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Cross-dressing in Vrindavan

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Cross-dressing in Vrindavan


One day, Krsna ordered the manjaris dress up Srimati

Radharani like Himself. After rubbing black aguru all

over Srimati Radhika's golden body, a yellow dhoti was

wrapped, Krsna's ornaments placed, peacock feather and

flute put as finishing touches on the body of Srimati

Radhika. Krsna then had Srimati Radharani sit on a

tiger-skin covered asana with rudraksa beads sitting

in meditating position looking like a yogi.


When the sakhis entered the kunja, they were very

bewildered. "What is this place where there are two

Krsnas? Just see; both of These Krsnas have blackish

complexion with peacock feather and flute. There is no

difference between Them. How is this, and WHERE is our

beloved Sakhi? Bewildered and upset, the gopis became

worried, "What are we going to do? If we go back

without our sakhi, what will Mother Jatila (Srimati

Radharani's mother-in-law) say? How will we explain

Srimati Radhika's disappearance?"


Thinking that the Krsna without the rudraksa beads

must be Srimati Radhika, the gopis asked, "Oh Radhe,

why is it you are dressing yourself as this

black-hearted wicked boy Krsna? Let Krsna pretend to

be a yogi; we have to go home. Mother Jatila is

waiting for you and if you don't come home with us,

she will become very disturbed.


Imitating Srimati Radharani's voice, Krsna said, "My

dear friend Lalita, Krsna has done this to me. I had

no control over what He has done. He has made me to

look like this. It is a very complicated issue and I

am embarrassed to tell you how Krsna has accomplished

this act of changing me to look like Him.


The gopis hearing Srimati Radhika's voice felt relived

to find their beloved sakhi, knowing that She was here

and safe. The sakhis went to embrace their beloved

friend, Srimati Radharani, but were shocked to find

that Her bodily limbs were exactly like Krsna's.


Completely horrified, they asked, "HOW has this

happened? Except for your voice, your WHOLE body is

exactly like Krsna's body."


"Srimati Radharani" said, "Krsna hypnotised me with

mantras and I could not move. Then Krsna poured water

all over me; that water over which He had also chanted

mantras. Because my mouth was closed, the water was

not able to enter, and thus my voice has remained

intact. 'Radha' with tears in 'Her' eyes, then said

very softly, "Krsna also did something else, but I can

not speak it out loud. I am so embarrassed. I can tell

only Lalita, but in private."


The gopis not wanting to cause 'Srimati Radharani' any

further distress, all left the kunja leaving Lalita

Sakhi there with their beloved friend. After the gopis

had left, "Srimati Radharani" immediately grabbed

Lalita Sakhi, embraced Her and started intimately

kissing Her. Lalita completely shocked and barely able

to get Her words out asked, "WHAT are you DOING???"

'Srimati Radharani' then answered, "I was so much

embarrassed to tell you what Krsna did that I showed

you instead."


Then, Krsna, revealing His true voice began again

kissing Lalita, both of Them laughing. Krsna got

Lalita to promise that She would not tell the other

sakhis what had happened. Lalita then left the kunja

and called Visakha, saying, "If you want to know what

happened to our beloved sakhi, you will have to go and

ask Her. She made me promise I would not tell anyone."

Thus, Visakha entered into the kunja and the same

thing happened to Her, and the same with all of the

other astasakhis.


All glories to the most amazing Srimati Radhika, Who,

known as Madan Mohan Mohani, caputures the heart of

Krsna with Her devotion. All glories to Her beloved

sakhis. All glories to that beloved Syama of Vrindavan

who has captured the heart of all of the residents

there, and all glories to the cross-dressing of the

Supreme Divine Couple, and Their lilas which capture

the hearts of Their beloved devotees!!!



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