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Gyanganj, land of the immortals

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Yes. It is true there is a place where all the ancient sages live still now in different planes of spiritual and physical dimensions. It is in the core place of Great Himalayas where Everest is situated. It is in a territory near the Kanchenjunga Upayttaka (valley). When Sri Rama was a little boy, at that time sage Vishwamitra arranged a Jagya and it was disturbed by the devil spirits. He and other sages was in trouble on performing the rituals. At that time he thought that it is right time to establish the mahima or greatness of sri rama at an early age and announce the Avataratva of Lord Rama. Then he visited King Dasharatha and begged for Sri Rama so that he can visit the ashram with the Rishi for helping him completing the great Jagya for the good of the whole world. Keep in mind that, Sage Vyas Dev established 8 hidden ashrams in Himalayas and The Gyanganj or Siddhashram is one of them and it is made by Deva Sthapathi Vishwakarma. Rishis could manage the demons by their own energies but it was against their Vrata or motto and they cannot use their powers for hurting anyone other-than the purpose of the good of the humanity. Now there are many Sadhus in the Ashram. Among of them some are above 500 years of age and most of them are young people of around 200-300 years. There are also Kalpajivi Maha Rishis. Kalpa means 1 crore and 20 lakh years. They have seen the pralay and khanda pralay of this cosmos many million times. They are of heavy bodies, very long and ancient figures;always merged in Greatest Samadhi. There are many compartments in the same ashram. Outer caves and inner caves. Outer caves are full of young disciples and inner cave is of ancient sages and that place is less visited by outer dwellers. Outer part is managed by a principal like sage. Maharshi Matanga is the principal. In the inner cave, in a secret place, the body of Maharshi Angira is kept very guarded. He is one of the nine Brahma Rishis. He is the son of lord Brahma. And he is always in samadhi for crores of years and he comes back in body sometimes for a moment after 4/5 years and goes back again to samadhi. If there is anything to tell to the humanity, then he gets down from Paramatma and expresses by making an special sound/tone of Pranava which is interpreted by Maharshi Matanga and later the message is delivered to the other sadhus of outer compartments. All of the indian sages are directed by the holy ancient Rishis directly or indirectly. In other words, they are the eternal dictators of the whole existance. That's why they are called Prajapati. Lord Brahma's Son is staying there. Lord Nara and Narayana is also present in another mountain. Lord Mahadeva is also residing in a special scientific place which can be crossed by an special cosmic wheel or something like modern time machine concept (Kaalchakra). Many sages live in the Manas Sarovar along with Gods and Demigods. It is above or top of the Himalayas. The lake consists of miraculous water from which an special Ratha or Golden Chariot arises in a period once in a year. He who wants to see Lord Mahadeva will ride on the chariot and then the chariot goes under the water again. Only Paramhamsa Siddha Purush people can have Darashan of Lord Mahadeva physically. From that Manas Sarovar the chariot enters in a time wheel or a junction of different space dimension and reaches Kailash-named mountain where Lord Shiva physically resides with Parvati. After crossing 108 long mountains, reaching the Kailash mountain they get a beutiful unforgettable darshan of Lord Shiva with Parvati and that is only for 3-4 minutes. And Mahadeva again goes invisible with Parvati. Many people of modern world are just fooled every year by the name of pilgrimage to kailash, manassarovar etc. They are all fouls. Are not there written in the scriptures that those place are always full of sages? Have anyone got a single bit of view of those sages anytime? Neither Kailash nor Manas Sarovar is in the territory of earth that can be seen by humans. It is totally in a secret and sacred place kept managed by the clever sages by announcing other less worthy places as Kailash or Manassarovar for the pilgrim of ordinary folks and keeping them away of the holiness of the place. Otherwise, worldly people could turn it to garbage as other places of the planet by their own rascality; by the name of Tirtha Jatra every year! That day is coming soon when inaccesible places will be made well known again. It is our own place. And sages are our heart people. When everyone cannot remain without thinking of them, then that place will be again a place of visiting. Om. GURU.

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