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Maha-Maya and Yoga-Maya {good guy}

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For the maintenance of this material world there are three gunas, or modes of material nature-sattva-guna (the mode of goodness), rajo-guna (the mode of passion), and tamo-guna (the mode of ignorance). Lord Visnu, Lord Brahma, and Lord Siva have each taken charge of one of these modes-Lord Visnu of sattva-guna, Lord Brahma of rajo-guna, and Lord Siva of tamo-guna. Yet these three controllers are not under the influence of the gunas. Just as the superintendent of a jail is not a prisoner but the controlling officer, so Lord Siva, Lord Visnu, and Lord Brahma control these three gunas and are not under the control of the gunas.

Teachings of Queen Kunti Chp 6 {extract}


I thought or was under the impression that sometimes Lord Brahma and Lord Siva come under influence of Maya, I am wrong its Yoga-Maya obviously.! I wonder what gave me this impression {Maha-Maya?}


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