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prema bhakti

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Actually certain standard prema bhakti it Prahlada Maharaja. Seventh song describes not simply games the Lord Narasimha as avatara, she describes perfect devotee and certain stage in spiritual life. In the certain sense the situation Prahlada Maharaja is higher than situation the Lord Siva and Lord Brahma.


Prahlada Maharaja a standard example of pure fidelity and prema bhakti. Hiranyakasipu it is an example of the best and perfect demon, set of all demons. Having before eyes the example Prahlada Maharaja is very easy and it is clearly possible to understand as is shown prema bhakti. In games the Lord Caitanya Prahlada Maharaja it Haridasa Thakura.


"On the maha-prakasa day, Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu embraced Haridasa Thakura and informed him that he was none other than an incarnation of Prahlada Maharaja."


Therefore it is possible to see a level prema bhakti both externally and how many that to understand his internal displays. SBST for this reason read lectures on lila Prahlada Maharaja for the inhabitants Radha Kunda.


Bhaktivedanta Swami on a question about uttama adhikari, specifies basically on Prahlada Maharaja....


The example Dhruva Maharaja as is very indicative. The initial motive of his fidelity as a matter of fact was material. As Dhruva Maharaja was simply child and we beginning (continuing, finishing) way of fidelity, as frequently we remain simply children, I do not speak that it poorly.


In the fidelity to the God, Dhruva Maharaja above demigods.


"Dhruva Maharaja’s influence, attained by executing devotional service unto the Lord, was felt even by the demigods, who had never before experienced such a situation.... Dhruva Maharaja’s determination, therefore, was to become king of a planet exalted even beyond that possessed by Lord Brahmд, the greatest of all the demigods."


Anyone, who works with resoluteness "even" Dhruva Maharaja, can make devoted all world. It is the formula of success given SBST - one pure devotee will change the person of this world.


"This example ... clearly indicates that a devotee, by his personal devotional service, can influence all the people of the whole world to become devotees of the Lord. lf there is only one pure devotee in pure Krsna consciousness, he can change the total consciousness of the world into Krsna consciousness. This is not very difficult to understand if we study the behavior of Dhruva Maharaja."


When the person has sufficient desire to spiritual life, the Supreme Person of the God sends the representative - spiritual master.


"Therefore, after understanding the strong determination of Dhruva Maharaja, Narada came to help him. It may be explained in this way: The Supreme Personality of Godhead is present in everyone’s heart, and as soon as He understands that a living entity is serious about entering devotional service, He sends His representative. In this way Narada was sent to Dhruva Maharaja."


If who that wants to serve to the God, but there is no enough reason for this purpose or there is no opportunity to receive the instructions of the spiritual teacher, in this case God all the same helps.


"It is here recommended to Dhruva Maharaja that he meditate on the supreme guru, or supreme spiritual master. The supreme spiritual master is Krsna, who is therefore known as caitya-guru. This refers to the Supersoul, who is sitting in everyone’s heart. He helps from within as stated in Bhagavad-gita, and He sends the spiritual master, who helps from without. The spiritual master is the external manifestation of the caitya-guru, or the spiritual master sitting in everyone’s heart."


It is a little more from the fourth songs -


"There need be no anxiety over attaining perfection because if one follows the instruction given by the spiritual master he is sure to attain perfection. Our only concern should be how to execute the order of the spiritual master. A spiritual master is expert in giving special instructions to each of his disciples, and if the disciple executes the order of the spiritual master, that is the way of his perfection."


"Here we understand that the gopis speaking to Uddhava were the ones who had not had the chance to participate directly in the rasa dance because of being held captive in their homes. Thus the conclusion is that they gave up their material bodies without dying. Parched by the intense heat of separation, their material bodies gave up their materiality and became purely spiritual, just like the bodies of such great devotees as Dhruva Maharaja."


"Dhruva Maharaja is also described here as prabhu because he is an acarya of the Vaisnava school."




It is examples as the fidelity both externally and internally and description of glory of the devoted Person of the God is shown. In an example Dhruva Maharaja we see as a material pulse has resulted in success Dhruva Maharaja. Who that can be in mathurya to race, but it does not mean that he basically will collect flowers for Radha Krisna, and in sakhya the person will speak to race to Deities - " hi Krisna ". Were in mathurya the person follows race in the steps great authorities -


"One must follow in the footsteps of such great personalities as Lord Brahma, Narada, Lord Siva, Kapila, Manu, the Kumaras, Prahlada Maharaja, Bhisma, Janaka, Bali Maharaja, Sukadeva Gosvami and Yamaraja."


SB gives set of examples and descriptions that we could understand that spiritually and that financially what to learn to understand. But if the person is reasonable, having before eyes an example Prahlada Maharaja she never will think - " everything, I have reached perfection ", but those who reaches perfection in the certain degree, work similarly to Prahlada Maharaja, because the nature of fidelity is those - in mathurya, sakhya, dasya. And as it is very difficult, to simulate both Prahlada Maharaja and Haridasa Thakura what to speak about real achievement of a spiritual level and such perfect fidelity as at Srila Haridasa Thakura.


Nevertheless, not having reached perfection, the person can work, following in the steps Dhruva Maharaja for example. It is possible to follow in the steps Goswami, but it at all does not cross out authority mahajana, as each subsequent stage comprises previous, similarly to a statement SB or following Lord Caitanya in siksastaka or just as each subsequent race comprises previous. It is possible certainly to take at once "top", jamp or is lazy shaking a tree, but as correctly speak, or it will be the rotten apples, or it is such top will appear paradise for the fools. The spiritual greed means that pure devotee tests spiritual taste, following all step by step, instead of is content with rotten apples, greedy filling them pockets.


Therefore if the person works for example following in the steps gopi, it at all does not mean, that since this day she does basically garlands or swing what touchingly to swing on them Radha Krisna and to looks far from a balcony - whether the dust on horizon lifted by herd of the cows is seen.


Real guru gives all the real top, instead of swing. Prahlada Maharaja by him an example of such present top, Dhruva Maharaja, Raghunatha Goswami. Though basically Lord Caitanya all as has shown on an own example and as there is an example Srila Haridasa Thakura (Lord Brahma, Prahlada Maharaja).

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