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Were the Beatles Gandharvas?

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This statement has some popularity among followers of Bhaktivedanta Swami and Iskcon . Maybe it can be found in the archives of some vaishnava-newsletters and forums .

But on the other hand I have noticed that no devotee ever mentions that ( like a lot of other artists ) they were involved ( or used , manipulated ) in mind-control issues . It is said that they were trained by the Tavistock institute ( run by the illuminati ) , and were used as a tool for influencing the youth of these days , to the liking of the manipuators behind them .

Examples :

.Subliminal messages like "Paul is dead " ( paraphrasing ... )

.Hidden meanings in the tune-titles : Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds ~~LSD

.Some people say that John wanted to come clear with this problematic past and wanted to expose the whole dirt behind the creation of the whole craze that surrounded them . That was when the men in the dark decided to eliminate him ...

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Guest guest

I believe they were from Mars and where sent to teach that we need is love. I think Paul was the cutest...


What is it with some devotees and conspiracy theories?


Btw...I was told to post this by the illuminati, but don't tell anyone...

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Guest guest

Luciferians, worshippers of the light. This conspiracy theory comes from an excellent thesis titled "Committee of 300", and the issues are quite compelling.


Also, the worship of Robert Johnson (crossroads), done by very many from morrison to janis to robert plant and jimmi pagfe. Interesting stuff. The hippies wer actually besed of the writings of the "drug fiend" allister crowley, and other luciferians like HP lovecrasft.


I dont believe any of it, but it is veeerrrry interesting. George Noory has a regular guest who tracks the rock artists, and these shows are also quite compelling, especially all the artists who died at the4 age of 27, have birth or death days similar to buddy holly, etc.


Monkies typing the bible, but compelling nevertheless, and way entertaining.


haribol, paul has been dead since 1966, mahaksadasa

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Some say that the subliminal message "Paul is dead" was used as a tool to create more interest , more mystery surrounding the Beatles .

It might also explain the hysteria and craze of the young girls screaming for them ...


Interesting also : Aleister Crowley is depicted on the cover of the Seargent Pepper-cover , and it seems that one or more songs are connected with him ( ~~the album was released on his birthday ~~something like that ~~don´t remember exactly ... ) . [Note that Crowley has advocated horrible sacrifices throughout his writings and was looked for by the police and brought to court because of his shocking activities ...]


By the way :

I am not a devotee .

Nitaichandra is not my real name .

I used to believe in Gaudiya vaishnavism , but I have lost my faith in it .

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Interesting also : Aleister Crowley is depicted on the cover of the Seargent Pepper-cover , [/HTML]



So were a lot of famous people. Gandhi, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis?, and maybe Humphrey Bogart if I remember right ( It's been 35 years). Your reminding my of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds just gave me a flashback. Maybe you work for the illuminati. How did you know I would read this thread anyway? Are you inside my head?:eek:


We needn't wonder if it's a conspiracy or not. Of course it is. All designed to keep our focus on the small ego , the ahankara, and too distracted to see ourselves as spiritual entities. Maya's mind control project.

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Guest guest

Well Bond, I was unbale to find a reference to the Beatles being Gandarvas on the Vedabase, but there is a lot missing from the Vedabase.

On another note, George Hari-son received Srila Prabhupada's genuine blessings ("I think George does not require to become my formal disciple because he is already more than my disciple. He has sympathy for my movement and I have all blessings for him.") and he spread the chanting of Hare Krishna to millions. To this day his songs to Krishna are still heard. When Tom Petty was inaugerating George into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Tom got everyone to chant Hare Krishna. At the memorial Concert for George the whole audience rose to sing My Sweet Lord.

"He reasons ill that Vaisnava's die while living still in sound..."

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