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VINA- abandoned?

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Some months back their entire links-section was upside down. I offered to help them and check it out. At the same time I sent them my ad for www.raganuga.com , which got posted on VINA.


The person-in-charge (Purandar das) gave me their FTP login, and I indeed figured out the problem (without going into detail) with their scripts and informed them of the same.


I never heard back from him. At one point the Raganuga announcement disappeared from the site, and now the entire site has disappeared. Strange. I have no idea what happened.

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The answer can be found in the thread "What Happened to Vina". In this, Panca-Tattva prabhu says:




I am coordinating WEB services of the WVA.

VINA will be up soon again under new management. Due to lack of time it was not kept up enough, We hope to be able to do a better job in the future. All contributions to WVA are voluntary. No obligations nor fundings are available. That makes it sometimes less efficient. But it keeps the right spirit up.

Give all Vaisnava missions a chance to communicate their positive achievements and interesting essays and discoveries.

To show to the world that all ?Vaisnavas have so much in common.

All other subjects belong to other pages and forums according to the WVA understanding of WEB servicies.

It is true that Tusta Krishna Prabhu and Siddhasvarupananda Prabhu intrumental behind starting Vina, but it was allways understood to be a service to the WVA and all Vaisnavas.

The WVA was very concerned that Vaisnava Forums are often filled with mission disputes and bad language or gossip.

To offer something different Vina was started.

We thank all those who participated in Vina until today and ask for the blessings of the Vaisnava community to be able to contuinue that service as originally conceived.

Specially Ananda Maya das and Purandara Prabhu have done so much voluntary work for this project. But it is nessesary to have more life in this page and since it has been down for a while the WVA office for Internet service is planning to lauch Vina again under new management but with the same spirit. If we have to change the URL we will notify all interestewd partys and forums as soon as possible.

Pancha Tattva das

Internet Committee coordinator of the WVA

I hope they get it and the WVA back on-line, ASAP. The WVA is a nice idea, that badly needs an on-line and up-to-date web presence.


Ys., Rama Kesava dasa


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