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Doubts on Rig Veda.

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Which English translation of Rig Veda should i trust?

Is there any online site available?

The reason why i ask is i have some opponents in another forum who make fun of Rig Veda. They say some verses support eating of meat(beef).Some verses also demean Indra,women. I cannot sit back and avoid reading those comments. I have to prove them with a good english translation of the Rig Veda. Also I tried reading the english translation by Ralph Griffith and it also conveyed me the same that those guys told. So i want to get my doubts cleared somehow. Can anyone in this forum explain me.





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Would have been helpful if translated in english.


In any case, I think the demeaning of women in the Rig Veda is not all that surprising. For one, most of the rishis, if not all were probably men. Secondly, they were all renunciates, and thus, probably tried to overcome lust, and the object of lust is women. There are dozens of stories in the Puranas about how women tempt the spiritual renunciant back into the world of maya, so it's no wonder this is the attitude of the common renunciant. Even Vivekananda had earlier professed this same attitude before realization of Truth.


I am surprised however at the demeaning of Indra. Which particular verses are these?


I think one must not forget the overall context of the Vedas, and the objective in the Vedas, otherwise the verses lose much of their import. This is what most Western academics are guilty of, they either transcribe or read the Sanskrit texts but they do not have the overall context in mind when they interpret them, thus the texts seem to convey bigotry on social grounds.



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