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From http://www.dubyaspeak.com/freshdubya.shtml



<dt>[John Kerry] voted against that tax relief at a vital time. Plus, he's decided to raise $2.2 million in new federal spending. He's going to spend it. That's what he said.</dt>

<dd>-- Million... Trillion... Whatever. And, of course, 2.2 is Dubya's caluclation, not Kerry's, so in actuality, Kerry has never said he would spend 2.2 trillion (or million, in this case) dollars. Saginaw, Michigan, Oct. 28, 2004</dd>




<dt>And a political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not a person you want as your Commander-in-Chief.</dt>

<dd>-- Is he referring to his own invasion of Iraq here? Lititz, Pennsylvania, Oct. 27, 2004</dd>




<dt>And a political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not the person you want as the Commander-in-Chief.</dt>

<dd>-- History repeats in rapid succession... Vienna, Ohio, Oct. 27, 2004</dd>




<dt>We have a different point of view when it comes to defending America. Senator Kerry now calls Iraq a diversion. But the case of just one terrorist shows how wrong his thinking is. A man named Zarqawi is responsible for planting car bombs and beheading Americans in Iraq. He ran a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan, until coalition forces arrived. And then he fled to Iraq, where he's fighting us today.</dt>

<dd>-- I don't think Kerry ever called the Iraq war a diversion that failed to create enemies, Alamogordo, New Mexico, Oct. 24, 2004</dd>




<dt>Americans will go to the polls in a time of war and ongoing threats any unlike we have seen before.</dt>

<dd>-- As usual, you know what he was supposed to say, right? Lakeland, Florida, Oct. 23, 2004</dd>




<dt>Saddam Hussein was a threat. He was a threat because he hated America. He was a threat because he was shooting missiles at American airplanes. He was a threat because he harbored terrorists. He was a threat because he invaded his neighbors. He was a threat because he had used weapons of mass destruction. He was a threat. Now, we didn't find the stockpiles we all thought were there. That includes me and my opponent.</dt>

<dd>-- Dubya finds an improbable way to include Kerry in the fact that no WMDs were found in Iraq, Rochester, Minnesota, Oct. 20, 2004</dd>




<dt>We will not have an all-volunteer army. And yet, this week ---- we will have an all-volunteer army!</dt>

<dd>-- Dubya's own supporters bail him out of a verbal snafu, Daytona Beach, Florida, Oct. 16, 2004 hearaudio.gif</dd>




<dt>We need a safety net for those with the greatest needs. I believe in community health centers, where low and poor can get their preventative and care.</dt>

<dd>-- Dubya seems to be missing a few words here, Daytona Beach, Florida, Oct. 16, 2004</dd>




<dt>See, I have a different philosophy. I'm a compassionate conservative. I think government ought to help people realize their dreams, not tell them how to live their lives.</dt>

<dd>-- Except when it comes to family planning and who they can marry, right Dubya? Colorado Springs, Colorado, Oct. 12, 2004</dd>




<dt>You heard my opponent -- I talked a little bit a while ago about it -- he said, oh, he's going to pay for all his programs by taxing the rich. We've heard that kind of rhetoric before. The rich hire lawyers and accountants for a reason -- to pass the tax bill on to you.</dt>

<dd>-- Again, I fail to understand the logic... Since the rich are really good at evading taxes, we should just give up on the idea of trying to tax them any more than we are now? Colorado Springs, Colorado, Oct. 12, 2004</dd>




<dt>You know, I went to Washington to solve problems, not to pass them on to future Presidents and future generations.</dt>

<dd>-- As Dubya ratchets up the campaign rhetoric, I may be coming across as more partisan than average here, but is Dubya forgetting about the largest deficit in American history? I think that may very well affect future Presidents and future generations. Call me crazy. Colorado Springs, Colorado, Oct. 12, 2004</dd>




<dt>I am sure many of you stayed up to watch the vice presidential debate last night. America saw two very different visions of our country, and two different hairdos. I didn't pick my Vice President for his hairdo. I picked him for his judgment, his experience.</dt>

<dd>-- Two things: Staying up until 9 PM ain't exactly "staying up", and is Dubya trying to suggest that John Kerry chose his running mate for his hairdo? Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Oct. 6, 2004</dd>




<dt>My opponent is a tax-and-spend liberal. I'm a compassionate conservative.</dt>

<dd>-- Help me, I'm suffering a 1980s flashback here, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Oct. 6, 2004</dd>




<dt>Forty-three days before the election, my opponent has now suddenly settled on a proposal for what to do next, and it's exactly what we're currently doing. We're working with the international partners. We're training Iraqi troops. We're reconstructing the -- reconstructing the company. We're preparing for elections.</dt>

<dd>-- I'm pretty sure that John Kerry has never called for "recontructing the company", Derry, New Hampshire, Sep. 20, 2004</dd>




<dt>If you're a baby boomer, you don't have to worry about Social Security. And

by the way, you'll hear the same rhetoric you hear every campaign, believe

me, you know. Oh, don't worry, they're going to take away your Social

Security check. It is the most tired, pathetic way to campaign for the

presidency. So you don't have to worry about that. And baby boomers are

fine. We're in good shape, you know. The people who aren't in good shape

are the children and grandchildren in this country, because there's a lot

fewer payer-inners than there are recipients when it comes to Social

Security checks.</dt>

<dd>-- Between the payer-inners and the puzzling use of "don't worry", we have ourselves a winner here, Muskegon, Michigan, Sep. 13, 2004</dd>




<dt>You know, Zell Miller, he represents a lot of folks out there who are wondering whether or not it's okay to vote Republican. He's what I would call a discerning Democrat.</dt>

<dd>-- "Discerning" because he conveniently supports Dubya... Huntington, West Virginia, Sep. 10, 2004</dd>




<dt>When you're out rounding up the vote, remind people about what this economy has been through. Five months before we got into office the stock market had started to decline. We had a recession right as we got there. There was corporate scandals. By the way, we made it clear we're not going to tolerate dishonesty in the boardrooms of America. We had a terrorist attack on our country. All those were obstacles for our American workers. See, we're overcoming these obstacles. We're overcoming these obstacles because we got great workers, great farmers. We're overcoming it because the entrepreneurial spirit is strong. We're overcoming it because of well-time tax relief.</dt>

<dd>-- For those nagging questions about all of the problems that the average American faces, Dubya proposes a doom-and-gloom-laden explanation, Huntington, West Virginia, Sep. 10, 2004</dd>




<dt>You cannot be pro-doctor, pro-patient, pro-hospital and pro-trial lawyer at the same time. You have to choose. My opponent made his choice, and he put him on the ticket.</dt>

<dd>-- So if John Kerry is "pro-trial lawyer", what is Dubya? Pro-hospital? Huntington, West Virginia, Sep. 10, 2004</dd>




<dt>Awfully tempting when you're coming down the pike to tell everybody what they want to hear. So they said, well, how are you going to pay for it? He [John Kerry] said, oh, that's simple, we'll just tax the rich. There's two problems with that. One is that you can't raise enough money by taxing the rich to pay for $2 trillion. There's a gap between what he promises and what he says he's going to do.</dt>

<dd>-- The other problem is that "what he promises" and "what he says he's going to do" mean exactly the same thing. But you know what he's trying to say, right? Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Sep. 9, 2004</dd>




<dt>See, I don't think you can be pro-doctor, pro-patient, and pro-hospital and pro-plaintiff attorney at the same time. I think you have to choose. My opponent made his choice and he put him on the ticket. I made my choice. I am for medical liability reform now.</dt>

<dd>-- So I guess Dubya is pro-doctor and anti-everyone-else, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Sep. 3, 2004</dd>




<dt>My grandfather was raised right here in Columbus, Ohio. So I'm here to ask that you send a homeboy back to Washington, D.C.</dt>

<dd>-- Dubya pushes his tenuous third generation connection to Ohio, and throws in the word "homeboy" for good measure, Columbus, Ohio, Sep. 1, 2004</dd>




<dt>I'm here to tell you I've got a reason to seek the presidency again. There is a reason to want to serve, and that's to keep the country safer and stronger and better.</dt>

<dd>-- That's something we can all get behind: keeping the country better! Lima, Ohio, Aug. 28, 2004</dd>




<dt>DUBYA: We received great bipartisan support. In the Senate, matter of fact, the bipartisan support was so strong only 12 members voted against it.


CROWD: Booo!


DUBYA: Two of those 12 senators are my opponent and his running mate.


CROWD: Booo!


DUBYA: He said -- they asked him, they said, why did you do that? He said, well, I actually did vote for the $87 billion right before I voted against it. Voto si, y despues voto no. Muy claro. And so they said, well, wait a minute. And they kept pressing. And he said, well, I was proud of the vote. And then finally he said, it's just a complicated matter. There's nothing complicated about supporting our troops in combat.</dt>

<dd>-- When you oversimplify this much, complication becomes an impossibility (but nice Spanish, Dubya), Miami, Florida, Aug. 27, 2004</dd>




<dt>When you're out there campaigning and talking to people, remind them what we have been through as a country. We've been through a recession -- that means we're going backwards.</dt>

<dd>-- This riff about going backwards seems out of place given the usual talk about the economy being out of recession, Hudson, Wisconsin, Aug. 18, 2004</dd>




<dt>Now, look, I don't think you can choose -- I mean, I know you have to choose between patients and doctors and plaintiff's attorneys. You have to make a choice. You can't be for both. And my opponent made his choice and he put him on the ticket.</dt>

<dd>-- Dubya seems determined to make this new "joke" a repeat offense, Hudson, Wisconsin, Aug. 18, 2004</dd>




<dt>You know, my opponent said the other day you can find the heart and soul in Hollywood -- I think you find it right here in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.</dt>

<dd>-- In Dubya's world, a light-hearted statement made by his opponent one month earlier on July 17 is still fair game, and still just "the other day", Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, Aug. 18, 2004</dd>




<dt>Now, my opponent is trying to turn Yucca Mountain into a political poker chip. He says he's strongly against yucca here in Nevada.</dt>

<dd>-- Or something like that... Las Vegas, Nevada, Aug. 12, 2004</dd>




<dt>You can't be pro-doctor and pro-patient and pro-trial lawyer at the same time. You have to choose. My opponent made his choice, and he put him on the ticket. I made my choice.</dt>

<dd>-- So what's Dubya's choice? If Kerry has made his choice and Dubya has to choose one out of the remaining two, I guess that means doctors are out of luck. I don't get it... Annandale, Virginia, Aug. 9, 2004</dd>




<dt>There will be big differences in this campaign. They're going to raise your taxes, we're not.</dt>

<dd>-- Gross oversimplification (prevarication?) at its finest, Jul. 26, 2004</dd>




<dt>[John Kerry is] up to $1.9 trillion so far, of new promises. And we got a long way to go in the campaign. Pretty easy to stand up in front of people and say, well, I promise you this, and I'll spend that, and then it begins to mount up after a while. So the question is, how is he going to pay for it?</dt>

<dd>-- Comment made against the backdrop of the $7.1 trillion national debt, $1.4 trillion of which has accrued on his watch, Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin, May 7, 2004</dd>




<dt>He's going to tax all of you.</dt>

<dd>-- Dubya on John Kerry, sounding pretty silly unless Dubya is planning to unilaterally outlaw all taxes, Washington, D.C., Mar. 23, 2004</dd>

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