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Why lord Ganesh did not allow Lord Ranganatha to go to Sri lanka?

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We can see in Ramayana two intersting situations.I will detail them in short before going into my own thinking on it.


situation 1:


Ravana after praying shiva gets a powerful shivlingh.He takes it to sri Lanka,his home country.Shiva has told him not to keep the linga down.But ganesh interferes.He makes Ravana very thirsty.And Ganesh comes as a bhramin boy and Ravan requests the boy not to keep the lings down adn goes to drink water.But ganesh keeps the lings down and it becomes impossible for ravana to take that linga to sri lanka.That linga becomes deity of a holy temmple "kokarna," near goa.




Here too the story is repeated.Veebeshna brings Ranganatha idol as a gift from Lord Ram and again ganesh makes that idol to be located in sri rangam and prevents that idol from leaving India.




1)Why was Ganesh partial to india?Why dint he allow such powerful idols leave india?


My thinking:God has created various resources to each country.Oil for gulf,MNC's for America,phosperous for nawru,forests for canada and so on.He created so that all countries can share the resources and be friendly.Likewise the greatest asset he gave to India was hinduism.Maybe he wanted India to share its religious philosophies all over the world.Thats why he did not allow these powerful idols to cross india.


Just an idea.Thats all.



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