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tolerance for others level of understanding

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I posted this on a Christian debate board where people mostly consider the Bible to be a one time only act of God speaking to mankind. But I realized that those in higher class levels also need to remember that tolerance is a two way street.


One thing to think of is God speaking to both His advanced saints and separately to the mass of people in that specific culture that the prophet or sage speaks to. Surely He gives the sage more then we get from the sage. That's why he is a prophet or sage, he has a greater capacity for assimilating the Divine Word.

But the Lord is also personally active amongst the general body of folks. He spoonfeds us all individually according to our ability to assimilate His truths. Each person is at their own specific level and the Lord knows this perfectly and deals with us all in a way unique to us. He will individually speak to us through the words of the prophet or sage and also help us to comprehend the meaning of those words.

So let's broaden this idea a bit more. Cultures like individuals are also at different levels of understanding at any one time. Some are questioning the existence of God at the same time others are discussing the nature of God Whom they all agree exists. So it is obvious that the Lord will send different prophets and sages to live and teach among those peoples and the messages they deliver will tailored to the audience.

This is not a unique thing. We see it in our own school systems throughout the world. First graders learn 123 and abc then they progress to different classrooms and grade levels where they learn sentence structure and later they are reading Shakespear. So we can expect to find different levels of revelation in various cultures just as we would in various individuals.

We would also expect to find that the prophets God sent to those cultures would have spoken or wrote on the level that was appropiate for that culture. In other words their "Holy Books" their scripture, their wisdom teachings.

Not all will be appropiate for our particular level. Some lessons we may have learned already some others too deep and advanced for now. Just as water seeks its own level so we must seek our own. So I see God speaking and teaching to the whole planet in this way. Not limited to just one culture in one period of time. Actually people incarnate into a culture where their needs for progressive revelation can be met.

Which will eventually mean taking birth on higher planets just as we have on earth taken birth in higher cultures. Now we can apply this principle on a universal level to give ourselves a better understanding of what is going on, what the progressive march back to Godhead is all about.




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