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There was one Gopal Ban

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There was one Gopal Ban. He was a very cunning fellow in the Muhammedan period in Bengal. So the Muhammedan Nawab asked him, "Gopal Ban, can you prepare a Mahabharata in my name?" "Oh yes!" Gopal replied. "I'll engage so many panditas, and they will make a Mahabharata describing your activities, your glories, everything. So give me one hundred thousand rupees, just to begin." Gopal was taking more and more money. Then the king asked him, "When will it be published?" "Just a few days more," Gopal replied. Then finally, "Yes sit, everything is prepared. But one last thing is, you have to give me information about how many husbands your wife has got. How many?" So this was a great insult. "What? You nonsense!" the king exclaimed. "No," Gopal replied, "This is the main feature of the Mahabharata. Draupadi had five husbands, so how many husbands does your wife have? Tell me that." "I am the only husband!" the king shouted. "Then how can I write Mahabharata?" Gopala asked. "If you want Mahabharata you must tell me how many husbands your wife has. That he cannot say, so Mahabharata finished. And he kept the money. MORAL: So scientists are doing like that. They are taking taxpayer's money, but then in the end they make up some excuse why they couldn't do it. Politicians take votes and make so many promises, but in the end they break all their promises.

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