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devotees of kalki bhagwan......

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Why do you call him as bhagavan?What has he done?I dont know about him much.Tell me more about him.

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I checked out those links, then checked further links and I read that this Kalki Bhagavan says that his followers claim him to be the Kalki avatar... He says he denies being Kalki, but accepts being called an avatar... isn't this an example of an impersonalist claiming to be God? (or rather not denying it?)


Here is the quote: (from: http://www.experiencefestival.com/a/Kalki_Avatar/id/1682)


Question: Are you the Kalki Avatar?

Sri Kalki Bhagavan:

"You must be very clear that I have never claimed to be Kalki. In the beginning when the retreats were at Somamangalam (a place where retreats were conducted in the initial stages of the movement) a lot of people began to have visions, they began calling me Kalki. The 20121%(?) Kalki is just a title given by people to Me. And I have come to accept the title.


But Avatar, yes. I claim to be an Avatar. The Hindu scriptures are very clear as to who an Avatar is. You see, basically, it is like this: GOD per say can never be comprehended, can never be related to, other than through the manifesta-tions. Let us take the case of light as an example. We will go into a little bit of science. Suppose, a light ray was to pass through a vacuum tube, you are not going to see the light at all. So light as such can not be seen. But, if that light were to strike an object and come back to you, you see that object. Now, the question is, are you seeing that object or are you seeing the light. The photons do hit the object and they come back into your eyes, therefore we can say you are seeing light, you can also say you are seeing only the object. There is an ambience here. So, what stand can you take here? You really cannot take a stand. You can say, “I am seeing light, yet I am not seeing light”. The same ap-proach applies to the understanding of an Avatar. When you are looking at an Avatar, you can say, “I am seeing GOD; yet I am not seeing GOD”. Both are equally true. Like without light, you are not going to see anything at all, yet light itself cannot be seen.


Therefore, we maintain that only Avatars are the nearest you can get to God or whatever you want to call it. Let us take another example. You can never know or perceive electricity itself. What you can comprehend are its manifestations, for example, the tube light is the light manifestation of electricity, a fan is the mechanical manifestation of the same electricity, the iron box is the heat mani-festation.


Similarly, what you call GOD has over a thousand aspects. A few of them can manifest in an individual. For instance, Ramanujam is a mathematics manifes-tation of the Supreme consciousness. He can outbeat the fastest computer ef-fortlessly. He had antaryamin of a Goddess called “Namagiri”. That is why, even today, he has not been fully understood. You take Einstein; he never studied Physics and mathematics. He simply knew what was space and time. Only later, came the mathematical formulations. He was basically a mystic. So, one can call him an Avatar for physics. If you take Karl Jung, he is an Avatar for psychology. Thyagaraja – an Avatar for music. Similarly Beethoven in the west. So, people who manifest certain aspects of the Divine and Supreme con-sciousness is called Avatara Purusha.


So, I am a Spiritual Avatar. The experiences, miracles and grace people have experienced across the globe are proof of that. From my miracles and grace one can understand what kind of an Avatar I am. My thirst is mostly on En-lightenment.


This is my area of specialisation, though; I can fulfil your desires and solve your problems. My vision and purpose is the enlightenment of mankind. In that sense, I’m an Avatar, but not the mythological Kalki Avatar. I am not going to be riding on a horse with a sword as they say he will come after 140,000 years.

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