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Identity of a Soul

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I am confused that if at all soul has some identity of its own. I mean it is sandy's soul or David's soul or George's soul. Because we have heard that soul does not die so how it can be his soul or her soul for that matter.


When a person die then does that soul goes to some other body along with the same vasnas it is carrying for the person who died. confusion...


I do not know that I am asking right question or ???



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In reply to : "Because we have heard that soul does not die so how it can be his soul or her soul for that matter."


Sandy, David, Greg, Ashley, they all are souls wearing differnt bodies with different characteristics.

You the soul , have no name, you are eternally living in the "Super soul" . The Super Soul is paramatma or krishna .


The soul who is you , lives in the super soul as a part of it.


But the individualized soul forms a notion of independence, thus is kind of "independent" in a way, but this independence will give it great suffering because the independence that it thinks it has is out of illusion or maya.


So, as it is trying to live independently of the paramatma, it thus thinks of itself as paramatma and tries to fulfill its desires. But, it fails to do so independently, thus suffers a great deal.


Only paramatma can fulfill its desires. Take for example, your body, if the finger in your body thinks of itself as you and then tries to be you, then it will fail . Because, the finger has no mouth to eat, no legs to walk etc.


In a similar way, the paramatma is the supreme whole (body) and we are the parts of the supreme whole. If we serve paramatma, then we are happy, if we do not serve bhagavan, then we are not happy.



However, it is the part of paramatma, so it has to serve paramatma. When the paramatma is happy, it is also happy, because it too is part of paramatma.


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Surely when a person dies , the soul takes another body according to its karma with all the vasanas. That is why our scriptures say that we should end all our vasanas to avoid the bondage. Vasanas are responsible for bondage. There is nothing to get confused. We are identified with the body. That also should end. That is why it is said God resides in all the soul.We should learn to respect all lives since God is present in all souls. if we give up our vasanas we can avoid birth & death & reach God easily.


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