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Cheese ingredients

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Dear devotees,


I would like to ask you if you could help me when looking at different kinds of cheese in the stores.


I was searching threads looking for info but I could not find names of different kinds of cheese that are not actually vegetarian.


Rennet is made by killed cow or calf, that I know.


Is Philadephia cheese bona fide for us?


I live in a city where every morning there are old ladies coming from villages with their home-made fresh cheese (it stays fresh for few days only). Is it bona fide? I think yes, but I would like to hear your opinion on this.


There is cheese ementaler with biiig holes - is that bona fide?


Creme cheese made for puting on bread - is that bona fide? What about mozzarela? I heard there is one brand bona fide and one brand of mozzarela not bona fide. Help...


I am sure you have fresh news on that, also.


Your servant, Yashoda devi dasi

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To the best of my knowledge, the 3 ingredients in cheese to be on guard for are:


1) rennet, as you already know


2) gelatin


3) enzymes


There are hard cheeses that are bona fide, but they must say "vegetable enzymes", otherwise "enzymes" by itself usually means an animal source.


Re: mozzarella: In the U.S. there are many brands of cheeses, so I am not aware of which brands are bona fide and which are not.


As far as I know, cream cheese is bona fide. This is a soft cheese, so they usually do not need to put rennet, gelatin, or enzymes in it.


When you say Philadelphia cheese, over here that is a popular brand of cream cheese, which as far as I know, is bona fide. In your country, however, Philadelphia cheese may mean something else, so I'm not sure.


"Cheese ementaler" with big holes, I'm not familiar with this cheese. We have a Swiss cheese here that has small to medium size holes. Since it is a hard cheese, it usually has something nasty in it which makes it not bona fide. However, in health food stores you may be able to find vegetarian cheeses that have no animal products.


The ladies from the village with their home-made cheese, I cannot really say. You might need to ask them what kind of gelling agent they use to make their cheese. Hopefully they will be honest with you about their ingredients. Since it is a fresh cheese (as opposed to the aged variety), chances are it would be okay. But, the only way to know for sure would be to ask the ladies.


Perhaps some of the other devotees can offer further information on cheeses. I think I saw where someone posted a link to the PETA website a few weeks ago. PETA often will give good information regarding which brands of foods are vegetarian and which are not.



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Also, I heard from few sources that citric acids mixed with milk may cause breast cancer. What do you think?


I hadn't read about this before, although it wouldn't surprise me. I wish I had some information on this to offer you, and I did do a brief search on the Web, but couldn't find anything. (Perhaps I didn't narrow my search properly.)


If anyone else has some info regarding this, I would be interested in knowing as well. If citric acid plus milk can cause breast cancer, it may cause other types of cancers and diseases as well. I'm assuming you are inquiring in relation to cheese, and how citric acid or lemon juice is often used to curdle the milk. It is probably fairly common for people to drink milk and have some citrus fruit for breakfast. So, if this is a possible cause for cancer, I think it would be useful if we learned more about this.




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Guest guest

Does any1 have a cheese recipe so that we could try making home made vege cheese? Not paneer....cos i know how 2 make that.

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