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The gradual stages from Sraddha to Prema Bhakti

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Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu


By Bhaktivinda Thakura, edited by Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Goswami


The gradual stages from Sraddha to Prema Bhakti a fortunate soul gets the seed of Sraddha from the causeless mercy of Sri Guru and Krishna. Then follows, 2. Sadhu Sanga (association with the Sadhus). afterwards comes, 3. Bhajan Kriya (honest or earnest observance of Bhajan or Sadhan). then follows, 4.Anarth-Nivriti, evils which are four in number are (a) Tattwa Bhrama or ignorance of the real nature of one's ownself and Krishna and Maya (b) Asat-Trisna or the evil propensity to enjoy or renounce the world © ,Hridaya Daurbalya, due to heart weakness hankering after wealth, woman, name and fame etc., and (d) Aparadha, offences against Vishnu and Vaishnavas, 5. Nistha or devoutness or steadfastness, 6. Ruchi or relish for hearing or hymning on Sri Krishna Name etc., 7. Asakti or strong attachment for Sri Krishna arises next. Then attachment for Sri Krishna arises next. Then sprouts of Bhava or dawn of Acme of Love, which is called Rati, 8 when this Rati or passion for Krishna is deepened, it is called Prema or the concentrated form of unalloyed Bhakti to Sri Krishna. This Prema alone is capable of conquering the unconquerable Krishna.



Not difficult to remember is it!? Nine steps to Bhakti


1. Sraddha |Faith|

2. Sadhu-sanga |Association of Pure Devotees|

3. Bhajana-kriya |Practice of Devotional Service|

4. Anartha-nivriti |Clearing Unwanted desires|

5. Nistha |Steadiness or Firm Faith|

6. Ruci |Taste|

7. Asakti |Attachment to Holy Name]

8. Bhava |Preliminary ecstatic love|

9. Prema |Final Goal-Love of Godhead|


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