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Bg9.22 Story

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There was a very nice devotee living in J. Puri and he read every day from gita and he lived by going out to beg some vegetable and chapatis each day for his wife and family

one day he read this 9.22 and it says "VAHAMI AHAM" which mean "I DO IT" Krishna is saying that HE directly takes care of His devotee. So this devotee thought "Why I should go out begging? Krishna is promising to take care of me. I will stay home and do bhajan and not go out to beg

so all day he stayed home and his wife was in anxiety because there is not any food.

in the late afternoon the man thought "Oh Krishna does not mean He will do it, He means He will help me to do it." so he crossed out the word VAHAMY and put in a different word which I do not remember then he went out to beg and he was not able to get anything from anyone. while he was out a very handsome., beautiful young boy knocked on his house door

his wife opened the door and this beautiful boy had a huge basket of foodstuffs

he told the wife that "Your husband has sent me with these for you."

Then the wife was happy and she asked the boy to please stay and eat with them

the boy then stuck is tongue out and showed it has been cut and he told the wife "Your husband is very angry and has cut my tongue. I cannot stay."

So the husband came home very disturbed that he has not got anything from begging, thinking his wife will be so angry

but when he got home his wife told him how nice this boy he had sent was and why he has cut the boys tongue!

then the devotee understood that Krishna had come personally to keep his word!

and he cursed himself for being so unfortunate to not see the Lord and his wife only got to see Him!

:this is a true story

but He likes to leave us on a limb so we are helpless and cannot do anything except cry it seems

I do not know the time frame but it is known commonly here in Orissa.


Hari bol.



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We cannot just say, I won't eat, krishna shall give me energy, it does not work that way.


We have limited freedom no matter how much we try to crave for more of that omniscience, it does not happen and that is a fact.


I am not trying to bash this story please forgive my words and do not take them in a negative way, but in my view, this story is a bad example of krishna's mercy in this age of kali.


Reason for this : The person is begging. It may have been sattvic to beg in the other yugas because they used to beg and take their 'sinful karma' away from the giver, but in this age, one only begs for one reason : He is too lazy to do his Job.


So, begging in this case is a very bad example and will deceive an unintelligent seeker who is like me, anytime.


Moreover, Krishna did not tell him to just sit and do nothing. He told him to do his job, which is ofcourse in this case begging. He should go beg and if he surrenders to krishna and does his job knowing that krishna will take care of him no matter what the circumstances then krishna will come to his rescue in his time of need. This is clearly shown in the story.


Our Job is to serve , not to be served. There is a big difference. /images/graemlins/grin.gif


Thank you for posting it here, but I still think that begging is a bad example for action in this kali yuga.


Also, Please tell Yugal prabhu that I said Hi /images/graemlins/smile.gif


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Hare Krishna


The story is an example of Krishna's mercy the Bhakta did not believe Krishna's words and HE (Krishna) proved him wrong of-course, it's about verse 9.22, I can understand what you are saying, but you are thinking of the story too analytically.


Also i was kidding about....


Hey you can hope I_L_K! [


so...Hari bol!


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