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Krishna Mantra

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i was wondering the correct part of day or way to chant krishna mantra to make it effective. right now ive been doing it for a few days right before i sleep, but i dont chant outloud i say it in my head. also i dont concentrate on god usually my mind wanders off but i am still chanting at the back of my mind.

what is the most affective way to see results?

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Chant Krishna's name every day any time you want to. Why bother about the day of the week? Why worry about its efficacy? The pleasure you get out of chanting it should be reward enough. Once you truly understand the pleasure of becoming immersed in Krishna, you will not have any problem concentrating on Him; the problem will be getting out of that mode.

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Best time is "Brahma-muhurtha" which is jst before sunrise and during sunrise.


One round u can chant jst before sleeping which SP suggested.


And chanting jst loud enuf so that u urself can hear and jst listen to wat u chant.. that wud bring u the basic concentration for the mind. jst hear wat u chant.. dont even think of meaning if u cant.

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thank you both,


v. hebbar, you said "one round" does that mean chant "hare krisha, hare krishna, krishna krishna, hare here, hare rama hare rama, rama rama, hare hare" only once? thats it? usually i do it for 10 minutes.

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oops.. i thought that you were familiar with Srila Prabhupad's terminology. Anyways, here is wat it meant:-


One round means chanting the mantra 108 times(on tulsi beads is most preferred and most benefit). Usually the garland of tulsi or any other spiritual beads which is called as "mAla" has 108 beads in it. So, u can chant one mantra per bead and that way do 108 times(= 1 round).


SP has suggested all of us to chant atleeast 16 rounds(108 x 16) per day inorder to reach perfection. Hope u understood wat i said. reply back if u have any more doubts.

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