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There is a devil demon inside of me

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Part of me wants to die

Or is it that I want to kill that part of me

that is demonic,

like snuffing out the demon life for good

so that it doesn't show

it's ugly head again. /images/graemlins/blush.gif



that nasty material desire demon

If i could just hang him up for good

That demon! /images/graemlins/ooo.gif

They use to take birth in different planets

then different countries

then different families

but now these demons take birth in this very body. /images/graemlins/mad.gif


Just see that fiery all devouring lusty devil demon

with horns,tail and pitch fork is inside me

wanting to get out and create distubance in my devotee life.

I can't seem to shake off this devil demon.

Please help... /images/graemlins/confused.gif

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You need to relax and think about things with your mind in a calm and peaceful mood.


First thing is, in Vaishnavism there is no such thing as an eternal Satan, and there are no eternal devils or an eternal hell. And if anyone does become a demon then they are only a demon for a lifetime or two. Even a true demon such as Hiranyakasipu will not always be disturbed by horrible thoughts; his life as a demon came to an end when his body died and he got a new life after that. For a demon, his illusion must end one day. Then the demon will get a new kind of life afterwards.


Second thing, according to the Bhagavad gita we are souls. So you should see that you, the real you, can never be a demon at all. You are really a soul. Demons live in the material realm, in the realm of the physical body and mind. But you are different from the body and the mind. You are a soul.


Third thing, the thoughts in your mind are different from you. You are different from your thoughts. This is explained in the Bhagavad gita.


So be peaceful.






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what you say is right from Gita

I need to hear more the words of Krishna from His devotees

The demon of doubt needs to be slain

otherwise I turn easily to self hatred


My Krishna is seen as a Hindu Myth oftentimes

And self-realization a pipe dream

My self imposed seething anger

burns inside and does not subside.


May the Lord Narasimha

and His kind hearted devotees

have mercy upon me

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Guest guest



I know it may sound like this recipe is just too simple: "read the gita, be happy", but this really is the answer.



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The Gita As It Is

gives clear concise answers

to all of life's important questions.


I try to read in KC with Krsna-krpa and Guru-krpa

Offering dandavats obeisances from my heart's core

Though my inside is sinful black


Gita is Krishna's light from Krishnaloka

I open my eyes

forced open with the torchlight of knowledge

I was born in the darkness of ignorance




"To show them special mercy, I, dwelling in their hearts, destroy with

the shining lamp of knowledge the darkness born of ignorance."


The Bhagavad Gita As It Is


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Posted Image


108 Names of Lord Nrsimhadev

om narasinghaya namah

om maha-simhaya namah

om divya-simhaya namah

om maha-balaya namah

om ugra-simhaya namah

om mahadevaya namah

om upendraya namah

om agnilochanaya namah

om rudraya namah

om shauraya namah

om maha viraya namah

om suvikrama parakramaya namah

om hari kola halaya

om chakrine namah

om vijaya namah

om jayayah namah

om avyayayah namah

om daityanthakaya namah

om parabrahnane namah

om aghoraya namah

om ghora vikramaya namah

om jvala mukhaya namah

om jvala maune namah

om jvalaya namah

om maha prabhave namah

om nita lakshmaya namah

om sahasthraya namah

om prathapanaya namah

om maha-damstraya yudhaya namah

om pragnaya namah

om hiranyakani shudanaya namah

om chandikopine namah

om surarighnaya namah

om sadarighnaya namah

om sada-shivaya namah

om guna-bhadraya namah

om maha-bhadraya namah

om bala-bhadraya namah

om subhadraya namah

om karalaya namah

om nikaralaya namah

om kathrukaya namah

om bairava-dambaraya namah

om divaya namah

om agamyaya namah

om sarva shatrujite namah

om amoghastraya namah

om shastra-dharaya namah

om sarva-jutaya namah

om sureshvaraya namah

om sahasra-bahave namah

om vajra-nakhaya namah

om sarva-siddhaya namah

om janardanaya namah

om anantaya namah

om bhagavate namah

om sthulaya namah

om agamyaya namah

om paravaraya namah

om sarva mantraika rupaya namah

om sarva yantra vidaranaya namah

om avyayaya namah

om paramanandaya namah

om kalajite namah

om khagovahanaya namah

om bhaktathivatsave namah

om avyaktaya namah

om suvyaktaya namah

om sulabhaya namah

om sugaye namah

om lokaikanayakaya namah

om sarvaya namah

om sharanagathavatsale namah

om dhiraya namah

om dharaya namah

om sarvagnaya namah

om bhimaya namah

om bhamaya namah

om bhima para namah

om kramaya namah

om deva-priya namah

om nutaya namah

om pujyaya namah

om bhavahute namah

om parameshvaraya namah

om vasta vaksashe namah

om shrini vasaya namah

om vibhave namah

om sankarshanaya namah

om trivikramaya namah

om tri-lok-atmane namah

om kalaya namah

om sarva ishvareshvaraya namah

om vishvambharaya namah

om sthirabharya namah

om acyutaya namah

om purusottmaya namah

om adhoksjaya namah

om akshayaya namah

om sevayaya namah

om vanamline namah

om prakampanaya namah

om gurave namah

om loka-gurave namah

om sraste namah

om parasmai tyottisthe namah

om parayanaya namah

om surave namah




108 Names of Lord Nrsimhadev

We have the following translation for Lord Nrsimhadeva's names:

1/. Om narasimhaya namah Obeisances unto the half-man half-lion Lord

2/. Om mahasimhaya namah Obeisances to the great lion

3/. Om diyva-simhaya namah Obeisances to the Divine lion

4/. Om mahabalaya namah Obeisances to the greatly powerful

5/. Om ugra-simhaya namah Obeisances to the terrifying lion

6/. Om mahadevaya namah Obeisances to the Lord of lords

7/. Om stambha-ja-aya namah Obeisances to One who appeared from the pillar


8/. Om ugra-locanaya namah Obeisances to one who possesses terrifying eyes

9/. Om raudraya namah Obeisances to the angry one

10/. Om sarvadbhutaya namah Obeisances to one who is wonderful in everyway

11/. Om srimanaya namah Obeisances to the most beautiful

12/. Om yoganandaya namah Obeisances to the source of yogic bliss

13/. Om trivikramaya namah Obeisances to Lord Vamana (Who took three great steps)

14/. Om harine namah Obeisances to Sri Hari Who takes our troubles away

15/. Om kolahalaya namah Obeisances to the roaring (Varahadeva - Varaha-nrisimha)

16/. Om cakrine namah Obeisances to Him Who carries the disk

17/. Om vijayaya namah Obeisances to Him Who is always victorious

18/. Om jaya-vardhanaya namah Obeisances unto Him Who has ever increasing glories

19/. Om panchananaya namah Obeisances unto Him Who is five-headed

20/. Om param-brahma-aya namah Obeisances unto Supreme Absolute Truth

21/. Om aghoraya namah Obeisances to Him Who for His devotees is not horrible

22/. Om ghora-vikramaya namah Obeisances to him Who has terrifying activities

23/. Om jvalan-mukhaya namah Obeisances to One Who has an effulgent face

24/. Om jvala-maline namah Obeisances to Him with effulgent garland of flames

25/. Om mahajvalaya namah Obeisances to He Who is most effulgent

26/. Om maha-prabhuhaya namah Obeisances to the Supreme Master

27/. Om niti-laksaya namah Obeisances to Him Who possesses all good (moral) qualities

28/. Om sahasraksaya namah Obeisances to the thousand-eyed One

29/. Om durniriksyaya namah Obeisances to Him Who is difficult to see (bzw. difficult to look at)

30/. Om pratapanaya namah Obeisances to Him Who oppresses His enemies with great heat

31/. Om mahadamstraya namah Obeisances to Him Who possesses huge teeth

32/. Om yudha-prajnaya namah Obeisances to the Supremely intelligent in battle (ready to fight)

33/. Om canda-kopine namah Obeisances to Him Who is likened to an angry moon

34/. Om sada-sivaya namah Obeisances to the All auspicious Lord

35/. Om hiranyakasipu-dhvamsine namah Obeisance to Him Who destroys Hiranyakasipu

36/. Om daitya-danava-bhanjanaya namah Obeisances to He Who destroys the masses of the race of demons and giants

37/. Om guna-bhadraya namah Obeisances unto Narasimha Who is full of wonderful qualities

38/. Om mahabhadraya namah Obeisances to Him Who is very auspicious

39/. Om bala-bhadraya namah Obeisances to Him Who is auspiciously powerful

40/. Om subhadrakaya namah Obeisances to the extremely auspicious One

41/. Om karalaya namah Obeisances to He Who possesses a wide open mouth

42/. Om vikaralaya namah Obeisances to Him with very wide open mouth

43/. Om vikartaya namah Obeisances to the Lord Who performs wonderful activities

44/. Om sarva-kartrikaya namah Obeisances to the Lord performs ALL activities

45/. Om sisumaraya namah Obeisances to Him Who also appears as Matsya

46/. Om trilokatmaya namah Obeisances to the Soul of the three worlds

47/. Om isaya namah Obeisances to the Lord known as the controller

48/. Om sarvesvaraya namah Obeisances to THAT supreme controller

49/. Om vibhuaya namah Obeisances to Narasimha Who is the BEST

50/. Om bhaivaradambaraya namah Obeisances to Him Who causes terror by roaring in the sky

51/. Om divyaya namah Obeisances to That Divine Person Narasimha

52/. Om acyutaya namah Obeisances to our infallible Lord Nara-simha

53/. Om kavine namah Obeisances to the Supreme intelligent (poet)

54/. Om madhavaya namah Obeisances to the husband of Srimati Laksmi devi

55/. Om adhoksajaya namah Obeisances to Him Who is beyond understanding (or beyond explaining)

56/. Om aksaraya namah Obeisances to the infallible One

57/. Om sarvaya namah Obeisances to He Who is the origin of everything

58/. Om vanamaline namah Obeisances to Him Who wears garland of forest flowers (or adorned by His loving devotees)

59/. Om varapradaya namah Obeisances to the Merciful Lord Who grants boons to the deserving like Prahlada

60/. Om visvambaraya namah Obeisances to Narasimha Who maintains the universe

61/. Om adbhutaya namah Obeisances to Him Who is WONDERFUL

62/. Om bhavyaya namah Obeisances to He Who determines the future (Who IS the future for His devotees)

63/. Om sri-visnave namah Obeisances to That Narasimha Who is the all pervading Lord Vishnu

64/. Om purusottamaya namah Obeisances to Narasimha Who is the Supreme Enjoyer

65/. Om anaghastra namah Obeisances to Him Who can never be wounded by weapons

66/. Om nakhastraya namah Obeisances to Him Who has sharp nails for weapons

67/. Om surya-jyotine namah Obeisances to Narasimha the source of Suns rays

68/. Om suresvaraya namah Obeisances to Narasimhadev, Lord of devatas

69/. Om sahasra-bahu-aya namah Obeisances to Nara-hari the thousand-armed Lord

70/. Om sarva-jnaya namah Obeisances to Him Who is the all-knowing

71/. Om sarva-siddhi-pradayakaya namah Obeisances to Him Who awards all perfections to the sadhakas (devotees)

72/. Om vajra-damstraya namah Obeisances to Narasimha Who has teeth like lightning bolts

73/. Om vajra-nakhaya namah Obeisances to Narasimha Who possesses nails like piercing lightning bolts

74/. Om mahanandaya namah Obeisances to the source of supreme bliss - Atmananda - Narasimha

75/. Om param-tapaya namah Obeisances to the source of All austerities, spiritual energy (and taptah - heat)

76/. Om sarva-mantraika-rupa namah Obeisances to that Divine Personality Who although one, he appears as the many mantrika formulas

77/. Om sarva-yantra-vidaramaya namah Obeisances to Him Who destroys all machines (demoniac plans/arrangements/vehicles for demoniac works)

78/. Om sarva-tantratmakaya namah Obeisances to Narasimha the essence of, and proprioter of all tantras (ritual rites - pujas)

79/. Om avyaktaya namah Obeisances to the Lord Who appears unmanifest

80/. Om suvyaktaya namah Obeisances unto Nara-simha Who for His devotees becomes wonderfully manifest from the pillar (or when needed)

81/. Om bhakta-vatsala namah Obeisances to the Lord Who always has the well-being of His devotee at heart

82/. Om vaisakha-sukla-bhototthaya namah Obeisances to That Narasimhadeva Who appeared during waxing moon of the month of Visakha (April-May)

83/. Om saranagata-vatsalaya namah Obeisances to The Lord Who is kind to those surrendered to Him (like the mother lioness who is kind to her cubs)

84/. Om udara-kirtine namah Obeisances to Nara-simha Who is universally famous

85/. Om punyatmaya namah Obeisances to Him Who is the essence of piety

86/. Om mahatmaya namah Obeisances to That great personality, Nara-simha

87/. Om candra-vikramaya namah Obeisances to Him Who is the performer of moonlike or great deeds, or who performs deeds that eclipse All others

88/. Om vedatrayaya namah Obeisances to the Lord of the three original Vedas (Rg, Yajur, Sama)

89/. Om prapujyaya namah Obeisances to Narasimha Who is supremely worshipable

90/. Om bhagavanaya namah Obeisances to Narasimha the Supreme Personality of Godhead

91/. Om paramesvaraya namah Obeisances to He Who is the Supreme Controller (Nara-simha-deva)

92/. Om srivatsamkaya namah Obeisances to the Lord Who is just like Krishna, being marked with symbol of Laksmi

93/. Om jagat-vyapine namah Obeisances to Narasimha Who pervades the entire universe

94/. Om jagan-mayaya namah Obeisances to the Supreme Mystic Who makes the material world seem real

95/. Om jagat-palaya namah Obeisances to the protector of the universe (Nara-simha)

96/. Om jagannathaya namah Obeisances to the Lord of Universe

97/. Om mahakhagaya namah Obeisances to Him Who moves in the air or with the movement of the air (is everywhere)

98/. Om dvi-rupa-bhrtaya namah Obeisances to Him Who has double form (man-lion)

99/. Om paramatmaya namah Obeisances to Him Who is the Supersoul of All beings

100/. Om param-jyotine namah Obeisances to Him (Nara-simha) Whose effulgence is the source of Brahman

101/. Om nirgunaya namah Obeisances to Narasimha Who possesses transcendental qualities (not those of the material nature)

102/. Om nrkesarine namah Obeisances unto Him man-lion (or having a lion's mane while appearing part human)

103/. Om para-tattvaya namah Obeisances to the Supreme Absolute Truth (One Who is of the Supreme nature)

104/. Om param-dhamaya namah Obeisances to He Who comes from the Supreme Abode

105/. Om sac-cid-ananda-vigrahaya namah Obeisances to Narasimha Whose Form is made of eternal knowledge and bliss

106/. Om laksmi-nrsimhaya namah Obeisances unto the Man-Lion Form together with the Supreme Goddess of Fortune Srimati Laksmi-devi

107/. Om sarvatmaya namah Obeisances unto the universal, primeval soul (the Supreme Personality of Godhead - Narasimhadeva)

108/. Om dhiraya namah Obeisances unto Narasimha who is always sober (being never bewildered)


Om prahlada-palakaya namah Obeisances unto Narasimha Who is the protector of Prahlada Maharaja, and those of that nature - surrendered unto Him.

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Just as how God has made day, He has made night too. Doesn't mean that the night is bad because had there been day for all the 24 hours, man couldn't have rested and other significant imbalances would have occurred. It is worthwhile to note that just like this night and day is the philosophy of good and evil but it is classified in threefold in HINDUISM as follows:- Satva (The absolute truth or the path of truth, only enlightened Yogis who know the function of karma and maya follow it to a 100%. Man functions and works for the benefit of nature and civilization without caring for the fruits of his work. Its like a White color without any shade or taint); Rajas (The path of illusion; most of the worldly people fall in this category. Its the grey zone of spirituality where a man works (does karma) not for the development of nature or civilization but for his own selfish growth and expects fruits of his actions); Tamas (The state of ignorance. The evil doers and the people with demonic traits fall in this purview). Each of these three above-mentioned qualities have their individual traits for e.g. a personal dwelling in Sattvic aspect would have a sattvic diet (healthy vegetarian food (food from plants and milk) only), sattvic vani (courteous language), sattvic vichaar (good thoughts) and since every other thing in his life is Sattvic, his karmas (actions) would also become more and more Sattvic. That is what humans should actually strive to do. These three traits are generated from the energies (or powers of God) or Para Shakti. One is Vidya Shakti and other is Avidya Shakti (maya or material influence). Due to material influence of Maya or ignorance, we tend to possess certain bad habits. If the bad habits over weigh our good ones then we are Tamasic (or demonic) and the vice-versa means we're Rajasic but not Sattvic.


When you say that "There is a devil inside of me" it merely means that the quotient of your material bondage or Maya is so much that it is covering your mind or intellect so much so that you are absolutely unable to feel the presence of the divine transcendental Paramatman (THE SUPER SOUL - GOD). FIRST THING TO REALIZE THAT THERE IS NO SATAN. Satan, Devil, Lucifer, Baal, Beelzebub, the dragon etc. are the terms coming from the Abrahmic religions that are primitive in terms of understanding so their capacity is to divide the positive and negative energies of the creator and explain them as God and Satan. Actually, in Hinduism we call it as Para Shakti (or Supreme Power of God). One is Vidya Shakti (the power of transcendental knowledge) and the other is Avidya Shakti (Maya or the power of ignorance or material blindness that inhibit you to see the divine light). Both these Shaktis combined together represent Para Shakti (means absolute power) and it is wielded by Shaktimaan (the Almighty or Paramatman or God or Creator). So if absolute power rests with God, then the Good and the Evil also is God's creation meaning Avidya Shakti (or what others know as Devil or Satan) is also one of the powers of God and no other entity because apart from God there can be no such entity that can wield powers as much as or even slightly lesser compared to HIM to defy HIS WILL & defeat HIS PURPOSE. Its not possible. God is supreme consciousness and no one can defeat His purpose and that is how we define God in Hinduism. He doesn't demand your faith, He doesn't demand your sacrifice, He doesn't demand your knowledge & what's more, He isn't going to judge you on the "JUDGEMENT DAY" also. He maintains a dynamic log of our karmic actions so He has already decided where each soul would go afterlife. God just wants you to understand how the Prakriti emanates from Him and how beautiful it is in all its glory and splendor. He is a part of our Soul if we dig in deep into our self without trying to find Him in cosmic horizons. He wants us to have a really beautiful experience of nature first hand. Be it night and day, life is like a virtual reality video game where you live, eat, drink, fight, bruise, bleed, die and work in all its glory and grandeur. This game is going to be over one day (because you can't keep playing games all the time) and you will return to realm of reality and realize your true oneness in God on spiritual planes. If you realize this fact and try to experience God in whichever way possible (best is Yoga), then all the material bondages of Avidya and darkness (demonic forces or devil or satan) would vanish from your mind. Constantly reminding yourself about the creator undermines His very own creation amongst which we get lost a lot of times in our life due to the sheer amount of vastness in his creation in ever sphere, in every dimension, in every space and in multitudes of different aspects. The problem is that we're so much fascinated by the creation that we've forgotten that there is a creator to it too. Even in biblical tales, lucifer was God's angel created by none other than God so why do you pay so much attention to him and his attributes while the creator goes without any sufficient or adequate credits???!! We worship Shakti but we should actually worship the Shaktimaan with whom the Shakti comes along. That my friend is your solution. Hope this answers your question. Whenever you feel that ignorance or material desires are trying to bind you, try to think of God first and then death which is the ultimate reality that would remind you about WHO RUNS THE SHOW OUT HERE!!!


Om Namah Shivay!!! Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi!!!

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