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surrender today

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Surrender today.Its the first thing one can do from anywhere ,anytime by anybody to get close to God.Its the option several great devotees had and achieved the highest service of the Lord through it.


Even Ravana and Duryodhana were asked to do that inspite of all the atrocities they did, giving them one last chance by doing so to be pardoned completely of all their sins.


In whatever state one is if one in a heartfelt moment says "I am helpless,have nothing in my control and in this desperate condition all I can think of is to surrender to you completely.At this point I am completely under your mercy whatever chances on me is your grace", has surrendered.


In that person be so whatever shortcomings,weaknesses,despicable qualities everything is forgiven by the Lord.The inner realisation in that person reminds one of that moment where he surrendered and received the grace of the Lord.Even if there are situations to pursue the old qualities now blessed with that realisation will stay far from them.


Oh!How much can be said about this word "surrender".Surrender to the Lord today.









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Those who express the desire to surrender to GOD is taken care of by HIM.Also HE makes them free from the fear of all beings.

GOD gives full security and personal attention to HIS devotees.

Therefore fix your mind on HIM,be devoted to HIM surrender to Him.




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