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Krishna, Balarama, or Ramachandra?

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Both, IMHO. Rama is Shri Rama and Rama is Shri Balarama, too, and Krishna is Rama as well as Balarama. I am no specialist, just my intuition ...


You may have a look into the Gita, too:


"...The whirlwind 'mid the winds; 'mid chiefs Rama with blood imbrued,

Makar 'mid fishes of the sea, and Ganges 'mid the streams;

Yea! First, and Last, and Centre of all which is or seems

I am, Arjuna! Wisdom Supreme of what is wise,

Words on the uttering lips I am, and eyesight of the eyes ..."


Shri Ram, Jay Jay Ram

Hare Krishna Hare Rama


Hope this helps. God loves you.

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Who is Rama in the Mahamantra?



According to verses 10, 12, 13, and 14 of Jiva Gosvami's Maha-Mantrartha-Vyakhya:



govardhana-darI-kuJje parirambha-vicakSaNaH |

zrI-rAdhAM ramayAmAsa rAmas tena mato hariH ||


When Krishna, the expert embracer, makes love with Radha in the forest bowers or the caves of Govardhan, He is known as Rama.



ramate bhajato cetaH paramAnanda-vAridhau |

atreti kathito rAmaH zyAmasundara-vigrahaH ||


Krishna, with His beautiful blackish form, submerges the minds of those who worship Him in an ocean of supreme bliss. Therefore He is known by the name Rama.



ramayaty acyutaM premNA nikuJja-vana-mandire |

rAmA nigaditA rAdhA rAmo yutas tayA punaH ||


In a temple forest groves, Radharani brings the infallible Krishna to the pinnacle of joy with Her love. Therefore She is called RAmA. Since Krishna is always by Her side, He is known as Rama.



rodanair gokule dAvAnalam azayati hy asau |

vizoSayati tenokto rAmo bhakta-sukhAvahaH ||


When Krishna heard the cries of the Vrajavasis, who were afraid of the forest fire, He quickly swallowed it up, drying their tears. By giving them joy in this way, He is known as Rama.


P.S. Verse 13 serves as an explanation for why Srila Prabhupada addresses Srimati Radharani as "Mother Hara" in his explanation, for those who have been confused about this.

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Of course 'Rama' may also refer to Balarama or Ramacandra if one fancies that particular view, but for those who are following the Gaudiya Vaisnava upasana, the Hare-Krsna mantra serves as a Radha-Krsna mantra for the purposes outlined above by Jiva Gosvami

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