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salaram silas coming from the Gandaki River: fossils or Krsna manifestations???

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So I have read many articles from Iskcon saying that foolish scientists try to say that the imprints on the salaram silas coming from the Gandaki River are merely fossilizations. They do not understand that they are the marks of Vishnu as the vaishnava understands them to be.


So while under the guidance of temple authorities, I believed this. Truly I haven't even seen many silas except for the ones that I worshipped.


But gee, now that I have seen more, they sure do look a heck of a lot like animal fossilization like other fossils that I have seen.


So is it just a folkorish faith thing that vaishnavas have fun with, or are they really not fossils? Any proof?

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Guest guest

One person's reality may not be that of another's.


It does not matter if they are "fossils" or not according to scientific calculations. Do not argue with the scientists.


For us, the salagram is a manifestation of the Lord. It would be very, very sad and wrong to think of it as an ordinary stone.


This is like asking a Christian, is a rainbow the reflection of light off of water droplets, or is it a sign of the covenant between the Lord and Noah?


It all depends on the blessedness of one's vision.


I pity the souls for whom a rainbow is just a light play, and a salagrama is just a fossil rock.


Next you will ask, is the brindaban just town with streets, dogs and place for sewage, and do the rikshas really drive there, or is it a place where krsna does his eternal lila?

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Krishna shows Himself to devotees only. The eyes of non-devotees are covered with maha maya so they only see Krishna as a material man or object.


Krishna shows the Silas as fossils to the non-devotees. But the devotees have the eyes to see the Silas true identity.

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