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Nityananda Kicks Sivananda Sena...

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Yesterday after Bhagavatam class, I was flipping thru a copy of the Caitanya Caritamrta and saw this picture of Lord Nityananda kicking a devotee in the stomache! Never had I seen this and was dumbfounded..."what pastime is this?" I inquired to my friend... "oh, Sivananda blew it... He did not arrange for a place to stay for Nityananda and the Sankirtan Party, leaving them to take Their rest under trees, hungry and tired. When Sivananda came to Him, He kicked him. Isn't that great?" my friend asks me...Great? "Oh, yeah, well, to have your but kicked by God would be a blessing, I suppose" I replied... but I had to read for myself to try and understand more.


Here it is:

CC Antya 12.15: Sivananda Sena managed the payment of tolls at different places. Maintaining everyone, he guided all the devotees in great happiness.


CC Antya 12.16: Sivananda Sena took care of everyone and gave each devotee places to stay. He knew all the paths leading to Orissa.


CC Antya 12.17: One day when the party was being checked by a toll collector, the devotees were allowed to pass, and Sivananda Sena remained behind alone to pay the taxes.


CC Antya 12.18: The party went into a village and waited beneath a tree because no one but Sivananda Sena could arrange for their residential quarters.


CC Antya 12.19: Nityananda Prabhu meanwhile became very hungry and upset. Because He had not yet obtained a suitable residence, He began calling Sivananda Sena ill names.


CC Antya 12.20: "Sivananda Sena has not arranged for My residence," He complained, "and I am so hungry I could die. Because he has not come, I curse his three sons to die."


CC Antya 12.21: Hearing this curse, Sivananda Sena's wife began to cry. Just then, Sivananda returned from the toll station.


CC Antya 12.22: Crying, his wife informed him, "Lord Nityananda has cursed our sons to die because His quarters have not been provided."


CC Antya 12.23: Sivananda Sena replied, "You crazy woman! Why are you needlessly crying? Let my three sons die for all the inconvenience we have caused Nityananda Prabhu."


CC Antya 12.24: After saying this, Sivananda Sena went to Nityananda Prabhu, who then stood up and kicked him.


CC Antya 12.25: Very pleased at being kicked, Sivananda Sena quickly arranged for a milkman's house to be the Lord's residence.


CC Antya 12.26: Sivananda Sena touched the lotus feet of Nityananda Prabhu and led Him to His residence. After giving the Lord His quarters, Sivananda Sena, being very pleased, spoke as follows.


CC Antya 12.27: "Today You have accepted me as Your servant and have properly punished me for my offense.


CC Antya 12.28: "My dear Lord, Your chastising me is Your causeless mercy. Who within the three worlds can understand Your real character?


CC Antya 12.29: "The dust of Your lotus feet is not attainable even by Lord Brahma, yet Your lotus feet have touched my wretched body.


CC Antya 12.30: "Today my birth, my family and my activities have all become successful. Today I have achieved the fulfillment of religious principles, economic development, satisfaction of the senses and ultimately devotional service to Lord Krsna."


CC Antya 12.31: When Lord Nityananda heard this, He was very happy. He rose and embraced Sivananda Sena in great love.


CC Antya 12.32: Being very much pleased by Nityananda Prabhu's behavior, Sivananda Sena began to arrange residential quarters for all the Vaisnavas, headed by Advaita Acarya.


CC Antya 12.33: One of Sri Nityananda Prabhu's characteristics is His contradictory nature. When He becomes angry and kicks someone, it is actually for his benefit.


What a cool pastime.

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