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Pita Dasji's story

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Dear Pritta D.D.

Hare Krishna !Please acceapt my obeisances All glories to Srila Prabhupada


Im happy that you have liked my writings here and yes


this is how they have been written in the moment is a good way to discribe the process

I will continue them but have had some problems finding this page for some time

Hari Bol


Pita das


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Pita das prabhu,




Thanks for letting me know how your writings are being distibuted. I wasn't sure.


Also, I wanted to get your permission. Thanks for that too.


They're a nice addition to my newsletter. Shortly after putting them in, I recieved email how wonderful it is to have stories about Prabhupada and the old days. So yes, I enjoy your writings as do others. I have about 235 readers, and am honored to include this for them.


Ok, will check back here from time to time. Right now I have quite a bit saved, and my newsletter only goes out once or twice a month. Hope you find the page you are looking for tho. Thank you for your wonderful service!

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Just my two cents. I really miss the updates or additions on this story. (Note the date of my last post, cuz tho its right above, it was quite a while ago.) These are such nectar stories! Anyway, thanks for what you 'have' put here. How wonderful!



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Guest guest

Dear Prabhuji

hare Krishna I do not know if this tread has been filed away or it can still become active.I am trying to edit and reedit all these memeories that by Srila Prabhupadas Grace I have seen all of them are great ways for my self to understand spiritual life I hope for myself eventully.

I have placed them now all together on myspace at the following addressand can also place them here ,if that is possible?

Hare Krishna

May you all get Krishna service and then bless me with some


pita das

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Yes, this thread is still active! Thank you. And the more you post, the easier it is to access. However, if you prefer the myspace link, please put it here. You gave me permssion some time back (in previous posts) to use your stuff in my newsletter, and I have been! People love it! So please either keep posting here or kindly share the myspace link. Thank you for your service.

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Guest guest

I am unable to post an url until i make 15 entries I have been informed

I am trying to compile all my memeries ,into one which started

with simply daily posts to the Dharma Mela of Rocan's prabhuji harerkrsna.com site then Jagat Prabhu placed here and I am now putting on myspace.

As most I am repeating post which have already been placed on this thread I will place the entries on both here and on my space

Hare Krishna

pita das

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There is a Chinese saying:


<center>"The Pekinese (Beijing) people will say anything;

People from Shanghai will wear anything;

The Cantonese will eat anything."</center>



Yeah and ther is a Prabhupada saying as well. When I was with Guru Kripa and Yasodanandan Swami in Hong Kong "MonKog" collecting, he said to me " Prabhupada says the chinese eat anything in the sky except airplanes, everything on earth except mountains and everything in the water except ships" and at the time it was easy to believe that, because if you wanted to find MonKog markets, you only had to follow your nose......

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