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Saayujya mukti may mean different things to different sampradaayas. In any case, mostly saayujya mukti seems to be same/similar to brahma kaivalya - Shankara's concept of mukti -- "a deep sleep like non experiential non differentiated singular existence". Here there remains no difference between the jiva and Brahman. Madhva surprisingly is categorical that mukti is saayujya mukti. However he qualifies that even in saayujya mukti, the mukta does not become Brahman, but maintains its atomic nature. He also says that the mukta then "partakes in the eternal sport of Hari". Now what that "sport" is, I have not yet found any reference to that. Baladeva has a more detailed account of mukti (here I have to depend on an English translation of the Govinda Bhaashya as I do not have the original sanskrit text), He says that in mukti, there is "union" of the mukta with Brahman of three kinds. The first -- when it is said that the jiva on attining mukti "enters" Brahman, it means he enters into the abode of Brahman. The abode of Sri Hari is Sri Hari Himself and non-different from Him. Even the Brahma Suutra says, The Lord resides in His own Glory. The second -- Sri Hari resides within the mukta. The above two kinds of union are constant and non-fluctuating. The third "union" is with an "external" form just as two people meet with each other. Feelings of separation (vipralambha) occur in the muktas when they are away from this "external" form -- even though they are in constant union with Sri Hari in the first two ways viz. Mukta is inside Brahman -- inside the abode of Sri Hari and Sri Hari residing inside the mukta.



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