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here is one situation

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Hi All,


Here I put a real anectode which can /and should be viewed in a spiritual perspective.


A gathering with fun events went in my office in the eve of new year today.


People in and around me forced to participate in the events compulosrily.And inspite of my reserved nature I tried my best to do well but somehow due to lack of that materila modern quality I was not able to contribute that much.Contrarily those who are well versed in dance and all these stuff did a mere show by shouting and all.One fellow went to a stupid extent of dance tips that are not admissible in proper code of conduct.


People applauded and laughed as if it were nothing more.


I am getting a doubt now,what really it means for a sadhak to mingle in life?After all we say by remaining in this worldly life one can be a jnani or bhaktha but basically these stupid stuffs irritates us like anything.


And my colar mic was not properly set but it seemed I struggled to put that even.These and all gave a mean feeling before others.I am upset really.


Please come up with what could be the solution to handle these silly things which some unwanted elements impose on soft and spiritual people.



& best new year wishes,




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Swami Vivekananda had said in order for Bhakti to grow you need to be cheerful and smiling. Remember Hindus consider that you get life after 8.4 million births and rebirth, hence you need to be happy and cheerful. It also our human duty to spread cheer and happiness.


However, you can carry on with you material life with a condition as said by SriKrishna in Geeta. LIve your material live unattached.


World is really not falling apart for us to be very serious. I think people who are very serious or strict lose their human quality.


If you are in material world you need to consider feeling of other huamn being also at the same time not drowning yourself in this Mayawi Duniya.


Jai Shree Radhe

Jai Shree Krishna

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you must live in such a way that you are not affected by such petty things.


Swami Chinmayananda said about karma "everything you meet in life is destiny, how you meet it is self-effort"


so what you have just met is destiny. but you have not met it correctly. you have to meet it in such a way that you do not suffer. that is what Swamiji said. live in such a way that you do not produce more karma. live in such a way that you do not suffer. meet your destinies in such a way that there is no suffering and no new generated karma.


how to do that? it will take a while to attain that perfect state where you will not generate karma (that is called self-realized state). but what you must do right now is live very detached. practice dispassion, speak little. it all has to do with ego. ego is why karma is made. so by being detached, practicing dispassion and silience, ego will becoming more purified and thus silent. also you must practice observation of ego and mind. these two things are mentioned in Yoga Vasistha many times. just by looking at mind and ego they becoming silenced and thus purified.


Ranga... Continue relentlessly with your silent practice of meditation. the pure light within you will reveal all the answers. speak a little and practice dispassion. WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS.

practice makes perfect. remain blessed. love everyone in your life: unconditionally. You will come face to face with the Self.

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A gathering with fun events went in my office in the eve of new year today.


I too have to same predicaments like this. I have went to "parties" (been dragged there is more like it) where young girls take centre stage and "dance" and men admire their bodies (and they seems to have no shyness). Matter a fact, they are boosting their own beauty in such way.


I sat with men who drink alcholol (I have hypersenstive nose - the smell of alcholol makes me want to puke) and even invite me to drink. When I said "No", they laugh as if I was a coward who don't drink.


Going to sexual oriented places (even just to look) is sign of manhood, according to them.


Talking in stupid languages (you know, those words like F*&K and such) is sign of culture. Wearing idiotic clothes for purposes other than for comfort is "cool" (despite of showing various parts here and there).


I know how it feels. Like been born in a World which is totally screwed up. /images/graemlins/frown.gif

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ive also been in similar situations, almost daily. there comes a time when you become (no matter how strong headed you are), immune to it. you may even take part in it. you might say that you will do it yourself (drinking, viewing girls) and not be attached, however you get attached. it's the test of your strength to let those things go.


the fanfare of life, sex, addiction, fun.... traps that blind us. there is nothing that will sap your strength more and make you more weak, giving you a false impression of strength because you 'fit in'.


the way to surpass it is to remain aware. never become so aloof that you cast yourself out of modern society, but never become part of it so that you 'sell out'. being overly aloof might give you the impression that you are strong but the irony is you need to be walking in the midst of the storm to be testing your strength against it.


never let critisism change you, this is so important. dont pander to the weak, who will never understand. walk in, with your head high, do your 'duty', walk out, not attached to anything. thats all there is to it. if you're finding it hard, it seems you may be more emfatuated with the idea that you are better than those around you because you are following a personal code, rather than actually wanting to follow the goal. following a principle means nothing, BEING the principle is where it's at...

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