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Love songs and krishna

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This is a sincere question, no joke.


I developed a new 'crazy' hobby, whenver a bollywood song is played it reminds me of krishna. Due to my unusual interest, yesterday my sister asked me why I began to listen to bollywood songs.

She started asking me about them, I told her that I like them, but she didn't believe me. Finally I told her that it reminds me of krishna and I sing them and listen to them because they remind me of krishna.


The reaction was as I had imagined, which is "I am crazy" and God shouldn't be viewed that way and it is disgusting, offensive and a sin to think of God while hearing songs about two lovers glorifying themselves. Then I told a friend of mine and it was the same reaction that I am going "crazy" and I am beginning to "lose it".


This has disturbed me alot so, I ask this in this anonymous discussion forum to strangers : AM I CRAZY?!

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What I personally think, is that you should spend less time listening to bollywood songs, and more time reading, hearing, and speaking the Lord's glories.


For all the criticisms I have ever made against mAyAvAdis, I have not once had to admonish them for confusing bollywood music with "shravanam kIrtanam...."



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Sounds like a very elevated state. But we must becareful. It might be best to search out Krsna first in His name and recitations of His pastimes as told by His pure devotees. Then we will be sure not to miss Him.


Here is one I heard as a kid. When I hear it now it reminds me of the mood of separation. For those that haven't heard Elvis Presley sing this you probably haven't won't recognize it. I don't know if anyone sang it before him but I doubt anyone has tried since.


Kentucky Rain


( Eddie Rabbit - Dick Heard)


Seven lonely days

And a dozen towns ago

I reached out one night

And you were gone

Don't know why you'd run,

What you're running to or from

All I know is I want to bring you home


So I'm walking in the rain,

Thumbing for a ride

On this lonely Kentucky backroad

I've loved you much too long

And my love's too strong

To let you go, never knowing

What went wrong


Kentucky rain keeps pouring down

And up ahead's another town

That I'll go walking thru

With the rain in my shoes,

Searchin for you

In the cold Kentucky rain,

In the cold Kentucky rain




Showed your photograph

To some old gray bearded man

Sitting on a bench

Outside a gen'ral store

They said "Yes, she's been here"

But their memory wasn't clear

Was it yesterday,

No, wait the day before


So I fin'ly got a ride

With a preacher man who asked

"Where you bound on such a dark afternoon?"

As we drove on thru the rain

As he listened I explained

And he left me with a prayer

That I'd find you




Oh, and BTW, yes you are crazy. /images/graemlins/smile.gif But so is the entire universe so don't feel lonley. We are here to keep you company.


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So, its not like its a wierd thing or something abnormal that I am offending krishna by me doing that for fun /images/graemlins/smile.gif


Thanks your message cleared my doubt.

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Why would Krsna be offended? But the thing is there is no need to look for Him by buying certain pop or movie songs. He is everywhere already.


But for those of us who are still trying to see Him everywhere it makes better sense to find Him in His name in the association with those that have already found Him, or are at least closer than we are.


Besides the mind will be more able to mislead us while listening to Bollywood tunes or just any so-called guru walking around.


Best we ask Krsna to let us find His devotees first and chant with them. It's safer.

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"Lalasamayi Prarthana" is a song sung by Narottama dasa Thakura, a great devotee and acharya in the Gaudiya Vaisnava-sampradaya. He has sung these songs in simple Bengali language, but the purport—the deep meaning of his songs—is very significant.


In this song he says that one has attained the perfection of chanting, when as soon as he chants the name of Lord Gauranga, who initiated this sankirtana movement, at once there is shivering in his body. This is not to be imitated, but Narottama dasa Thakura is asking, "When will that opportune moment come to us when there will be shivering of the body as soon as we chant Lord Gauranga's name?" And after the shivering, "While chanting Hare Krsna, there will be tears in the eyes."


Then he says, we have to approach Lord Caitanya through the mercy of Lord Nityananda, the original spiritual master. What is the symptom of a person who has achieved the causeless mercy of Lord Nityananda? Narottama dasa Thakura says that the symptom of one who has actually received the causeless mercy of Lord Nityananda is that he has no more material desire. Of course, as long as we have bodies we have to accept so many material things, but not in the spirit of enjoyment, but only to keep body and soul together.


Narottama dasa says further, "When shall I be very eager to study the books left by the six Goswamis?" Because Rupa Goswami is the father of devotional service, he has written a book called Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu, in which there are nice directions on devotional service. These topics are also dealt with in Caitanya-caritamrta and other books, and we have given the summary of those directions in our book Teachings of Lord Caitanya. Narottama dasa Thakura directs us not to try to understand the conjugal love of Radha-Krsna by our own endeavor. We should try to understand this conjugal love under the direction of the six Goswamis.


As long as the mind is too much absorbed in materialistic thought, one cannot enter into the kingdom of Vrndavana. But Narottama dasa Thakura says, "When the mind is completely purified, being freed from material anxieties and desires, then I shall be able to understand Vrndavana and the conjugal love of Radha and Krsna, and then my spiritual life will be successful." (purport by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada)


The treasure of divine love in Goloka Vrndavana has descended as the congregational chanting of Lord Hari’s holy names. Why did my attraction for that chanting never come about? Day and night my heart burns in the fire of the poison of worldliness, and I have not accepted the means for relieving it. O Lord Krsna, son of Nanda, accompanied by the daughter of Vrsabhanu, please be merciful to me now. O Lord, please do not push me away from Your reddish lotus feet, for who is my beloved except for You? (Narottama dasa Thakura)


Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare


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Gaura Pahu







Srila Prabhupada used to sing certain bhajans that he liked very much, one of them is Gaura Pahu by Srila Narottama dasa Thakura. However for many years I never saw the translation to this song, that Srila Prabhupada sang with such spiritual emotion. This is the translation I have recieved from one learned vaisnava friend. "I did not worship Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu, and thus I became full of suffering. I refused to accept the treasure of pure love of Krsna, and thus I became lost. I rejected the treasure of love of Krsna and deliberatly struggled to become poor. I dived into a host of sinful deeds. I rejected the association of the saintly devotees, and instead tried to enjoy among the impious nondevotees, In this way I became caught in the noose of Karma. I continually drank the virulent poison of sensegratification. I refused to swim in the nectar of Lord Caitanyas sankirtana movement. Why do I stay alive? What happiness do I have? Why did this Narottama dasa Thakura not die long ago?" Srila Prabhupada has written a nice purport to this song also


Purport to Gaura Pahu


Los Angeles, January 10, 1969


Prabhupada: Gaura pahü na bhajiya goinu, prema-rathana-dhana helaya harai"u. This is another song by Narottama dasa Thakura. He's saying that "I have invited my spiritual death by not worshiping Lord Caitanya. " Gaura pahü na bhajiya goinu. Gaura pahü means "Lord Caitanya, " and na bhajiya, "without worshiping. " Goinu, "I have invited spiritual death. " And adhame yatane kari dhanu tainu. "Why I have invited the spiritual death? Because I am engaged in something which is useless and I have rejected the real purpose of my life. "Adhama means valueless things. And dhana means valuables.


So actually, everyone of us, neglecting our spiritual emanicipation, we are engaged in material sense gratification, and therefore we are losing the opportunity of this human form of body to elevate myself on the spiritual platform. This human body is especially given to the conditioned soul to take a chance for spiritual emancipation. So anyone who does not care for spiritual emancipation, he is inviting spiritual death. Spiritual death means to forget oneself, that he's spirit. That is spiritual death. So in the animal life it is fully forgetfulness. They cannot be reminded at any circumstances that they are not this body, they are different from this body. It is only in this human form of body, human form of life, one can understand that he is not this body, he's spirit soul. So by chanting Hare Krsna, one can easily understand this fact, and by worshiping Lord Caitanya, following His principles and ways, one can chant Hare Krsna and very easily come to the platform of spiritual understanding. But Narottama dasa Thakura says on our behalf that we are neglecting this. Therefore we are inviting spiritual death. Then he says that prema-rathana-dhana helaya harai"u. Spiritual life means to develop real love. The... Everyone says love. There are so many signboards, so many papers, "love, love. " But there is no love. This is illusion. It is all lust. Love for intoxication, love for sex, love for this... This is going on. So actual love means...


Love, this word, can be applicable only with Krsna, with God. Because we are created for that purpose. To love means to love Krsna. So that is wanted. That is spiritual love. So prema-rathana. I could achieve that transcendental position of love, but I am neglecting. Therefore I am calling my spiritual death. And these things are happening due to my past misdeeds. Due to my past deeds, misdeeds, I have got a type of body. Everyone who has got this material body, it is due to past misdeeds. The... sometimes we call pious deeds. Actually, so long one gets this material body there is no pious deeds. Pious deeds means no more material body. That is pious deeds. Otherwise it is to be taken as a fact that even Brahma, who is the chief living entity within this universe and has got a mass of years as duration of life, all power, still, that is also considered as misdeeds. Because he has got the material body. So we are going deep down and down, one after another, body, by our misdeeds. In the Bhagavata also it is stated that they do not know that by this sense gratificatory process they will have another body. And the body is the cause of material pangs. Because I have got this body, therefore I feel headache, I feel stomachache. I feel this and that. But, as soon as we are out of this material body, there is no more material pangs. It is simply joyful life. Brahma-bhütaù prasannatma. Prasannatma means joyful. As soon as one gets spiritual life. So due to my past deeds, I am missing this opportunity. Apana kara mada seva...


And why it is happening? Sat-sa"ga chaòi khainu asatyera vilasa. "I have given up the association of devotees, but I am associating with common nonsense men. " Asatyera. Asat and sat. Sat means spirit. And asat means matter. So association of material attachment means implication in this material conditional life. So one has to make association with devotees. Sataà prasa"gad mama vérya-saàvido. One can understand about God only in association of devotees. Therefore we are advocating this Krsna consciousness movement, society. Actually, you'll find, one who comes to this society, by associating a few days, a few weeks, he becomes conscious and he comes forward for initiation and further advancement. So this association is very important. And the, those who are conducting different centers and temples, they should be very responsible men. Because everything will depend on their sincere activities and character. If they are insincere, then that will not be effective. One may come and associate with us, but if we are insincere, then it will be not be effective. But if the devotees are sincere, anyone who will come in contact with a devotee, he'll change. That is the secret.


Sat-sa"ga chaòi asatyera vilasa. And as soon as we give up the association of these devotees, immediately maya will catch me. Immediately. Maya is just side by side. As soon as we give up this company, maya says "Yes, come in my company. " Without any company, nobody can remain neutral. That is not possible. He must associate with maya or Krsna. So everyone should be very much serious to keep association with devotees, with Krsna.


Krsna means... When we speak of Krsna, "Krsna" means Krsna with His devotes. Krsna is never alone. Krsna is with Radharané. Radharané is with the gopés. And Krsna is with the cowherd boys. We are not impersonalists. We do not see Krsna alone. Similarly, Krsna means with Krsna's devotees. So Krsna consciousness means to keep association with the devotees of Krsna. Visaya visama visa satata khainu. And he says that "I have drunk always the most dangerous poison of sense gratification. " Visaya visama visa. Visaya means sense gratification. Eating, sleeping, mating, and defending. These are called... These four principles are called visaya. And visama means dangerously. And visa means poison. If one is simply engaged with these four principles of life, just like animals. Then it is to be supposed that he's simply drinking poison. That's all. Visaya visama satata khainu. "I know this (is) poison, but I am so much intoxicated that I am drinking this poison every moment. " Gaura-kértana-rase maghana na painu. "And I could not merge myself into the sa"kértana movement started by Lord Caitanya. " Oh, that is actually the fact. Those who are too much attached to materialistic way of life, or always drinking the poison of sense gratification, they are not attracted by the sa"kértana movement.


So at the last, Narottama dasa Thakura is lamenting. He's not lamenting. He's representing ourself. If one comes to that point of lamentation, that is also very nice. He immediately becomes purified. Lamentation means purification. So he says, keno va achaya prana kichu bali... "Why I am living? I do not make association with the devotees. I do not take part in the sa"kértana movement. I do not understand what is Krsna. I do not understand what is Lord Caitanya. Then what for I am living?" This is lamentation. "What is my happiness? What is the standard of my happiness? Why I am living?" Narottama dasa kena na gela. "Why I did not die long, long ago? I should have died. What is the meaning of my living?" So it is not Narottama dasa Thakura's lamentation. Everyone of us should think like that, that "If we cannot make association with devotees, if we do not understand what is Krsna consciousness movement, if we do not come in touch with Lord Caitanya and associates, it was better for me to die. And there is no other remedy. " This is the substance of this song. (end)


Your servant

Parmananda Puri Dasa


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Guest guest


gopaldas is avery very very smal copy and paste man

and I just love to copy and paste Srila Prabhupada's words

I'm a fool,please forgive me dear theist.

yours in the service of Sri Guru and Gouranga,





The Art of Living (Mayapura 1977 )



His Divine Grace

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


Founder-Acarya of the

Hare Krishna Movement






Pradyumna: (leads chanting, etc.) "Translation: Prahlada Maharaja prayed: How is it possible for me, who have been born in a family of asuras, to offer suitable prayers to satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead? Even until now, all the demigods, headed by Lord Brahma, and all the saintly persons could not satisfy the Lord by streams of excellent words, although such persons are very qualified, being in the mode of goodness. Then what is to be said of me? I am not at all qualified."





sri prahlada uvaca

brahmadayah sura-gana munaya 'tha siddhah

sattvaikatana-gatayo vacasam pravahaih

naradhitum puru-gunair adhunapi pipruh

kim tostum arhati sa me harir ugra-jateh



So ugra-jateh means demonic family, passionate. Ugra. There are three qualities within this material world. Therefore it is said guna-mayi. Daivi hy esa guna-mayi. Guna-mayi means three gunas, three modes of material nature: sattva-guna, rajo-guna and tamo-guna. So our mind is jumping. Everyone knows the nature of the mind, sometimes accepting one thing, again rejecting it, sankalpa-vikalpa. This is the quality of the mind or nature of the mind. Sometimes the mind is jumping over sattva-guna, sometimes on the rajo-guna, and sometime on the tamo-guna. In this way we are getting different types of mentality. In this way, at the time of death the mentality which is just at the moment of leaving this body will carry me to a different body of sattva-guna, rajo-guna, tamo-guna. This is the way of transmigration of the soul. Therefore we have to train up the mind until we get the another body. That is the art of living. So if you train up your mind simply to think of Krishna then you are safe. Otherwise there is chance of accidents. Yam yam vapi smaran bhavam tyajaty ante kalevaram. At the time of leaving this body, if we have not practiced the mind to fix up at the lotus feet of Krsna, then there is...



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Guest guest

I know you mean it with all your heart and you want to practice humility when you say "i am a fool" etc. but its annoying.


Sorry, but I had to say it, its just so annoying when people do that, because they too know that they are not fools but say that they are. I think you can show humility with out saying statements like "I am a fool" etc. You are a krishna bhakth then how can you be a fool?


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Guest guest


Is this the voice you are refering to? :


Voice is the rhetoric of a writer's way of thinking.


Writers must develop a language that is all their own,


that conveys to others what their brain sounds like when


it's thinking .

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I can answer that one. I for one, although I sometimes try to engage in devotional service to Krishna and His devotees, am a fool because despite having heard so much instruction about material attachment and attachment to the Lord's holy name, I remain mostly attached to sense gratification. Having heard so many instructions and having been smashed by maya and suffered so much, I still offend the holy name of the Lord by my strong desire for sense gratification and also commit other offenses. Isn't this foolish?


Hare Krishna

Pandu das


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That was nice gopala das. It gives us a sense of where you are in this life and what you are going through. I doubt if many or any here are self-realized so copy and paste helps alot. So there is a place for both I think.


Hare Krsna

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