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Chanting with the mind of an aritist

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Prabhupada said that we should chant with great focus and everything is then revealed so, Krsna reveals deep truths many truths combined, these truths are the foundation of our spiritual perception. Pastimes are revealed to our consciousness in a very advanced state. Real thing is to just chant. The Holy Name is substance we do not have to support anything, rather surrender, Surrender is the key.


Think about how you can surrender to the chanting. Let the mantra "take over" ..like yoga.. like breathing.. there is a flow when you are flowing, there is no thinking of other things, right? you are thinking of the flow, right?


There is a rhythm to the chanting it is all attractive, right? so, there is a flow to the chanting it is like a song the mantra is Krsna's flute playing.. for years I was chanting with an analytical mind but that has stopped, now I chant with the mind of an artist.


My mind was trying to figure things out, yes.. now I have learned to just relax and focus on chanting with all my heart more emotional not analytical. Krsna much prefers our hearts to our mind.


There is a flow to the Holy Names it cannot be felt with an analytic mind, when the analysing mind stops, then the mood becomes established then you can chant for hours and hours because it is a pleasure that gets deeper and deeper in this state, many deep truths will come to you automatically.


--Mahashakti dasa


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