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cold pressed cocnut oil - hypothyroid

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I recently read on the internet that cold pressed coconut oil, extra virgin is an excellent remedy 4 hyothyroid and slow metabolism. Has anyone tried it and acheived success? Pls let me know.

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I also read about that and would love to hear is anyone knows more about this. I was hyperthyroid and had half my thyroid removed, and am in the normal range, but really low. I am tired, gained weight, really dry skin. I wonder if this works to kick in the thyroid gland?

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BLADDERWRACK - Helps in balancing the thyroid, especially a slow acting hypo

thyroid. Bladderwrack is a fine source of minerals and iodine, which

increases the metabolism. Helps with weight loss, anxiety (caused by an

unbalanced thyroid), water retention, cellulite and hot flashes.


DULSE is helpful for the endocrine system. Dulse is very high in minerals.

It also helps balance thyroid problems, is high in Iodine and helpful for

weight loss.


IRISH MOSS is an organic source of Iodine which helps rid the body of excess

fluids. It helps absorb toxins and radiation from the body. Helps reduce

appetite and is a protector to all glands and lungs. Helps with goiter,

weight reduction and for most thyroid problems.


BLACK WALNUT is another source of organic Iodine that can support the

thyroid in healing. It helps to burn excessive toxins, balance sugar levels,

and taken in larger amounts, can remedy bad blood, such as syphilis and

scrofula , and many more problems in this formula. Only a small amount is

used for its synergistic effect with other herbs.


SARSAPARILLA is very effective for the endocrine system. Only a small amount

is in this formula so both men and women can be helped with their hormones,

that in turn can help the thyroid. It can also assist the body and other

herbs in removing heavy metals and poison from the thyroid.



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Yes I have had a large tumor in my thyriod removed which caused massive weight gain painful cramps and muscles dry skin etc


I have smallest possible thyroid lobe left that barely manages and I tried coconut it was fantastic


I have lost 2 stone with no dieting I take about 60ml of coconut a day but I eat it in diet

I cook with it

I drink oil and milk straight (yep the OIL taste good )


BUT IT MUST BE PURE NOT PROCESSED (COPHA OR COPRA) that will just make you fatter it is the long chain fatter acids that you need which are damaged when processed


try it and eat raw fresh coconut when ever you can

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my paraents make coldpressed organic coconut oil here in mexico.. and my family lives by it. we have seen that all the the sientific studies say about it's benifits are true' it does regulate the metabilism. if you want more info on the coco oil read Bruce fife's book " the healing maricel of coconut oil" he has great references.


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I would like to share my exp with you all suffering from thyroid.

I have had SEVERELY low thyroid for nearly two years now , I did NOT want to end up taking Synthroid. When came to know about VCO (Virgin coconut oil ) from my friend, I was so excited to try the Coconut Oil. I took 3 tablespoons a day and within two months, I returned to my physician and she just couldn't believe that EVERYTHING on my tests was once again normal! She was so enthused that she has prescribed your product to three other thyroid patients since then. Your product took me out of the doom and gloom I suffered for so very long! My muscles have returned to normal... The depression, hoarse voice, swollen face/eyes and all my other symptoms have disappeared! there are many brand available in market you need to choose the right one I have been using MeritVCO. Manufactured by excelcombine.com

Here is what you should see for an Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:

Colourless and crystal clear.

Light, fresh coconut aroma

Natural Coconut taste

Quick absorption

No oily feel

Very light viscosity


Warning: Coconut Oil is contraindicated for those with hypertension / high blood pressure! But if you suffer from low blood pressure, this is a great remedy for you.

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Coconut oil helps some with hypothyroidism, not all. Iodine only helps those who have an iodine deficiency (which is rare these days) and not those who have Hashimoto's or Autoimmune Hypothyroidism. This is where the body is attacking and killing off the thyroid little by little. One of the first and most important things to do is "stop" the antibodies from attacking the thyroid. I own and run an egroup, as it was very hard to find a vegetarian one, so many doctors and some patients said, 'now you must eat meat.' Hogwash! Anyway, that's why I started a group. For those in need of further info on "autoimmune" type of thyroid disease only, check out:


Check it out and see if its a good fit for you as an individual.


Jai Prabhupada! The body may get sick, but he has saved our souls. :)

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