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"You my dear, you my heart." So then, "We must find out an apartment."

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"You Belong to Spiritual World"


Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.26.02

Bombay, December 14, 1974


<font color="red">Knot between Heart to Heart </font color>


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Just like here, we are purusa.

This birth I am purusa,

next birth I may become stri or prakrti.

If I am too much fond of woman,

and at the time of death,

if I think of woman, then I get a woman's body.

Yam yam vapi smaran bhavam tyajanty ante kalevaram

[bg. 8.6].


Therefore too much attachment for woman is not good, because, or too much attachment for anything in this material world, that is doomed.

Therefore, here it is said,


Hrdaya-granthi-bhedanam, my attachment,

my heart attraction is so strong,

it is like granthi, knot.

So atma-darsanam means hrdaya-granthi-bhedanam,

opening the knot. Hrdaya-granthi-bhedanam,

that is atma-darsanam.

When I become free from all attachment

of this material world,

that is called hrdaya-granthi-bhedanam.


And how the hrdaya-granthi,

knot in the heart begins?

That begins,

pumsah striya mithuni-bhavam etat tayor mitho hrdaya-granthim ahuh.

We are in this material world,

it is going on,

pumsah, the man, and striya, of the woman, attachment.


Pumsah striya mithuni, what is that attachment?

Sex. Sex.

Pumsah striya mithuni-bhavam etat tayor,

the desire is there,

and as soon as they unite by marriage or by agreement,

by any way,

then hrdaya-granthim ahuh.

Then the attachment becomes more and more.


There are thousands and millions of women,

but the woman with whom I have got my bodily relation,

I cannot forget her,

and she cannot forget me.

Hrdaya-granthim ahuh.



The attachment increases.

And as soon as they are united the,

that is hrdaya-granthi,

knot between heart to heart.

"You my dear, you my heart."

So then, "We must find out an apartment."

"You my dear, you my heart."

There was no need of apartment,

but as soon as there is hrdaya-granthi,

there is need of a...

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