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Surrender to Krsna 100%! As 99.99%won't do.

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Krsna wants your 100%. Full, complete, unconditional. The 00.01% that your holding back is what Krsna sees and wants you to give Him.



If you don't give , you ruin your offering to Him.

It's the grains of sand in the sweetrice. It spoils the whole offering . So better give Krsna everything as everything is already His.

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"in this endeavour there is no loss or dimunition" and even one percent surrender is accepted by Krishna ("If one offers me, with love, a fruit, flower or water, I will accept it.") Recall the story of the man who came to replace the roll of toilet paper in the first store-front temple in NY; Srila Prabhupad exclaimed "Just see; his devotional service has begun."


When someone is really surrendered 100% (the mahabhagwat, parmamahamsa stage) he or she sees everyone as serving Krishna better than themselves (source CC).


The sand in the sweetrice may be just the mote in one's own eye. (Think about it)





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