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Chapter 3,4 of the new Ramayana!

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Chapter Three

Dasaratha’s Request


Now it was getting very close to the end of the year, and the Dasaratha Family, and Kosala Incorporated started to get things ready to close for new years, and the January long weekend. The entire company was excited to get off for a little while, before heading back to work on the 10th, of January. Everyone seemed to be happy, and carefree. But not all was well at Kosala Inc., Dasaratha still has no answer to the very important question that he was asked, “who’s going take over the company after you retire?” Dasaratha asked himself the same question constantly. He never asked this question before, when he planned his retirement, he didn’t plan who was going to own the family business after he retired. Dasaratha, troubled by this question constantly, decided it was time to confront his wife about this question. But he then thought, why should my wife Kaikeyi have to worry about problems at this time of the year? He then decided that this very important question will be answered after the holidays. In the mean time, he would forget his problems and go enjoy being with his family.

This new years eve was be a special one. For it was 2199, and the world was about to celebrate a new century, the 22nd century. A new year for humanity, a brand new start, and a end. Dasaratha, his family, and the rest of the world celebrated as a brand century started!




Its January 20th, the new years celebration’s have ended, the winter in Ayodhya is over, and life in the city has returned to its regular routine. Kosala Incorporated was no exception, work was resumed right after the 10th of January. To Dasaratha and his company, it was the start to another business year.

Dasaratha, remembering what he was going to do after the holidays did not

delay to arrange a talk with his wife Kaikeyi. He also decided that he would discuss at a happy occasion, so he reserved a dinner at one of Ayodhya’s most finest restaurant, called the “Ayodhya Parrot” It soon was time for the event, and both Dasaratha and Kaikeyi were dressed finely, and were arriving at the restaurant.

When they arrived, a host was at the entrance to the restaurant waiting for them,

“Good evening Dasaratha, and Kaikeyi welcome to the Ayodhya Parrot, you booked reservations earlier, so I will so you over to your seats.”

“Inside the “Ayodhya Parrot” there was an interesting theme of the restaurant. A pirate and sea theme, there was models of old ships on the wall, and a miniature pirate ship that people could eat in. There was also imitation parrot’s hanging on poles on the floor, and hanging from the ceiling. The Ayodhya Parrot was very expensive, there meals and drinks when in the thousands of dollars, but Dasaratha had money. There seats were located by on top of the miniature pirate ship, the whole restaurant could be seen. Dasaratha and Kaikeyi walked up to the table, and sat. They were both given menu’s, there was allot to choose from. A waiter came, Dasaratha told him what he was going to have,

“Hmm, so much to choose from, I’ll have the Salisbury steak.”

It was Kaikeyi’s turn to order,

“I will have the Captains veal cutlet.”

After the got there meals, and ate it, Dasaratha started talking about his question,

“Kaikeyi, I have a few things to discuss with you, that’s one of the reasons why I took us out to dinner this evening.”

“What’s on you mind Dasaratha?

“Well I was asked a very important question quite a while back last year at one of my meetings. It was very troubling, and was bothering me for the last while.”

“Is that why you were acting so strange for a little while last year?”

“I guess so, I never noticed it.”

“Well you were forgetting things, and sometime you wouldn’t sleep some nights.”

“Your probably right, any ways, the question that we have to discuss is, who is going to take over the company after I retire?

“We never really talked about this while you planned your retirement.” Kaikeyi also was now concerned about this.

“I was thinking of having one of my close business associates take over after me, but then I thought, this was a family owned business. So I was thinking, we should get our son, Kausalya’s son, and Sumitra’s son together and pick one of them to take over Kosala Inc. after I retire. How about that?

“I don’t now, do you think our son, and the others are ready?

“That’s why I am going to watch them for a little while and see which one is proper to take over the company.”

“It sounds like a good idea, to me. Bharata, Lakshmana, and Shatrughna are going to be happy about this.”

“Were not going to tell them about this, Kaikeyi. If they learn that I’m going to be watching them to choose a new owner, they could get competitive. That would compromise there thinking.”

“I suppose it would. I hope you choose a good owner.”

“I hope so too.”

Dasaratha and Kaikeyi finished talking, and left the restaurant. The decision about the future owner after Dasaratha retires wasn’t told to anyone at Kosala Inc., not even the rest of the family was told. It was a good plan in choosing a new owner of the company. But in Dasaratha’s plan to choose a new owner, he would have to gather Bharata, Shatrughna, and Lakshmana somehow.

Meanwhile, Brahma, Shiva, and Shiva decided to go over to Ayodhya, and go to Kosala Inc. and pay a visit to Dasaratha. And see if Vishnu could get into the company somehow to work while he was undercover. On the 23rd of January, the three flew to Ayodhya, and went over to Kosala Inc. When they came over, no one was excepting them. A meeting was quickly arranged. Dasaratha, Kaikeyi, and Vasistha were going to meet the SDI presidents. About two hours after their arrival, the meeting started. Shiva started to introduced themselves,

“Hello, thank you for coming to this meeting on such short notice. My name is Shiva, and here is Vishnu, and Brahma, were the three co-presidents of Starr Darcy Incorporated.”

Dasaratha and the rest were shocked and surprised, they heard about them, but never met them. Having such high people come to Kosala was very rare.

“Were here to make a proposition with you and your company.”

“Sure what is it?”

“We want one of our officials to work at your company, for a little while.”

“Why do you want to send someone over here to Kosala Inc. to work?”

“Have you ever heard of the company called Lanka Corporation, and its owner Ravana?”

“Yes, I do, I used to do business with the company many years ago. We made many deals, and trades between each other. But I soon stopped doing business with Ravana and his company.”

“Why did you?”

“They were good at first, we did lots of business with each other. But then they started to go back on several contracts we had made, so we cut off trade ties between them. Ever since, we haven’t heard much from them. Why do you ask?”

“The Lanka corporation has been causing trouble for SDI, the SIA, some of the public sectors, and several other companies. But just recently, Ravana and his company’s trouble making have been getting more and more worse, to the point were SIA agents are being killed. So SDI, the SIA, and us three co-presidents have decided to send one of our officials undercover to see what the Lanka Corporation is up too. But while undercover, the official wants to work as well. So that’s why we want to make a proposition with you.”

“I suppose I could look for a position in Kosala Inc. Why did you choose my company?

“Your history with other companies, and your high code of ethics and standards has caught our attention. We think Kosala Inc. is a worthwhile company to work in. That’s why our official chose your company.”

“So who is this official?”

“Well he is right here, Dasaratha meet Vishnu.”

Dasaratha was a little surprised who it was.

“Hello Vishnu, nice to meet you.”

Dasaratha got up from his chair and shook Vishnu’s hand.

“Yes, I want to work at your company while I look to see what Ravana and his company are up to. We have a very lucrative deal for you if you agree for me to work for you. Brahma here, will tell you.”

“Yes this is a very lucrative deal for you, here’s how it goes. If you let Vishnu work for you while he’s undercover, we will give you exclusive advertising rights in India. Including first pick in advertising spaces, and opportunities. We are also willing to give your company tax exemptions, and incentives.”

“Wow, this is indeed a very good deal, almost to good to be true.”

“It does, but we need to find out what the Lanka Corp. is up to. And Vishnu wants to work while doing this job. If you don’t want to go with this deal, we can always find another company.”

“Well, I don’t see any problem with this deal, I like it. I think my advisor Vasistha, and my wife Kaikeyi would agree with it also. I don’t see why not.”


Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, and Dasaratha shook hands with each other to close the deal.

“Well, Shiva and I, will let you and Vishnu work things out on Monday next week. I’m sure you’ll have a position ready for him by then. I wish we could talk, but we have a tight schedule were on. We will talk later.”

The three began to leave, Dasaratha, Kaikeyi, and Vasistha said bye to them, and waved there hands. So did the Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma as well. The three left the Kosala Centers and headed for the Ayodhya Airport to go back to El Dorado.





Chapter Four



Ravana, the owner of Lanka Corporation was in his office, when his three personal advisors, and consultants came in. They were here to visit Ravana about his company’s share’s and investments. Ravana, was eager to see them, he was expecting good news for them. Ravana started talking to them,

“Good afternoon gentlemen, I’m glad to see you here. I expect you have good news on my company’s share value, and stock performance.”

The advisors looked at each other uneasily,

“Well, there is good news and bad news, we’ll tell you the bad news first.”

One of the other three came forward and talked,

“The bad news is that your share value has dropped considerably since last month in December. Lanka Corp.’s share value is currently sitting at $4312.89, down $314.09 from mid-December. And its still dropping, in the last hour it dropped another $12. We don’t now what’s causing this.”

Ravana’s face soon turned from happy to angry. He said to them,

“Well what’s the good news?”

The advisor who was talking shuffled some papers he had in his hand nervously, and replied,

“There is some good news about the bad news. Your stock performance in the stock markets is doing better than five years ago.”

Ravana was now very angry about this news, he got up out of his chair and loudly said to them,

“Is that all you can tell me? That my share’s performance is doing better than five years ago? What kind of news is this? I hired you guys to help me get my company richer! I’m regretting ever hiring you guys, get the heck out here.”

The three advisors quickly shuffled away, Ravana said one last thing to them,

“Get my share’s value higher, or you will all be fired!”

The advisors walked out of Ravana’s office. Ravana sat back at back in his seat and turned toward the office window. He quietly said to himself,

“Pathetic advisors, they can’t even manage my share’s value.”

Ravana, raised his arm and snapped his fingers. One of his look a likes stepped over and handed him a cigar, another came over and lit it up after Ravana put it in his mouth. He took a puff, and breathed out a little smoke, he then said to his look a likes,

“I fear that my company is not doing as well as it should, number two.”

Ravana’s look a like’s were called by numbers, Ravana being number one. Number two came forward and said,

“Yes sir?”

“there was a new special edition “Business” magazine that came out today, do you have it?”

“Yes sir I do.”

“Good, tell me how my company ranks in the top 10 largest companies in India?”

Number two looked through the “Business” magazine for the weekly business rankings and numbers,

“Here they are, as of January 24, 2200-.”

He searched through the numbers,

“Well what is it?”

“Your the second largest company in India.”

Ravana, got up from his chairs and looked outside his office window, he quietly said to himself,

“Well, well, well, again I’m number two.”

Ravana then turned around and said to number two,

“Number two, who is the largest company in India?”

“Its Kosala Inc. sir.”

“How much larger is Kosala Inc. than my company?”

“Your 2199 profits were $390,089,189, and Kosala Inc. profits were only $5,070 more. And our company’s growth for 2199 was 19.4% over 2198, but Kosala Inc. growth was 19.5%, not much, but just enough to be also the fastest growing company in India.”

“Kosala Inc., they seem to be always one step ahead of me, a couple numbers more.”

Ravana turned around away from the window, and said to his look a likes,

“It’s time for this troubling trend to stop, I want to be top company by end of this year for sure, I’m tired of being a runner up.”

Number two responded,

“Sir, with all due respects, where’re practically sharing number one spot with Kosala Inc., were doing good, our profits have soared since a couple years ago. Were fastest climber when it comes to the weekly top 10 largest companies in India.”

“Yes, but the rewards of being first has it benefits such as status, higher profits, not to mention being in the India spot light.”

Ravana sat back in his chair and turned on his desk computer, he then said to his look a likes,

“Were going to be number one by the end of this year, I have several tricks up my sleeve. My fist step is to set up a plan for this year. Number six, get my stock market advisors, and my strategy consultants here again, hopefully they could be some good use for a change, we have a lot of work to do.”

Number four came forward and said,

“A sir, there is some news on your close friend Rajwar.”

“Oh yes, did he get my supplies to me yet?”

“Actually he wants more money, he wants to renegotiate the deal, or no deal at all. Do want the Rakshasas to take care of him?”

Ravana turned around in his chair, and said with an evil tone,

“No, Lets pay Rajwar a visit, we’ll renegotiate the deal. Number four, arrange a renegotiation with Rajwar.”

“Yes sir.”

Ravana arranged a meeting with Rajwar to renegotiate the deal concerning the government supplies. At eight PM, Ravana and his look a likes met up with Rajwar at a sea port warehouse in the city of New Milwaukee, just south of New Mumbai. Rajwar was waiting for him. Six large SUV’s came driving into the warehouse, they stopped. Ravana and his look a likes were dressed in black suites, they all came out of there vehicles at the same time.

“I was wondering what took you so long, so you came to renegotiate the deal?”

some of the look a likes looked at each other with a grins on there faces. Ravana came forward,

“ Rajwar, long time friend and business partner. So Rajwar what’s your reasoning for renegotiations?”

“The government equipment that you asked me to get a hold of, was more difficult to get than was expected, I had to risk several people lives to get my hands on this equipment. Therefore I want more money.”

Ravana responded impatiently,

“How much more?”

“On top of the 100 million that you owe me, I want 50 million more.”

Ravana looked away disappointed, he then said,

“Rajwar, we agreed on a deal that I would pay you 100 million dollars for you to get me this equipment, didn’t we?”

“Yes but-”

“Lets see the supplies shall we.”

“There over here, in these containers.”

Rajwar showed them to a couple of ship containers, they looked ordinary, but there cargo wasn’t anything ordinary. In the containers was hundreds of thousands of PIL implants used for identification for people. Ravana ordered them for his own purposes. Rajwar opened one of the containers, boxes were stacked one on top of each other in rows. Rajwar turned around from the containers and said,

“I had to go to great lengths and risks to get these PIL’s. If the government ever found out that we smuggled these PIL’s out of government facilities, we’d be in deep .. The Lanka Corp., You and me would be thrown in prison for the rest of our lives.”

Ravana came forward, Rajwar had a box filled with PIL’s. He opened the box and took out a rack of PIL’s and gave it to Ravana, he held it up to the light, the shiny objects glittered. He put them back and said,

“Good work Rajwar. I will give you your money.”

“Excellent glad we could do business.”

Ravana called number four over. Number four was carrying a silver suitcase, in it was millions of dollars waiting to go, but Ravana had something else in mind.

“How much was it?”

“100 million, plus the 50 million.”

Ravana counted the money, then told number four to close the suitcase and take it back with him. Ravana gave the money in a bag to Rajwar, and as he did he said,

“I have met up with my end of the deal, Rajwar. But you haven’t.”

Rajwar looked puzzled, he nervously said,

“What do you mean?”

Ravana’s look a likes started to take guns out from there suit jackets,

“what’s going on here Ravana?”

Ravana snapped his fingers, number five came forward and gave Ravana a cigar, and lit it for him, Ravana took a puff and then said,

“Do you remember my policy of doing business Rajwar? You do your part, and I do my part or?”

“Yes I do.”

“Well in this deal you didn’t, I’m afraid you’ll have to go.”

Ravana’s look a likes started to advance towards Rajwar, he held on to his bag of money nervously, he then said,

“I did my end of the deal, you cant do this-”

“I didn’t want to do this, especially to my friend, but business is business, you don’t go by my rules you pay the consequences.”


“I’m sorry Rajwar”

Ravana walked back from Rajwar and said,

“Boys take care of Rajwar.”

Ravana’s look a likes came forward and aimed there weapons at Rajwar, Rajwar took a couple of steps back and said,

“You will pay for this Ravana, you will pay.”

Ravana took another puff, and gave a gesture with his hand. His look a likes aimed there weapons,


The shooting started, The sound of machine guns didn’t bother Ravana. Rajwar fell to the ground with a thud, blood started to pour from his bullet riddled body. Ravana said,

“Dump the body in the water, take back the money.”

Rajwar’s bloody body was dumped into the ocean. Ravana and his look a likes got back into there vehicles and left, not forgetting of course to bring the containers of PIL’s with them.


Chapter 5 comming soon!

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Hello everyone, i'm back. I had a little accident, so it kind of mested things up here at starr studios (my sort-of make balieve company ) Anyways, i said earlier that i would provide pictures for my new version of the Ramayana, well here they are! I will show a link to the picture allong with a short discription. Enjoy!


Picture of Ayodhya city houses...

Things have changed in India! There is no poverty, and the country is one of the wealthiest confederacies in the world. This picture shows a typical planed community. Note that the style of the buildings, and the kosala centers in the background.




Parvati car, the EnVille...

In the future, in Dasaratha's time, Parvati's were a popular vehicle in india. The vehicle maker use to be a government owned company, but it soon was turned into a civilian brand. Parvati's eventually became a symbol of the Indian lifestyle. This picture is the Parvati EnVille.




Ayodhya city skyline...

The city skyline is a example of corporate power in Ayodhya, the tallest buildings (Kosala Centers) stand at 220 floors. Other towers include, the LPQ, SharnCity BANK, and several others, stand beside the tallest.




I will post more pictures later on. Feel free to ask questions, or comment. Thanks.

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Guest guest

Just about all of the major scenes will be still in my new version, but alteret to fit the time. A revised version, that is much more detailed will be written after my first version.

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