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Is this True?

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Hare Krishna



Question: What is the difference between the mind and the Self?


Sri Ramana: There is no difference. The mind turned inwards is the Self; turned outwards, it becomes the ego and all the world. Cotton made into various clothes we call by various names. Gold made into various ornaments, we call by various names. But all the clothes are cotton and all the ornaments gold. The one is real, the many are mere names and forms.





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Just as you exist in this "kingdom of 9 openings"(body) in the same way Iswara exists in this material universe.


Brahman is one with the material universe, he is the one who is the universe and the one who exists in it and out of it.


In other words, the whole universe could be compared to a wave in the body of the water, the wave exists only for a movement, and so does the whole universe that we see before us. It only exists for a moment.


You are the individualized "mind" or the "ego" that is thought to exist by brahman... if you take yourself out of the picture, what is left is Paramatma. It is also said that you are different from him only because of illusion and you are never seperate from him.


It is a hard concept to explain... but if you try to visualize this concept then you will come to the conclusion that nothing really exists, nothing matters and everything is one reality-Krishna.


The way to know Krishna is not through the individualized ego's deductions.. such mental speculations prove nothing, but true bhakthi and devotion will come to know the supreme person (both in manifest /unmanifest forms). /images/graemlins/grin.gif


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