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HK says all religions are same?

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those who want to cool hindus down and what them to go to sleep (politicaly) as they did for a few centuries,

say to the hindus that all religions are same.

some so called "hindus" also say it out of ignorance.


however, when an HK says all religion sare same,

then i see him as a big hypocrate



- HK is taught to do krishna bhakti or chaitanya bhakti.

- their temples have krishna or chaitanya only.

- they do not read all the vedic literature, not even all vaishnav literature, but only gaudiya vaishanav literature.

- they even have difficulty respecting the hindus who worship devas and devis. this is really strange. they know that devas and devis worship krishna. they also want to be dasa of a dasa of a dasa.. and thus as humble as the grass. so, then what is wrong in worshipping deva/devi who are dasa/dasi of krishna? of course it is less smart to worship them as krishna has said, but still it is krishna worship although indirectly. that should not makk the hindus a subject for hate or rejection and should not give superior complexity to HK's; but it has, unfortunately.


below are some links with articels.

some of them cleary show that all religions are not same.

even all paths in sanatana dharma are not same,

but they can co-exist, as they have done for milleniums.










so the first need is to give up the idea that all religions are same. if an HK says they are same, then why the HK accepted K C? hippism was just as good as K C per his argument.


bottom line: all religions are not same.

actually some religions are so incompatible with each other that if you put them together, there will be killings and explosions. hydrogen and oxygen cannot co-exist without an explosion and loss of their own identity in the name of water. e.g. xianity is no compatible with islam. the conequence is 9/11.

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Guest guest

Dear Madhav,


You said:


1) HK is taught to do krishna bhakti or chaitanya bhakti. Krishna Himself says that surrendering to him alone is the ultimate aim of life. There is no other Dharma other than surrendering to Him.


2) Their temples have krishna or chaitanya only - Are you sure? Try visiting Swami Narasingha's (disciple of prabhupad) ashram at Srirangapatna (near Mysore) and you will find Lord Shiva also being worshipped as a devotee of Vishnu. You can visit their website at:



You can visit the tour section and see Lord Shiva being worshipped. They worship Lord Shiva as a greatest devotee of Vishnu.


3) They do not read all the vedic literature, not even all vaishnav literature, but only gaudiya vaishanav literature. - Are you really sure? I can show you many Hare Krishna devotees who have studied Ramanujacharya's, Madhvacharya's and Shankaracharya's teachings. I have seen these devotees personally. They also enjoy harmonious relations with other Vaishnavas too.


4) They even have difficulty respecting the Hindus who worship devas and devis. This is really strange. - Devotees are very much compassionate. How can they disrespect anyone? How can you say that just beacuse they recommend worshipping Krishna, they disrespect others? They are educating people by allowing them to know their ultimate object of worship. A devotee will respect everyone. A devotee who worships Krishna with all his heart has no other obligations. Krishna will take care of all his obligations. Lord Krishna Himself was personally telling the Gopis to worship Him when he saw them worshipping Durga.

This is not to disrespect anyone, but just truth. The method of conveying the truth might vary from one devotee to another. That does not mean that he disrespects others.



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1st question/division: whether I/u believe God exists; atheist vs theist

2nd: whether God is personal or impersonal, Divine Form or formless?

3rd: whether God has any limitations: can appear in this world or not?

4th: whether practitioners follow any rules, 10 Commandments, 4 regs etc

5th: whether animals, plants have souls

6th: whether we can have rasa = mellow with God or not?

7th: whether we r home in this material world or not? sambandha-jnAna

8th: whether life itself has any goal? prayojan-tattva

9th: whether we can achieve that goal? abhidheya-tattva


Bonafide HKs can see the good in anything while weeding out the bad.

PrabhupAd said Christianity is a level of bhakti, God the Father, whereas Buddhism's (no God) not.

"NAstik. If there's no god, how it can be bhakti?"

Lord GaurAnga felt closer to RAmAnujAcarya's sampradAya than His own line MadhvAcarya Tattva-vADIs.

Why? You figure.

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Dear Madhav:


Where is it in Krsna Consciousness that "all religions are the same"?


I would like to draw your attention to the following excerpts from Srila Prabhupada's writings:


The principles of the Bhagavad-gita were spoken to Arjuna, and, for that matter, to other highly elevated persons, because he was highly advanced compared to ordinary persons in other parts of the world. Two plus two equals four is a mathematical principle that is true both in the beginner's arithmetic class and in the advanced class as well. Still, there are higher and lower mathematics. In all incarnations of the Lord, therefore, the same principles are taught, but they appear to be higher and lower in varied circumstances. The higher principles of religion begin with the acceptance of the four orders and the four statuses of social life, as will be explained later. The whole purpose of the mission of incarnations is to arouse Krsna consciousness everywhere. Such consciousness is manifest and nonmanifest only under different circumstances. (Purport to Bhagavad-gita 4.7 by His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada)


Everyone has a particular type of faith, regardless of what he is. But his faith is considered good, passionate or ignorant according to the nature he has acquired. Thus, according to his particular type of faith, one associates with certain persons. Now the real fact is that every living being, as is stated in the Fifteenth Chapter, is originally the fragmental part and parcel of the Supreme Lord. Therefore one is originally transcendental to all the modes of material nature. But when one forgets his relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead and comes into contact with the material nature in conditional life, he generates his own position by association with the different varieties of material nature. The resultant artificial faith and existence are only material. Although one may be conducted by some impression, or some conception of life, still, originally, he is nirguna, or transcendental. Therefore one has to become cleansed of the material contamination that he has acquired in order to regain his relationship with the Supreme Lord. That is the only path back without fear: Krsna consciousness. If one is situated in Krsna consciousness, then that path is guaranteed for his elevation to the perfectional stage. If one does not take to this path of self-realization, then he is surely to be conducted by the influence of the modes of nature. (Purport to Bhagavad-gita 17.3 by His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada)


The meaning of these excerpts are self-explanatory. Srila Prabhupada never taught that all religions are the same in the sense that all religions are uniform. He often stressed that they were preached according to time, place and circumstance.


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