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The Democratic Parody's First 100 Daze

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<h2>The Democratic Parody's First 100 Daze</h2>

<FONT SIZE="2" FACE="VERDANA, ARIAL, Helvetica">By </FONT><FONT SIZE="2" FACE="VERDANA, ARIAL, Helvetica">Bonnie Chernin Rogoff</FONT><FONT SIZE="2" FACE="VERDANA, ARIAL, Helvetica">


Rightgrrl Contributor


Founder, </FONT><A HREF="http://www.jewsforlife.org/"><FONT SIZE="2" FACE="VERDANA, ARIAL, Helvetica">Jews

For Life</FONT></A><FONT SIZE="2" FACE="VERDANA, ARIAL, Helvetica">


May 12, 2001



Breaking News: The Democratic Non-Partisan Committee issued a statement indicating that despite the close election,

President Bush has reneged on his pledge to cooperate with Congressional Democrats to bring a sense of unity in

Washington. Senate Minority Leader Dick Gephardt issued a scathing statement condemning President Bush for not

cooperating with the objectives of Democratic Party leaders. Senator Daschle echoed those sentiments, calling President

Bush's first 100 days in office a referendum on right-wing extremism.



However, 'Babe on the Beat' news chick Bonnie Beth conducted a separate investigation that disclosed confidential

tapes and transcripts taken from in-House private Democratic meetings. The tapes tell a whole new story. Let's




Cast of Characters:



Sen. Tom Daschle


Sen. Dick Gephardt


Sen. Barbara Boxer


Sen. Hillary


Sen. Diane Feinstein


Sen. Chuckie Schumer


Sen. Joseph Lieberman


Sen. Ted Kennedy


Sen. John McCain


Vice President-reject Al Gore


President-deject Bill C.


Rep. Jerrold Nadler


Rep. Anthony Weiner


President Bush




Day 1: Daschle: Instruct the other Senators we can't let him get away with that tax cut he's asking for. Voters

always remember tax cuts.



Day 2: Gephardt: True, true. Once they see they're wealthier, we're done for. We gotta keep 'em poor enough to

keep the recession going.



Day 3: Chuckie: A better approach would be to destroy Senator Ashcroft.



Day 4: Nadler: Right! It's bad enough we're stuck with a right-wing religious President! God help us if we have

a pro-life…that is, anti-choice Attorney General…



Day 5: Lieberman: Yeah, but, uh, wait a minute, uh, I believe in G-d, observe Shabbat…



Day 6: Kennedy: Uh, was that pork fried rice I just saw you eating?



Day 7: Lieberman: Nah. Just pork. Plenty of pork in the pocket…



Day 8: Daschle: I just found out Ashcroft refused to appoint one black judge!



Day 9: Boxer: So what? He's appointed many blacks to the federal bench.



Day 10: Daschle: Shut up! You can't say that! Repeat after me…Ashcroft is a racist. Don't forget now. A racist!



Day 11: Boxer: Okay, okay. I'll remember!



Day 12: Chuckie: What about Jean Carnahan? She's planning to vote to confirm Ashcroft.



Day 13: Gephardt: We'll take care of her. Give her a good committee assignment. Money talks.



Day 14: Feinstein: Piece of cake. We'll get it from the middle class taxpay…er, ah…upper one percent…



Day 15: Chuckie: Read my lips. No new tax cuts! ....




</FONT><A HREF="http://www.rightgrrl.com"><FONT SIZE="2" FACE="VERDANA, ARIAL, Helvetica">Click here for the

rest of the parody and support Rightgrrl!</FONT></A><FONT SIZE="2" FACE="VERDANA, ARIAL, Helvetica"></FONT>



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