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Krishna Picture Wobbling

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he likes. Once, during an exceedingly intense chanting session attended by many advanced vaisnavas, I was watching the picture of Krsna driving Arjunas chariot (the cover of the original BGAII). Da buggah came of the wall and drove right thru the kirtana. Krsna appears as He wishes to his devotee, and this is how he showed Himself to be the TRUE, to me, anyway. Later I asked my friend, the TP of the remote center, if he saw anything, and he responded that he didnt see anything, but he had heard all kinds of stuff that the devotees who were chanting couldnt do, like conchshells played by the demigods in attendance.


Now this aint stuff I speak of allah time, but your story reminded me of an experiance that Ive found out over the years that many, many devotees have during the course of their meditations, and especially while performing samkirtana yajna. (PS, "da buggah" is a term of great endearment, something said while I was wild with emotion.)


ys, mahaksadasa


PS Did you see anything, babhru, during da kine kirtanas at the penaroza farm or the Kapaa temple?

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Thankyou for presenting. Something else happened to me a long time ago as well. I think maybe I should tell it, to see the power of devotees and what they can do for you. Since we giving away secrets. A VERY long time ago when I was about 20 I tried to commit suicide. I got a Bowl of water, put my legs inside. And thier was a Hair Dryer I had. I thought if I drop it in the water, i would proceed to eletricute myself. I was really 'ready to die'!


Anyway, I dropped it. I was holding Hanuman Chalisa at the time [i recited everyday]. And nothing happened. So I was like waiting to be electricuted. No show. I thought for a while. And I could hear the Hair [Hari] Dryer still making a noice. [underwater]. With my feet still in the water, I like picked it up. ! Put my hands in the water, he damn thing was still running, it was filled with water. And it was running like it was new. After this incident, I though again about taking my life, but I sort of always knew. That Krishna would protect me. Since we are here another story I can tell...


When I was 19, I went to India. My Sister was going to get married, so I tagged along. I was working in a Casino at the time, and needed a break:P So anyway, I was with my future brother-in-law [ahem His dead now commited suicide, long story, involves intrigue, courts, and such, classfied]. So we went to a temple. I was curious to see it. Just had had a Coca-cola. So was into seeing temples. [After sence gratification Krishna seems ok]. Anyway, years later, about 2 months ago. I was looking at the pictures when I went to India. And in the same temple. I was in, I saw a Radha-Krishna Diety. And it was as if Krishna in His diety form was looking at me. To say as if, this person will become my devotee one day. Sri Radha was looking as most amazing, that's my story. Haribol!

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