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    these r actual evil spirits. they can posses a place or human body. they give a lot of diseases like extreme physical pain or heart ,body and mind problems if they posses u. they posses only those who hav low planetary position in horoscope charts because of weak aura of them. when they posess u, then u can c people talking rudely, insensitively when the actual people r not doing so.its a kind of illusion which shakini makes u c. If u want it to leave ur body,ask ur family to do hawan n puja on regular basis of a powerful deity.they can make u wander from place to place if they have more control over your mind then u. Doctors if asked why is this happening will say that the person is in depression or is mad.they make u remember bad things which happened with u or can possibly happen with u. If they can talk in your mind then apply gomutra on backside of your ears.drink gomutra ark.drink water plus kaali rai and pili sarso in quantity of at least 3-5.apply gomutra on foot and talwa.
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    hello brothers & sisters..   I took guru diksha on 6th aug 1998.Since then i have been interested in accomplishing apsara sadhanas in particular and all the soundarya sadhanas in general.And i have accomplished two apsara sadhanas, their names i wouldn't like to disclose. The most interesting thing is that whenever i think of doing apsara sadhana, i completely loose to the thoughts of that particular apsara, thinking that she is always with me and wacthing me. So whatever i do i remember her. Due to so much indulgence in her thoughts it is impossiple for that divine beauty to ignore my silent calls and my silent love. so....even before i start with the ritual,i usually get alot of presadhana experiences like, whenever i am alone and remembering her a strange and unmentioned perfume would fill the place and sometimes she would come in dreams, but the most remarkable thing is that she walks past me though invisible,'cos i can hear the tinkles of her anklets.   i have a six year experience in apsara sadhanas, and i can shatter all myths that i somtimes come across when going through this group regarding sadhanas of apsaras, yakshinis and kinnaris.   it is my suggestion that every man and woman should accomplish apsara sadhanas and yakshini sadhanas before starting with any other sadhana. you all should remember that this special sadhana is very important, even important than brahm sadhana. after all how can a person appreciate the beauty of god at a initial stage without witnessing and apreciating the beauty in its ultimate form that is found only in an apsara.   so brother without a second thought accopmlish this sadhana at all cost.interested folks can mail me personally also i would like to know their experiences , who are accomplished in these sadhanas.     jai sadgurudev
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    Dear Sreenadh,I have download those from the link you provided.Thank you very much.Khin.--- On Wed, 9/23/09, sreesog <sreesog wrote:sreesog <sreesog Re: Meena Nadi Part -1 and Part 2 Download Links Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2009, 10:55 PM     Dear All, For those who found it difficult to download the previous attachments, I am providing here the download links of the scanned pages of Meena Nadi 1) Meena Nadi (Part 1) 2) Meena Nadi (Part 2) I couldn't get the 3rd part, but the scanned pages of Page 18 and 19 from this part is available - 3) Meena-Nadi (Part -3) -Page 18-and-19 only Hope you will enjoy this rare work. Note: Since these are scanned pages of the book, you all may have to take a printout of the same to properly read it.Love and regards,Sreenadh
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    What a load of rubbish! The silly old man who made up the theory of the 'big bang' must have been on drugs. I wonder if he has heard of god. How can anyone think that. It's like saying god threw a couple of nukes into space and denotonated them. What a laugh. It's a theory just used for buisness and fame.