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Tattoo of tilak?

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Does anybody know if we could Tattoo tilak on all parts of body which need it? And then never have to goto through the process again?


Any Sastric Injuction against it? I mean what do you say.


I only ask because this devotee is thinking about it.


Imagine waking in the Morning not doing your rounds, and seeing this BIG Tattoo of Tilka reminding you. You'd be like oh no, I guess I should chant.

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But the process of appying tilak should not be viewed as a chore. It is another form of communion with the Lord. You are chanting the Lord's names as you apply the tilak. In doing so you are honoring the Lord, offering obeisances, accepting your position as His dependent and so many things like that.


Best to approach any regulated activity that we do with a very conscious mindful attitude.


Just like one bows down when entering the temple room. It's not that you bow down as a ritual and then begin some Krsna conscious activity appropiate to the temple room. It IS the beginning of Krsna conscious activity appopriate for the temple room and should be done in a mindful, mediative mood.


Really even the smallest things we take for granted and don't notice are meditational activities that go by without our grasping them, to our loss.


Right from removing one's shoes when entering the temple. Why is that done? Or even before that as we ready ourselves to go take darshan, as we dress, as we travel to the temple etc. Our whole life eventually becomes connected up with Krsna in this way. In Krsna consciousness the small things are really big oppurtunities for connecting with the Lord.


But I realize these things from a distance. My mind is so hoplessly scattered that I can't follow my own advice. I have never been able to stay focused on the maha-mantra recited once let alone all the details of sadhana-bhakti.


om vasudevaya namah



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Guest guest

I knew one disciple of Bir Krsna M. who had tatooed tilak designs on his head and body. It's been done before.


But like others have said, it shouldn't be a chore, and the other element of tilak is the sanctity of where it was collected from. You are putting the holy land on your body. So it is the design AND the "material" which are both the sanctity.

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