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Surya Narayana

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Section introduction sb 5.22

The sun-god, who controls the affairs of the entire universe, especially in regard to heat, light, seasonal changes and so on, is considered an expansion of Narayana. He represents the three Vedas--Rg, Yajur and Sama--and therefore he is known as Trayimaya, the form of Lord Narayana. Sometimes the sun-god is also called Surya Narayana...The demigod Surya is always in touch with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Narayana


Section purport sb 5.7.14

In the Rg Veda, the predominating Deity of the sun is worshiped by, this mantra: dhyeyah sada savitr-mandala-madhya-varti narayanah sarasijasana-sannivistah. Narayana sits on His lotus flower within the sun. By reciting this mantra, every living entity should take shelter of Narayana just as the sun rises…Actually Narayana within the sun is maintaining the entire universe; therefore Narayana should be worshiped by the Gayatri mantra or the Rg mantra


Haribol Prabhu, pamho and i wish you a happy new year full of Radha Krsna /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


Could you please explain who Surya Narayana is, is he like Bhagavan Sambhu who takes on an adulterated principle or is he a Jiva or what is he? And if you can, please quote from Sastras and Acaryas, thanks. Haribol

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