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Lord Krishna is a big Theif!

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---> What am I holding back. Tell me. I will try to fix it...


See I don't have that capacity. It is said that Krishna kindly holds back His prema while we are in this body because the assualt of that sweet feeling of prema will spontaneously and instanly burn our bodies to ashes. I think you have done something like that....

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so are you at work now?


I always get confused with the timings. My husband's family is in Hyderabad, and it is usually one half hour before or after our time, depending on whether we are on "daylight savings time" or not.


Let me reiterate that if you need to go, just go and I will come back and check on you later or the next day or the day after that, no problem.

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You may or may not have heard this song before. Anyway, I don't know tamil but I have heard this song, and I will give you the english translation. It is so beautiful at this moment; but I will let you see for yourself.




kuRai onRum illai maRaiMoorththi kaNNaa

kuRai onRum illai kaNNaa

kuRai onRum illai GOvinda


Anupallavi shiva ranjani


kaNNukku Theriyaamal niRkinRaay kaNNaa

kaNNukku Theriyaamal ninRaalum enakku

kuRai onRum illai maRaiMoorththi kaNNaa



CaraNam 1 shiva ranjani


VEndiyathai thanNthida VEnkaTEsan enRirukka

VEndiyathu VERillai maRaiMoorththi kaNNaa

maNivaNNaa malaiappaa GOvinthaa GOvinda



CaraNam 2 kaapi


22 kharaharapriya janya


thiraiyin pin niRkinRaay kaNNaa - unnai

maRai Othum NYaaniyar mattuME kaaNpaar

enRaalum kuRai onRum enakkillai kaNNaa



CaraNam 3 kaapi


kunRin MEl kallaaki niRkinRa varathaa

kuRai onRum illai maRaiMoorththi kaNNaa

maNivaNNaa malaiappaa GOvinda GOvinda



CaraNam 4 sindu bhairavi


kalinNaaLukkiranNgi kallilE iRangi

nilaiyaaga KOvilil niRkinRaay KEsavaa



CaraNam 5 sindu bhairavi


yaathum maRukkaatha malaiyappaa - un maarbil

Ethum thara niRkum karuNai kadal annai

enRum irunthida Ethu kuRai enakku

onRum kuRai illai maRaiMoorththi kaNNaa

maNivaNNaa malaiappaa GOvinda GOvinda






I have no complaints, my Lord


Lord of Wisdom


Though you stand

Where I cannot see You,

My light, my very eyes,

Protector of all beings,

I know You sustain me

O Lord of the pure Venkata hill!

You meet my hunger, my thirst

My hope, my prayer

You keep me from harm,

I need nothing else

Father of the Seven Hills,

Govinda! Govinda!


You stand veiled by a screen

Which only the learned can part

For they are wise

Which I am not

But no, no complaints have I.

You stand as the crown of Venkata

Giver of Boons

Immutable God

Father to these hills

I have no complaints

Govinda! Govinda!


In this Kaliyuga

You have entered the sanctum

You have come to stay at Tirumala

Where, though I see you not,

I have no complaints.




When Mahalakshmi is there with You

To stay on Your chest,

Why should I have any complaints?


I have no complaints, none at all Kannan

I have no complaints, no complaints Govinda

Govinda! Govinda!

Govinda! Govinda!



Listen to this song here http://www.musicindiaonline.com/music/l/00000H/?40

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Do you like this euphonic subject? I'm not sure of the spelling of the prototypes' ends.

More q.: Who's polynesian? What does "ppl" mean?

By the way, I'm Secundus Secundis Romane.

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I'm studying carefully & piously the her(o)'s conducts & speeches on net. How can she be a politician that she aspires to since the casualness made her vulnerable? My hero, I wish I had been a classmate to keep you apart from it.

I attach sth. funny here. I hope you to make further & bolder action in it.


A product called Gift of God will soon be launched in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkatta. Aishwarya, Mamta Kulkarni, Anupama Verma and Rambha were chosen to send in their feedback on cow urine therapy. But Ash and Rambha turned down the endorsement offer.



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He Krishna... Don't try to run away from me, please! I would not be able to stop chasing You! I do not want to cause You any discomfort, but in my present situation, I am dying for a word from You, and I will chase You to the ends of the earth. Arre sakhaaaa! Where are you???

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I don't want to deny that Gift of God may be accepted later, but who want to be no1 girls is another q.. Little fat's reaction shows her to be not a common girl.

I think that she can do sth. either famous or infamous, moral or immoral for the same purpose even now.

Now answer a q., the hero: who am I, an illusion in your dreams, an shadow, or a man?

I can't accept you unless I create a system with the 2nd, silver, varna as the topmost of you. Mm?

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From PYAASAA: aaj sajan mohe ang lagaalo


aaj sajan mohe ang lagaalo

janam safal ho jaaye

hriiday kii piidaa deh kii agni

sab shiital ho jaaye


"O my beloved, kindly put me in your embrace today

then my having taken birth here will be a success

the pain in the heart and the fire consuming my body

all of that will be satisfied"


kai jug se hai jaage more nain abhaage

kahin jiiyaa nahiin laage bin tore


"My unfortunate eyes have been awake for ages

Without You, my dear... I can't put my mind anywhere"


sudh jise nahin laage dukh peeche peeche bhaage


"This wretched one who is never in her senses....

who has her miseries running after her...."


jag suunaa suunaa laage bin tore


"O dear one, without you, the world seems so empty...."


karuun laakh jatan more man kii tapan

more tan kii jalan nahiin jaaye


"I have done everything I possibly could, however,

the scorching heat in my mind and the burning in my body

does not go away"


kaisii laagii ye lagan kaisii jaagii ye agan

jiyaa dhiir dharan nahiin paaye


"What kind of attachment is this, what kind of fire....

I just can't remain patient in my heart any more"


prem sudhaa ... more saavariyaa


"O this exceedingly sweet nectar of prema.... O my beloved...."


prem sudhaa itanii barsaao ke jag jal thal ho jaaye


"O please! shower this sweet nectar of prema on me

with such an intensity that this whole world burns

into ashes"

aaj sajan ...


mohe apanaa banaalo meri baanh pakad

main huun janam janam kii daasii


"O please, make me yours.... just take hold of my hand

birth after birth, I am just your maidservant only"


meri pyaas bujhaalo manahar giridhar, pyaas bujhaalo


"O my dearest Giridhar, O you who has captured my

heart, please satisfy my longing....please quench my



main huun antarghat tak pyaasii


"I am thirsty till the deepest recesses of my heart"

(I cannot provide a good enough translation here)


prem sudhaa ... more saavariyaa

prem sudhaa itanii barasaao ke jag jal thal ho jaaye


aaj sajan ...

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Guest guest

By the grace of Lord Venkateshwara, may your thirst be relieved. He holds the conch and chankra in His upper hands, His lower right hand is ready to give to anyone who askes, and points to our only refuge- His lotus feet. His left hand is relaxed, and shows us that samsaara is only "knee deep" when we have Him to help us...


Posted Image


Edukondalavada! Venkataramana! Govindaaaaa! Gooooovinda!

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I'm an ordinary person with ord. capability. If sone. regards me to be unusual, the reason is that sth. unkown inside me emerges & mingles together with me. Therefore I don't belong to any religion. Let's image how do you treat me if I'm such a foreigner excluding religious factor.


Now let's talk about you. I, as you, have the sense as slim as silk. You're very smart, but don't too clever. Maybe sth. is going on but you have reached the goal.

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Posted Image


Srinivasa Govinda Sri Venkatesa Govinda

bhakthavatsala Govinda bhagavatha priya Govinda

nithya nirmala Govinda neelamega shyama Govinda

Govinda Hari Govinda gokula nandana Govinda


purana purusha Govinda pundareekaksha Govinda

nanda nandana Govinda navaneeda chora Govinda

pashupalka Govinda papa vimochana Govinda

dushta samhara Govinda duritha nivarana Govinda

Govinda Hari Govinda gokula nandana Govinda


shishta paripalaka Govinda kashta nivaraka Govinda

vajra makuta dara Govinda varaha murthe Govinda

gopi jana lola Govinda govardhano dhara Govinda

dasharatha nandana Govinda dashamukha mardhana Govinda

Govinda Hari Govinda gokula nandana Govinda


pakshi vahana Govinda pandava priya Govinda

mathsya kurma Govinda madhu soodhana Hari Govinda

varaha nrsimha Govinda vama pragurama Govinda

balaramanuja Govinda bauda kalki Govinda

Govinda Hari Govinda gokula nandana Govinda


venu gana priya Govinda venkataramana Govinda

seetha nayaka Govinda srutha paripalaka Govinda

daridra jana poshaka Govinda darma samsthapaka Govinda

anadha rakshaka Govinda apath pandava Govinda

Govinda Hari Govinda gokula nandana Govinda


Sharanagatha vatsala Govinda

Karuna sagara Govinda

Kamala dalaksha Govinda

Kamitha palatha Govinda

papa vinashaka Govinda

pahi murare Govinda

Srimuthrangitha Govinda

Srivatsangitha Govinda

Govinda Hari Govinda Gokula Nandana Govinda

daranhe nayaka Govinda dinakara deja Govinda

padmavati priya Govinda

prasanna murthe Govinda

abhaya hastha Govinda akshaya varada Govinda

shanka chakra dhara Govinda saranga gadA dara Govinda

Govinda Hari Govinda gokula nandana Govinda



viraja theertha Govinda virodhi mardhana Govinda

salagrama hara Govinda sahasranama Govinda

lakshmi vallabha Govinda lakshmanagraja Govinda

kasturi thilaka Govinda kanchanam barapara Govinda

Govinda Hari Govinda gokula nandana Govinda


Garuda vahana Govinda gaja raja rakshaka Govinda

vanara sevitha Govinda varithi bandhana Govinda

edukuntala vada Govinda Ekathva roopa Govinda

ramakrishna Govinda ragukula nanda Govinda

Govinda Hari Govinda gokula nandana Govinda


prathyaksha deva Govinda parama dayakara Govinda

vajramakuta dara Govinda vaijayanthi mala Govinda

vatti kasula vada Govinda vasudeva sutha Govinda

bilvapathrArchitha Govinda bikshuka samsthutha Govinda

Govinda Hari Govinda gokula nandana Govinda


sthri pum roopa Govinda sivakesava murthi Govinda

brahmanda roopa Govinda baktha tharaka Govinda

nithya kalyana Govinda neeraja nabha Govinda

hathi rama priya Govinda Hari sarvothama Govinda

Govinda Hari Govinda gokula nandana Govinda


janardhana murthi Govinda jagath sakshi roopa Govinda

abhisheka priya Govinda abhannirasada Govinda

Govinda Hari Govinda gokula nandana Govinda


nithya shubhatha Govinda nikila lokesha Govinda

ananda roopa Govinda athyantha rahitha Govinda

ihapara dayaka Govinda iparaja rakshaka Govinda

padma dalaksha Govinda padmanaba Govinda

Govinda Hari Govinda gokula nandana Govinda


thirumala nivasa Govinda tulasi vanamala Govinda

shesha sayi Govinda seshadri nilaya Govinda

sri srinivasa Govinda sri venkatesa Govinda

Govinda Hari Govinda gokula nandana Govinda

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Posted Image


mugdhaM mAM nigadantu nIti-nipuNA bhrAntaM muhur vaidikAH

mandaM bAndhava-saJcayA jaDa-dhiyaM muktAdarAH sodarAH |

unmattaM dhanino viveka-caturAH kAmaM mahA-dAmbhikaM

moktuM na kSamate manAg api mano govinda-.-spRhAm ||


May the moral experts accuse me of being naive and childish;

may the Vedic ritualists slander me repeatedly as being deluded;

may my friends and relatives call me dull and stupid;

may my brothers who covet liberation call me a mentally retarded fool;

may the wealthy millionaires think of me as a victim of total madness;

and may the learned philosophers assert me as a great performer without any true substance;


still my heart is not capable of giving up the passionate desire for the lotus feet of Govinda.


- 'Padyavali'. 81 - Sri Madhava



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Posted Image


"parama kAruNiko na bhavat paraH

parama zocyatamo na ca matparaH

iti viciMtya hare! mayi pAmare

yaducitaM yadunAtha! tadAcara."


"O my Beloved, Hari!

There is no one Supremely gracious apart from Yourself!

There is no one more fallen and distressed than my poorself!

Keeping this in Your mind, O Lord of Yadu Dynasty,

please do as You please with this dull ignorant! "


-Padyavali-66, anonymous but sounds like Sri Shankaracarya




AhAre viratiH samasta-viSaya-grAme nivRttiH parA

nAsAgre nayanaM yad etad aparaM yac caikatAnaM manaH |

maunaM cedam idaM ca zUnyam akhilaM yad vizvam AbhAti te

tad brUyAH sakhi yoginI kim asi bhoH kiM viyoginy api ||


Averse from eating, turned away from every object of the senses,

and this too, that your eye is fixed in trance;

again, your mind is single-pointed,

and then this silence, and the fact

that all the world to you seems empty.

Tell me, gentle friend, are you a yogini

or a viyogini?


(Padyavali 238, originally attributed to Rajasekhara. Ingalls' translation)




nAnopacAra-kRta-pUjanam Arta-bandhoH

premNaiva bhakta-hRdayaM sukha-vidrutaM syAt

yAvat kSud asti jaThare jaraThA pipAsA

tAvat sukhAya bhavato nanu bhakSya-peye ||


"You may elaborately

worship the Friend of the suffering

with all the richest paraphernalia,

but your heart will only melt with joy

when you have love for Him.

For only as long as hunger and thirst are there in your belly

do the delicacies of food and drink bring you pleasure."


(Padyavali. 13- Sri Ramananda Raya)



-from jayasriradhey


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