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Hey You Lost People

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I am sorry but Reading the posts here make me Laugh.. !

I mean how much you people are lost.. I just read one post about Kalki so called God..! and this guy "Mahadev" is just lambasting the guy .. who just asked why money.. isn't it the age old Bhrahman vaaad exploitation.. !!

Wake up people.. in this age when awareness is born with the child.. we should be able to think and practice what ever religion we have without any BS by some priests or anyone..! God has given you Brain To Think..!!


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Guest guest

Hey wise man !


I think, you are a sagacious person. No doubt, your intellect is of higher level.

But a newly born baby, nowadays born with awareness . . . . but which type of awareness excluding biological, physical and mundane ?

Priests are businesspersons but not 100% of them. Prophets, saints, Sages and other noble souls are not by birth, they are really gyaani (highly conscious) if the person is existent. If a persons intellect reaches above them or their level, in real fact, that person will not emote like you and me.

In mundane people, everybody imagine him/herself a wise person, that’s their ego.

No doubt, the merciful / almighty God has given us brain to think. So I think, you also know that there are three sections of our brain, conscious, subconscious and unconscious. And there are two hemispheres of the brain.

Left and right hemispheres. The egoist consciousness / awareness compels us to illusions (Maayaa). The

Gyaani thinks and visits beyond these illusionary state. The ego propels us to materialism on this mortal world.

Beyond this ordinary consciousness, activate the subconscious and unconscious mind, the matrix, the infinite records and experiences of your past and future incarnations, then your awareness will be completed.



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Guest guest

A stray dog is shot.

A philandering husband is castrated.

A homosexual becomes a transvestite.

A president is sacked because of a scandal.

Another president is ostracized for being involved with a woman named monica.

A president gets reelected for telling the world that it was osama bin laden and his al qaeda which was responsible for 911.

A middle east nation without a home because its palestine she occupies.

All of the above are lost.

But found in tamisra. Do think about it.


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I am amazed by how much people talk about god and preaching but you say something which raises a question and Offesive language and personal attacks start coming..

Yes.. I am wise man because I will not believe what Mahadev said in a post about kalki god.. What the fu,, is that.. what kalki god.. Why not hindu believe in God.. the reason is you are lost.. yes we are tying ourselves with Vedas but the truth is that is long lost.. We don't have any vedas. but what is left after destruction from Mughal invasions and British invasion is practices here and there done by different sects and brahmins.. and you call it religion..

The word Hindu itself comes from Mughals who denouced us by calling us Hindu meaning (chor , kaminaa , outcast) ..and "ism" is a mere english phenonmenon which has caused lotsa problems in the world as it encompases what people do.. by joining ism to hindu it meant what hindus do.. and you say its a religion .. and take money from people and stuf.. yes I believe in God but now some stone and some idiots caling it god and taking money and saying that its for priviledged one coz everyone cannot be dealt with..!!

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Guest guest


If you mind it is offensive language and personal attack

then I am sorry for my language. I do not expect that,

anybody would be hurt by my language.

Our sages / gyaanis say, in satyuga . . . 100% people

were true. In tretaa-yuga 75% . . . in dwapaar-yuga 50% . . .And now in kal-guga only 25% ( I think less than it) are true and theists. So we are lost from our divine


The true / real Vedas are as these were before the

Big-bang and these will be as these are after the dissolution. But the written versions (scriptures) are modified as per the Pandits time to time.

Yes ! Invaders were destructives . . . many things and Vedic cultures had been destroyed by them. It is true.

But they were unable to destroy all Vedic minds. Hindu

word has come from invaders. It is a religion named

Sanatan dharma.

Hindus were calm in the past and also in this competitive era, they are calm. They are praying for peace. I do not think it is OK.

History says, when the world excluding Bharata . . . .

Were inventing modern weapons . . . . our ancestors were

praying in the temples . . . . they used to think . . . the God will save them . . . but did not happen so. They enslaved. The same thing is being happened now. People should act as per the time. Our Gods (incarnated) acted strongly against asuras . . . and they developed their minds . . .science and destructive weapons. Then why we

are backward ? We should learn from others. We should

not hate people … but have to replay / act strongly.

The person who asks for money . . . collects money . . .

Is not a divine person. Divine / mystic person does not

ask for money . . . but people look-after them.

The TIME is the ruler.


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Guest guest

Time is in sanskrit Kalpa.

Kalpataru is an expansion of Lord Visnu.

Lord Visnu is according to the Srimad

Bhagavatam is Krsna.

The sastras say that TIME is under the

control of Lord Visnu.

A pure devotee of Krsna don`t worry about

kalpa because he has no other business but

to advertise the glorious pastimes of the

kalpataru himself, Lord Vasudeva.

When its time say, 911, then it`s time.


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Guest guest

I mean TIME is the ruler of this mortal / material World.

YOU are right. The Vishnu and VishnuLok / SatLok are

beyond TIME and SPACE, are Eternal. Some mystic

people also say, astral formed soul is eternal and is not

bonded by TIME and SPACE.

THANKS for the correction.


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Well You guys are not Focusing on what I am saying here..!

Hindu word came from Invaders but it means (Chor-thief, kameena- manipulative cheap, keera-insect,kafir- one who doesn't believe in God)


It does not mean sanatan dharma.. If you believe in vedas then India doesn't have the vedas only one veda is there!


Their was nothing before big bang.. are you thinkin ?

everything was after big bang..! other wise how did the vedas survive or end up on earth. .hahahah a


their was no religion.. dharmic or sages used to wonder around and preach spirituality and how to live life.. thats why we have in our culture to respect and give to sages till date..! their was no religion at that time..

what today you temple worship is going on is coz of Brahmin era who constructed these temples and got hold of God..

..Get the things right..! open your eyes.. what you mom and dad told or what we see today is not the history..!

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Guest guest



In your first paragraph, the words were come from invaders. It was not the words of Indus valley civilization or the Aryan civilization. They were destructive, who used to speak such language.

If there was nothing before big-bang then how the vast

Explosion was possible ? Mystically and scientifically

There were the seeds of explosion. What were that ? Science

Nowadays . . . are searching for explosive gama-rays in

The space. Einstein said, when the higher energy loses its

Energy and remain a lack . . . it becomes visible. Then why

Gyaani says that the Supreme being is eternal, infinite . . . no beginning . . . no ending ?

I think, we need to enhance our wisdom.


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