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Please connect modern phenomena with vedik or vaisnav subjects.

precaution: avoid 10 offenses

Par exemple,

1) Overweight vedik scholars prefer to read Bag-of-fat Gita.

2) Ease-loving recliners diligently study Chair-tanya Chair-itAmrta.

3) Divine drummers usually begin their spiritual life perusing through SrImad BhAgava-Tom Tom.

Pre-puberty initiated, destined-2b basketball players quickly guru in size.


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Tony the Tiger joined ISKCON long ago. Or was it Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math. Or was it Sri Gopinath Gaudiya Math. Or was it Sri Chaitanya Gaudiya Math. Or was it Gaudiya Mission.

Or was it some other branch of Lord Chaitanya's Tree. Hmm. Not quite sure.

Nevertheless, being pujari-trained, how did Tony answer when questioned whether morning cereal bhoga had already been offered or not?

[answer contains 4 words] (answer available w/i few days)

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7)Muni mechanics memorize all 19 slokas of Grease-opanisad.

8) Elevator Operators study both Up-adesAmRta & Down-adesAmRta. And what to speak of all 108 UP-anisads

9) Mongolians never miss Mongol-aratrik & generally master Sri Chaitanya Mongol first; who can blame them?

10) Rasik Russians always turn to Bhakti-Russia-mRta-sindhu for help (as if u didn't know).

11) Arjun-tinians should naturally follow Arjun's example.

12) Chinese must emulate Lord China-tanya's Life & Precepts

13) Japa-knees genuflect, bow down both b4 & after chanting Japa.

Or they prefer chanting japa on their knees.

14) Arabs eliminate their Arab-prarabdha karmas knowing Allah & Visna 2b one.

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