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transcendental art/medical fundraising

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Hari bol, I have learned many new things about my physical condition on a recent visit to SF, and we are trying to keep me alive until a liver is available. It is epidemic and if your blood type is common (hmm, don't like to think of anything being common about me, what a funny ego) you have to wait and perhaps die while waiting for someone else to die and give their liver for someone to live.

So I am fundraising for medical related expenses, and just found out I have to go down this week for various surgeries (they found and took some colon cancer three weeks ago) and treatment to get strong enough for a transplant, which I am also doing on a daily 80 gram protein diet, allopathic drugs (well, you do these things when you straddle life and death), and other things.

Relocation is also a challenge, but it is required as I have to live close to the hosp for when a liver does come. Maybe sounds dire, but honestly it is a wonderful and intersting experience, and I am confident that most of us, as devotees, would be overall in general good spirits when faced with death. It is so enriching!

So I am sacrificing some of my art for my life, and if anyone is intersted in buying a painting, some are available, like Cosmic Jagannath and Nagarjuna. There are two very high priced paintings too, which are too large to send in any form: the Sri Nrsimhadeva healing mandala, and The Nature of Love (look for Radha and Krsna in it). This latter one I actually improved since that picture, deciding on a wash of green in most white areas, and color in Radha and Krsna, and a few flowers.

If interested, please check my site, I never got it set up for business, and ignore any prices there because I can't remember how much I put anyway and have a new set of price feelings in me.

Nagarjuna (Lord Jagannath in ksatriya costume (read about this on the Jagannath Puri site under vesta or clothes) is only $125 bucks, with a wooden frame. It can be sent flat without the frame, if preferred, with deductions for the frame. Buyt the frame looks great on it.


The Cosmic Jagganath one is three hundred dollars. I believe all sizes are noted on the site.


Prints are also available, of any painting on that site, for $5.00 plus postage (probably around a buck, or $8 with mat.


Here is the url for the site, and thank you for looking.




{edited to fix website link, and thanks to rada for this!)


Your Godsister, aunt, daughter, friend, aspiring servant, take your pick,

Jayaradhe dasi


PS Of course, email me with any questions, either from here or if there is a address on that site, then from there.


I also have antiques like a sandalwood Krsna and a temple wall carving, but someone is coming tomorrow and I will see if he is going to buy it up. My neighbor said the guy had a thick wad of cash in his hand. (money the honey?)(not funny)

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Guest guest



I tried to go to the site but the link didnt work. Could you check to verify the URL for the site?


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You also have several broken links there.


For example (gallery one):


http://www.geocities.com/worldfamilyart/The Call.html




http://www.geocities.com/worldfamilyart/Nature of Love.html


These URL:s don't exist. Instead the file names are all written together. So please correct the broken links in the gallery one page.


As a rule of thumb, never have spaces in any file names which go to web. They will only cause problems.

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Thanks so much for getting the right link. My other web site is actually in the index mode, I was more expereinced by then, and also gHari gave good advice, but I never got back to that site. I also see the glitches too. Buyt orignally they weren't there, not so many, and never did I leave spaces. I am surprised the site is still up in a way, because one devotee got his turned off automatically when they noticed his tiny link selling the Jayananda book he wrote.

I cant fix it, too sick, but anyway most small versions should be viewable, and a few of the big ones work when you click the pic.


Hare bol,


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Hari bol, that is so kind, I just emailed you, but am not sure if it sent. I notice when I email through these links it doesn't give you the pop up mesage that your mail has been sent. so you might get a duplicate mail.

with many thanks,


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I didn't get a single mail yet. The address you have on your website (theopenheart@) doesn't work, it just bounces.


Anyway if nothing else works, type your message here.



<form name="literature" method="post" action="http://www.raganuga.com/form2mail/form-2-mail.php"><input type="hidden" name="required" value="email"><input type="hidden" name="subject" value="Jaya Radhe!"><input type="hidden" name="successpage" value="http://www.raganuga.com/pic/thanks.html"><input type="hidden" name="formtitle" value="Jaya Radhe!"><input type="hidden" name="sendto" value="1">E-mail address:

<input type="text" name="email" size="30" style="font-family: Georgia; font-size: 12">



<textarea name="textfield" rows="4" cols="50" style="font-family: Georgia; font-size: 12"></textarea>


<input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit"></form>

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