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spontaneous devotion

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According to Visvanatha (Raga Vartma Candrika 1.5):


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Sri Rupa Gosvamipada himself has described the symptoms of greed as follows (BRS 1.2.292):


"If, upon hearing about the sweetness of loving emotions, one experiences a longing in his mind for attaining the same, from that moment onwards he no longer depends on scriptural injunctions and logic; such is the symptom of greed."


After hearing about the sweetness of the loving emotions of Sri Krishna's associates in Vraja-lila headed by the ones in sringara-rasa, one may think, "I wish they would be mine". Upon the arising of greed, scriptural injunctions and logic no longer remain as an impetus, and if it does, the greed is not actual. No-one develops greed because of scriptural injunctions, and for the one in whom greed is manifest, in him there is no consideration of qualification or disqualification in obtaining the object of his greed. Rather greed arises only by hearing about or seeing the object of one's greed. (RVC 1.5)



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