RG says:

    I thank to all those who have comeout in ppublishing about Kodi Swamigal of Puravipalayam of Pollachi taluk. Swamylived in his mortal coil for nearly 300 years. May be that large amount of data during His life time be missing. I wish that some one takes interest in gathering the missing information if there be. Wih warm regards. Jayaram

  21. sharavana karthick says:

    I am heart touched to know about guru kodi swamigal’s miracle. Ohm kodieshwara kodieshwari
    kodi baba jaimahadeva

  22. kannan says:

    I visited Puravipalayam twice with my family and co – brother who was working as Senior Manager IOB at RS Puram Branch , Coimbatore. I asked Kodi swamiji’s permission to take a photo of him.He laughed loudly and said OK , you take it. When I cliked the camera , I heard a sound of the film is rewinded. I was worried that all my photos in that film roll is disappeared. What a surprise , I got his photo . I am blessed.


  23. Ramacchandra says:

    You lived with a Saint! How nice, fortunate and blessed.My pranamalu to you and sashtanga pranamalu to Kodi baba.
    The life of saints are so similar. .

  24. Saravanakumar k says:

    Hi madam , where is the Jeevasamadhi of kodi swamiji. How far is puravipalayam from Coimbatore. I’m staying in tambaram. We plan to have dArshann of baba samadhi.
    Can anyone send me message to my gmail or SMS to 9600172512 please. Regards. Saravanakumar.

  25. Pechi Muthu H says:

    Dear Madam,

    Is there any living saints in tamil nadu at this time. Can I meet these saints.

    Pechi Muthu. H

  26. Arup Kumar Barat. says:

    Dear Madam Priya Ji,
    Thank you for sharing your spiritual experience with someone so evolved.
    This motivates us in absorbing the thought that spiritual power remains around us albeit hidden sometimes.
    Kindly, write spiritual information of swamiji Kodi Swamigal.
    Arup Kumar Barat.

  27. Chander says:

    Om Namahshivaya

  28. ramesh v says:

    the story touched my heart

  29. G Kesavan says:

    Our humble pranams to SHRI KODI SWAMIGAL.

  30. BHASKARAN.G says:

    Dear Ms.Priya

    You are so blessed to be part of Kodi swamigal.Let me know if any functions to be held.

    Lotus Venture Capitals

  31. Nhr says:

    Thank you very much for sharing the experiences very touching, want to know more such spiritual saints n visit them too ……grateful for the share
    Koti Pranaams ……..

  32. chadra jobai says:

    I just got to know Swami Divine writeup and am really bless to know at least through Priya Ji write up. Am bless today to read about Swami.


    Only last month i.e. in the third week of Sept 15 I visited the samadhi. It was my second visit to the samadhi. I was taken in a car by my brother from Palakkad to Pollachi. His main purpose was to visit Masani Aamman. On the way I told him about the samadhi of swami and I was not sure whether he would agree to it. But by the gacre of Swami he agreed to take me to there also. That is how I got a golden oppurtunity to visit the samadhi for the second time. I no eagerly looking forward to my third visist. Can any one let me know how to worship him daily. Is there any specific mantra for worshipping swamy.
    I also visited Azhukku Siddhar samadhi which is very near from Masani Aamman temple. For me it was a double bonzanza.

    I feel it is only for good deeds make us to visit such samadhis.

  34. shiva says:

    hi priya,you are most gifted person to live with such a saint guru,thanks for sharing this excellent article

  35. Dhanasekaran T says:

    Very divine article. The Puravipalayam Zamin family is no doubt an honored and blessed one. I am also a humble devotee of Swamiji who is privileged to have his dharshan more than once and fall under his feet. Those experiences can’t be expressed in words but could only be realized.
    Swamiji attained Mahasamadhi on 11th October, 1994. Though nobody can gauge his age, Swamiji used to say, “Naanooru Dipawali(four hundred) kandavan”. He is an unfailing spiritual guide for those who surrender before him in full faith with devotion.
    At least once,one should visit his Mahasamadhi Sansthan which is just ten Kim’s away from Pollachi. Those who want to go by bus, they may reach Pollachi bus stand and get into town bus plying to Naduppuni(route no. 30). For every 30 minutes, the town bus goes.
    I wish people visit Swamiji’s Sannidhanam and live prosperously both material and spiritual.
    Ohm Kodeeswaram Paripooranam.

  36. Elamathivelu says:

    I too one of the devotee of thatha for past ten years….its amazing to hear about miracle’s of kodiswamigal..i wish all to get blessings of great siddhar…don’t miss puravipalayam..

  37. Meera Devi says:

    He is reincarnation of Sridi Sai Baba. I realised it long ago. His holiness suddenly, one fine day made me to visit his samadhi. That day was as normal day as of any other day. But suddenly a couple came and did an extensive pooja. I wondered why it took on that day as it was not a special day. But somebody casually mentioned to somebody that,that day was Shridi Sai Baba’s samadhi day!!!
    I don’ know whether it was an asariri to make me understand why His Holiness called me there on that day. But it gave me a special feeling that I am also taken into His fold!

  38. sharavana karthick says:

    i heard that kodi thatha said about mayamma, mother of kanya kumari..mayamma mahasamathi is located at chinnakollapatti salem..
    Mayamma is amman..

  39. Dr. S.MUTHUKRISHNAN says:

    SATHGURO CHARANAM., it is so nice to go through the experience of the sister (where kodi swamigal’s mortal remains)…. there is lot to share with you all., which i will do in my following visits to the site. We all friends, call him kodi thata with love as we all follow sai’sm of shirdi… thatha has blessed us and taught us some valuable points in the life also….. sadhguro charanam., our experience in the next post… once again thank you all for starting this forum… where the devotees can come and share their experience instead of chatting and wasting time……

  40. RAVICHANDAR says:

    Well written article. It is indeed a blessing to live with saints.Planning to visit soon the Samadhi.😊

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