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The Scoundrels party of Larger India

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We, the Scoundrels of the Larger India, having solemnly constituted ourselves into a Political Party, give unto ourselves:


“Justice, Political and Economic

Liberty for free-for-all expression

And equality amongst ourselves.,” With a firm belief that politics is the last resort of a scoundrel .


The Larger India which we proposes to rule consists of the Indian sub-continent, the land-locked Kingdom of Nepal and the Island republic of revered Sri Ravan Maharaj. As the august scoundrels assembled here knows that these lands are bonded together by the never-breakable threads of corruption, nepotism, casteism, communalism and other valuable isms that make us scoundrels pride of our common heritage.


First annual general meeting of our party is scheduled to be held on the All Fools Day of this year in New Delhi, the paradise-on-earth for our esteemed scoundrels.


Invitations have already been sent to His Rroyal Highness, the Maharajah of Nepal, and his Prime Minister, H.E. the All-in-All Three-in-One of the Islamic Republic of punyabhoomi Pakistan and the President of Sri Lanka, the Most Hon’ble Vulnerable Prime Ministers of Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka.


Letters of invitation has also been sent to the Hon’ble leaders of Opposition in some of these countries where opposition exists and I have pointed out to them that Scoundrocacy is a better form of government than democracy.


Letters have also been sent to that jem of a yadava, the Rt Hon’ble Laloo Prasad and to Sushri. Jaya Lalitha, with a copy of Jayalalitha Sahsranamam Let us hope that these jewels among us will guide us like the great Kautilya guided Chandragupta.


Special letters of invitation has been sent to the Jama-at Islami, the R.S.S., the VHP, the Shiv Sena, the Narsena, the Vanara Sena and all other senas and all such other senas, unless otherwise specified.


Very Very special Letters of Invitation have been sent to their Holiness’ the Sankaracharyas, both of the Sonia and Vajpayee sects, so that they can forget about who is the greater or original acharya, and who will, I am sure, bless us for betterment of theirs and ours.


August men of extra caliber, we propose you to submit your suggestions for a draft constitution for our esteemed party. Please send us your valuable suggestions so as to reach us on or before the 28th of February. Non-resident scoundrels also can send in their suggestions.


Let Us Loot Together; Satyameva Jayate`.


Founder-cum-Life Time Chairman

Scoundrels Party of Larger India


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