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dikshas and kundalini yoga

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Does anyone have any input especially experiences with kundalini yoga? I know this is kali yuga and all we have to do is chant, but kundalini yoga is a very powerful tool. I haven't seen anyone on this forum mention anything about it.

I have heard about mystical powers that people get when they are really advanced in the practice of kundalini yoga.

For eg. I read that after many many years of kundalini yoga, one cannot die from snake bites and can kill anything at will by striking it with the base of his palm. An advanced yogi could for eg. even kill a tiger by striking it with the base of his palm. Does any one know anything about this??

I understand this is kali yuga and most people will not know, practice or believe in any of this.. although I know quite a few people that practice kundalini yoga(not with the dedication and determination that poeple did in the old times ofcourse.. by retreating into forests etc.)..but still if anyone has any usefull information it would be great.

I also read that by taking dikshas from a real guru one can make progress much faster than usual in his/her quest.

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