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Anthrax Tantra, anyone?

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The ANTHRAX scare gripping the major

cities in the US and the world is I

believe a production of people who

practice the art of tantrism.

Imagine a powdery substance inside

your mail can transform itself into

a deadly Bacillus anthracis spore

within a split second as you open it.

How they do it boggles the mind.

Tantrism therefore is a science that

deals with spells(dharanis) that is

to have appeared in the 4th century

that seemed to have been the work of

Panchakarma in part and the rest fr.

Sakyamitra(c.850), a tantrist. In

other words, this BLACK science was

said to have flourished chiefly a-

long the northern borders of India,

while Buddhism curiously vanished

from here up to the 9th cent. A.D.,

lingering in Bengal and Bihar until

the Moslem conquest of India(1202).

Tantrism, in my research, is an art

practiced by the followers of Lord


Anthrax Tantra, anyone?


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Originally posted by melvin:

Why is everyone afraid of

Anthrax? It`s curable!

Please trust me on this

because I`m your DOCTOR!

Just wait till you hear

from me about SMALL POX.


Small Pox, anyone?

what about small pox? can we beat it?




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We can`t beat a virus, like

small pox or the rest of it.

Take for example, the influ-

zae virus, the herpes virus,

the chicken pox virus, the

rabies virus, the dengue fe-

ver virus that causes hem-

morrages in the intestinal

mucosa which is as deadly as

the anthrax bacteria. Then

we have a virus that causes

the dreaded Hepatitis B, or

the HIV virus, the polio vi-

rus, the cytomegalo virus,


What I`m trying to say is

that these viruses are so s-

mall one can`t see them by

the naked eye. Neither can

you identify them without

using an electron microscope

or serologic tests to find

out if these virus exists in

side the blood system of an

infected patient.

Since SMALL POX virus has

been considered to have been

completely eradicated thru

out the world, if it appears

in some country say, USA, then

I believe the people should be

vaccinated with an antenuated

strain of the said virus. That

way, the one being vaccinated

will be immune to the virus

once it attacks the people sus-

ceptible to it.

SMAll POX Vaccination, anyone?

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