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Govindam adi purusham at Olympia 2006

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Around 2 days ago in Women's figure skating Japan scored Gold, USA Silver (Sasha Cohen), Russia Bronze.

What those judges missed/overlooked was the other Japanese skater who was far superior to both Sasha & the Russian, both of whom flopped, slid, fell down repeatedly.

Japan2 performed very difficult maneuvers neither Sasha nor Russia even attempted, specially her last 20 second grand finale.

Forget about it.

I guess it was just too much for obviously biased judges to give both GOLD & SILVER to Japan.

So much for athletic blind justice.

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Wednesday night/Thursday morning ABC midnight comedian interviewed same Silver Medal Sasha...

I can remember Peggy Fleming winning figure skating Gold for USA team in '68 or '72? Indisputable.

But this was different. I hate to see an obvious superior go unnoticed.

It's not fair, neither to the universe nor the elements.

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