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Feeling alone in this material world

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I don't know what to do anymore. I feel like I can't relate to anyone now because my love for Krishna is so strong it affects everything in my life. For example those that are religious are only religious to a certain extent to which they turn their back to it so they can return to their material life.

You see I can't do that anymore and noone understands me. Everything I do has to be for Krishna and must please Him. It affects my diet, to choosing my lifetime career to who I associate with.

I'd like to hear some views from people who feel the same. What do you do when your mum who encouraged you to become religious no longer understands the seriousness of your bond with God? Am I wrong to be like this? Should you only be so serious to an extent?

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Please don't be fooled into thinking you are an advanced devotee, being sentimental will not help you, you sound like how I was years ago, saying oh Krishna I love you, then when it come down to it, i can't give-up nothing for him, please follow in the line of devotees, remember higher thinking and simple living. This is my own view.






<font color="red"> Sri Radha-Krishna harinama is the cure </font color> (anti-virus)

<font color="red"> criticizing is the disease </font color> (virus)




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I'm not fooling myself into thinking that I'm so close to God and that I'm so much greater than everyone else. All I've been doing these last 9 months is trying to seek God after I realised what a sinner I had been. I just didn't realise how much I had changed so much that people find it difficult to understand me that's all. I don't know whether that's good or bad and I don't feel arrogant about it.

I just feel so isolated. I certainly don't think I'm an advanced devotee. My only aim is to continue my relationship with God and so that I'm not dragged back into the flow of "normal life".

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"I just didn't realise how much I had changed so much that people find it difficult to understand me that's all."


Explain to people your beliefs if they will listen, if not then it's their own problem (for now), we all want to be KC, why should we have impediments?..they will come, but it make us want Krishna more, you have changed thats a fact, so you can understand that you can change others too.

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"Feeling alone in this material world"

"This is not true in anyway,"


How is that not true? Yeah I know there are lots of people who will understand where I'm coming from when I talk about my beliefs but I don't have anyone in my life like that and when I try to include people by talking to them about it they just think I'm crazy and I'm getting too serious. Spiritually I feel okay, like I'm trying really hard to progress but I want to share this with someone but who? I don't desire anything materialistic but I do have to live a life with people.


BTW what about marriage, say if you're vegetarian and the guy isn't, should I compromise and live with that since he's my husband or would that be bringing myself down again?


"Please read Gita and Bhagavatam also."


Thank you for your advice, I will take that up.




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You have to understand your position as a spirit soul in care of krishna and just work with out thinking about anything else.


If you are a student like me, then get into volunteer programs, internships or somethings where you can actually help people.


Do not preach krishna consciousness with out perfecting yourself. (Why do I think you are not in perfectional stage?- because you still have questions just like me /images/graemlins/smile.gif )


First do action in krishna consciousness just for krishna, then the rest of all the things that make you worry will get solved themselves.



Dear guest who feels alone: "Yeah I know there are lots of people who will understand where I'm coming from when I talk about my beliefs but I don't have anyone in my life like that and when I try to include people by talking to them about it they just think I'm crazy and I'm getting too serious. "


Yes, I also feel the same way, but you do not have to talk to any one about krishna. What you do for your God is your business, why discuss it unless the other person wants to hear about it. For example, lets say you like ice cream and you tend to speak more and more about how you like ice cream- for a few minutes we wouldn't think much of it and appreciate your liking ice cream, but after a while it does get boring to see the same person extol ice cream repeatedly and it also gets annoying. /images/graemlins/smirk.gif


"what about marriage, say if you're vegetarian and the guy isn't, should I compromise and live with that since he's my husband or would that be bringing myself down again?"


I think that issues in marriage are personal and do not want to get into them, but I will say this, if you are married, then you are married to the body and not to the soul.


You are always alone in the material platform, because on it there are only "You" and "materials" which you wish to use to gain full pleasure(and fail to do so). If you wish to get out of that, then you need to go to the spiritual platform, in which there is "Krishna with you" and "you with krishna" and you are yourself full of bliss and enjoyment /images/graemlins/laugh.gif.



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dhyayato visayan pumsah

sangas tesupajayate

sangat sanjayate kamah

kamat krodho 'bhijayate


While contemplating the objects of the senses, a person develops attachment for them, and from such attachment lust develops, and from lust anger arises.


Purport : One who is not Krsna conscious is subjected to material desires while contemplating the objects of the senses. The senses require real engagements, and if they are not engaged in the transcendental loving service of the Lord , they will certainly seek engagement in the service of materialism. In the material world everyone, including Lord Siva and Lord Brahma--to say nothing of other demigods in the heavenly planets--is subjected to the influence of sense objects, and the only method to get out of this puzzle of material existence is to become Krsna conscious. Lord Siva was deep in meditation, but when Parvati agitated him for sense pleasure, he agreed to the proposal, and as a result Kartikeya was born. When Haridasa Thakura was a young devotee of the Lord, he was similarly allured by the incarnation of Maya-devi, but Haridasa easily passed the test because of his unalloyed devotion to Lord Krsna. As illustrated in the above-mentioned verse of Sri Yamunacarya, a sincere devotee of the Lord shuns all material sense enjoyment due to his higher taste for spiritual enjoyment in the association of the Lord. That is the secret of success. One who is not, therefore, in Krsna consciousness, however powerful he may be in controlling the senses by artificial repression, is sure ultimately to fail, for the slightest thought of sense pleasure will agitate him to gratify his desires.


- so, try working for krishna, and forget about your problems, whatever they are. /images/graemlins/smile.gif

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Thank you for your advice everyone. So I should carry on with what I'm doing regardless of what others think, yeah?


Btw I don't know where you got this from but I don't preach to others since I'm a low person concentrating only on progressing myself and frankly it's not my place to say to people that you should live your life like that.


I also don't know how you got the impression that I just talk about God to everyone even if they don't wanna hear about it. I only talk about it with my family and they want to listen to me. And it startles me when they say, "Stop this nonsense and get into the real world"


Also I'm not married but I'm nearing that age. I just wanna know if a person like me should learn to compromise about cooking meat for her husband, about issues such as drinking alcohol etc. I'd be grateful if someone would give me their views on this. Thank you.

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I have just recently come to krishna conciousness and am having the exact dilemas you are talking about.

My husband is not accepting of the idea of me and this newfound conciousness I have.

He eats meat, drinks, but I cannot force being a vegetarian on him, or make him stop drinking.

I made the personal choice not to eat meat anymore and not to drink intoxicants.

I still cook for him, gagging the whole time, but as his wife, I am providing for my husband.

I do not like it one bit, but for the peace of marriage, I do it.

Is that wrong?

Hare Krishna

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"I still cook for him, gagging the whole time, but as his wife, I am providing for my husband. I do not like it one bit, but for the peace of marriage, I do it.."


You will go through a lot of hardships living like that. Pray to Krishna he changes, at least on the meat issue... is it wrong? Cooking meat for somebody else does carry a bad karma... you just have to determine if such price for marriage is worth it for you.

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"Also I'm not married but I'm nearing that age. I just wanna know if a person like me should learn to compromise about cooking meat for her husband, about issues such as drinking alcohol etc."


For the marriage to last, both sides must be compatible. If you marry someone who does not share your values or interests, and has a very different taste in life than you, chances are such marriage will not last or be happy. I have seen such marriages fail many, many times. Pray to Krishna for a good husband.

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Guest 2:

"I still cook for him, gagging the whole time, but as his wife, I am providing for my husband. I do not like it one bit, but for the peace of marriage, I do it.."


Tell him to cook it himself the lazy ..


Guest 1:

And it startles me when they say, "Stop this nonsense and get into the real world"


Yes, this is what happens, also preaching to somebody KC,

why do you say you do not do this? Everybody can or is doing something to spread the movement of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, it starts with chanting esp hearing from

pure devotee.







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I misunderstood your entire post... it is happening alot to me.

my intention was to help only even if it was on a totally different level than expected.


Sorry I was directing the thank you to you but the rest of the post was directed to one of the guests who made some assuptions about. Sorry again.

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"Yes, this is what happens, also preaching to somebody KC,

why do you say you do not do this? Everybody can or is doing something to spread the movement of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, it starts with chanting esp hearing from

pure devotee."


So I should talk to people about KC even if they don't wanna know? I'm getting confused now.

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if you want your husband to be a vegetarian, then you need to marry a vegetarian, because after the marriage changing a person's life long habits such as meat eating is quite hard.


I think you should not try to convert him if he does not want to, that can just be a mess.


The best thing to do is look for a husband who is also a Krishna Conscious individual, if not, then you have to just compromise with your husband in the future.


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This will help.


Canto 10: The Summum Bonum Chapter 23: The Brahmanas' Wives Blessed



Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Srimad Bhagavatam


SB 10.23 Summary


SB 10.23.1: The cowherd boys said: O Rama, Rama, mighty-armed one! O Krsna, chastiser of the wicked ! We are being harassed by hunger, and You should do something about it.


SB 10.23.2: &#346;ukadeva Gosvami said: Thus entreated by the cowherd boys, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the son of Devaki, replied as follows, desiring to please certain of His devotees who were brahmanas' wives.


SB 10.23.3: [Lord Krsna said:] Please go to the sacrificial arena where a group of brahmanas, learned in the Vedic injunctions, are now performing the &#256;&#324;girasa sacrifice to gain promotion to heaven.


SB 10.23.4: When you go there, My dear cowherd boys, simply request some food. Declare to them the name of My elder brother, the Supreme Lord Balarama, and also My name, and explain that you have been sent by Us.


SB 10.23.5: Thus instructed by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the cowherd boys went there and submitted their request. They stood before the brahmanas with palms joined in supplication and then fell flat on the ground to offer respect.


SB 10.23.6: [The cowherd boys said:] O earthly gods, please hear us. We cowherd boys are executing the orders of Krsna, and we have been sent here by Balar&#257;ma. We wish all good for you. Please acknowledge our arrival.


SB 10.23.7: Lord Rama and Lord Acyuta are tending Their cows not far from here. They are hungry and want you to give Them some of your food. Therefore, O brahmanas, O best of the knowers of religion, if you have faith please give some food to Them.


SB 10.23.8: Except during the interval between the initiation of the performer of a sacrifice and the actual sacrifice of the animal, O most pure brahmanas, it is not contaminating for even the initiated to partake of food, at least in sacrifices other than the Sautrimani.


SB 10.23.9: The brahmanas heard this supplication from the Supreme Personality of Godhead, yet they refused to pay heed. Indeed, they were full of petty desires and entangled in elaborate rituals. Though presuming themselves advanced in Vedic learning, they were actually inexperienced fools.


SB 10.23.10-11: Although the ingredients of sacrificial performance — the place, time, particular paraphernalia, mantras, rituals, priests, fires, demigods, performer, offering and the as yet unseen beneficial results — are all simply aspects of His opulences, the brahmanas saw Lord Krsna as an ordinary human because of their perverted intelligence. They failed to recognize that He is the Supreme Absolute Truth, the directly manifest Personality of Godhead, whom the material senses cannot ordinarily perceive. Thus bewildered by their false identification with the mortal body, they did not show Him proper respect.


SB 10.23.12: When the brahmanas failed to reply even with a simple yes or no, O chastiser of the enemy [Pariksit], the cowherd boys returned disappointed to Krsna and Rama and reported this to Them.


SB 10.23.13: Hearing what had happened, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Lord of the universe, simply laughed. Then He again addressed the cowherd boys, showing them the way men act in this world.


SB 10.23.14: [Lord Krsna said:] Tell the wives of the brahmanas that I have come here with Lord Sankarsana. They will certainly give you all the food you want, for they are most affectionate toward Me and, indeed, with their intelligence reside in Me alone.


SB 10.23.15: The cowherd boys then went to the house where the brahmanas' wives were staying. There the boys saw those chaste ladies sitting, nicely decorated with fine ornaments. Bowing down to the brahmana ladies, the boys addressed them in all humility.


SB 10.23.16: [The cowherd boys said:] Obeisances unto you, O wives of the learned brahmanas. Kindly hear our words. We have been sent here by Lord Krsna, who is passing by not far from here.


SB 10.23.17: He has come a long way with the cowherd boys and Lord Balarama, tending the cows. Now He is hungry, so some food should be given for Him and His companions.


SB 10.23.18: The wives of the brahmanas were always eager to see Krsna, for their minds had been enchanted by descriptions of Him. Thus as soon as they heard that He had come, they became very excited.


SB 10.23.19: Taking along in large vessels the four kinds of foods, full of fine tastes and aromas, all the ladies went forth to meet their beloved, just as rivers flow toward the sea.


SB 10.23.20-21: Although their husbands, brothers, sons and other relatives tried to forbid them from going, their hope of seeing Krsna, cultivated by extensive hearing of His transcendental qualities, won out. Along the river Yamuna, within a garden decorated with buds of a&#347;oka trees, they caught sight of Him strolling along in the company of the cowherd boys and His elder brother, Balarama.


SB 10.23.22: His complexion was dark blue and His garment golden. Wearing a peacock feather, colored minerals, sprigs of flower buds, and a garland of forest flowers and leaves, He was dressed just like a dramatic dancer. He rested one hand upon the shoulder of a friend and with the other twirled a lotus. Lilies graced His ears, His hair hung down over His cheeks, and His lotuslike face was smiling.


SB 10.23.23: O ruler of men, for a long time those brahmana ladies had heard about Krsna, their beloved, and His glories had become the constant ornaments of their ears. Indeed, their minds were always absorbed in Him. Through the apertures of their eyes they now forced Him to enter within their hearts, and then they embraced Him within for a long time. In this way they finally gave up the pain of separation from Him, just as sages give up the anxiety of false ego by embracing their innermost consciousness.


SB 10.23.24: Lord Krsna, who witnesses the thoughts of all creatures, understood how those ladies had abandoned all worldly hopes and come there simply to see Him. Thus He addressed them as follows with a smile upon His face.


SB 10.23.25: [Lord Krsna said:] Welcome, O most fortunate ladies. Please sit down and make yourselves comfortable. What can I do for you? That you have come here to see Me is most appropriate.


SB 10.23.26: Certainly expert personalities, who can see their own true interest, render unmotivated and uninterrupted devotional service directly unto Me, for I am most dear to the soul.


SB 10.23.27: It is only by contact with the self that one's vital breath, intelligence, mind, friends, body, wife, children, wealth and so on are dear. Therefore what object can possibly be more dear than one's own self?


SB 10.23.28: You should thus return to the sacrificial arena, because your husbands, the learned brahmanas, are householders and need your assistance to finish their respective sacrifices.


SB 10.23.29: The wives of the brahmanas replied: O almighty one, please do not speak such cruel words. Rather, You should fulfill Your promise that You always reciprocate with Your devotees in kind. Now that we have attained Your lotus feet, we simply wish to remain here in the forest so we may carry upon our heads the garlands of tulas&#299; leaves You may neglectfully kick away with Your lotus feet. We are ready to give up all material relationships.


SB 10.23.30: Our husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, other relatives and friends will no longer take us back, and how could anyone else be willing to give us shelter? Therefore, since we have thrown ourselves at Your lotus feet and have no other destination, please, O chastiser of enemies, grant our desire.


SB 10.23.31: The Supreme Personality of Godhead replied: Rest assured that your husbands will not be inimical toward you, nor will your fathers, brothers, sons, other relatives or the general populace. I will personally advise them of the situation. Indeed, even the demigods will express their approval.


SB 10.23.32: For you to remain in My bodily association would certainly not please people in this world, nor would it be the best way for you to increase your love for Me. Rather, you should fix your minds on Me, and very soon you will achieve Me.


SB 10.23.33: It is by hearing about Me, seeing My Deity form, meditating upon Me and chanting My names and glories that love for Me develops, not by physical proximity. Therefore please go back to your homes.


SB 10.23.34: Srila Sukadeva Gosvami said: Thus instructed, the wives of the brahmanas returned to the place of sacrifice. The brahmanas did not find any fault with their wives, and together with them they finished the sacrifice.


SB 10.23.35: One of the ladies had been forcibly kept back by her husband. When she heard the others describe the Supreme Lord Krsna, she embraced Him within her heart and gave up her material body, the basis of bondage to material activity.


SB 10.23.36: Govinda, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, fed the cowherd boys with that food of four varieties. Then the all-powerful Lord Himself partook of the preparations.


SB 10.23.37: Thus the Supreme Lord, appearing like a human being to perform His pastimes, imitated the ways of human society. He enjoyed pleasing His cows, cowherd boyfriends and cowherd girlfriends with His beauty, words and actions.


SB 10.23.38: The brahmanas then came to their senses and began to feel great remorse. They thought, "We have sinned, for we have denied the request of the two Lords of the universe, who deceptively appeared as ordinary human beings."


SB 10.23.39: Taking note of their wives' pure, transcendental devotion for Lord Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and seeing their own lack of devotion, the brahmanas felt most sorrowful and began to condemn themselves.


SB 10.23.40: [The brahmanas said:] To hell with our threefold birth, our vow of celibacy and our extensive learning! To hell with our aristocratic background and our expertise in the rituals of sacrifice! These are all condemned because we were inimical to the transcendental Personality of Godhead.


SB 10.23.41: The illusory potency of the Supreme Lord certainly bewilders even the great mystics, what to speak of us. As brahmanas we are supposed to be the spiritual masters of all classes of men, yet we have been bewildered about our own real interest.


SB 10.23.42: Just see the unlimited love these women have developed for Lord Krsna, the spiritual master of the entire universe! This love has broken for them the very bonds of death — their attachment to family life.


SB 10.23.43-44: These women have never undergone the purificatory rites of the twice-born classes, nor have they lived as brahmacaris in the asrama of a spiritual master, nor have they executed austerities, speculated on the nature of the self, followed the formalities of cleanliness or engaged in pious rituals. Nevertheless, they have firm devotion for Lord Krsna, whose glories are chanted by the exalted hymns of the Vedas and who is the supreme master of all masters of mystic power. We, on the other hand, have no such devotion for the Lord, although we have executed all these processes.


SB 10.23.45: Indeed, infatuated as we are with our household affairs, we have deviated completely from the real aim of our life. But now just see how the Lord, through the words of these simple cowherd boys, has reminded us of the ultimate destination of all true transcendentalists.


SB 10.23.46: Otherwise, why would the supreme controller — whose every desire is already fulfilled and who is the master of liberation and all other transcendental benedictions — enact this pretense with us, who are always to be controlled by Him?


SB 10.23.47: Hoping for the touch of His lotus feet, the goddess of fortune perpetually worships Him alone, leaving aside all others and renouncing her pride and fickleness. That He begs is certainly astonishing to everyone.


SB 10.23.48-49: All the aspects of sacrifice — the auspicious place and time, the various items of paraphernalia, the Vedic hymns, the prescribed rituals, the priests and sacrificial fires, the demigods, the patron of the sacrifice, the sacrificial offering and the pious results obtained — all are simply manifestations of His opulences. Yet even though we had heard that the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Visnu, the Lord of all mystic controllers, had taken birth in the Yadu dynasty, we were so foolish that we could not recognize Sri Krsna to be none other than Him.


SB 10.23.50: Let us offer our obeisances unto Lord Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. His intelligence is never bewildered, whereas we, confused by His power of illusion, are simply wandering about on the paths of fruitive work.


SB 10.23.51: We were bewildered by Lord Krsna's illusory potency and thus could not understand His influence as the original Personality of Godhead. Now we hope He will kindly forgive our offense.


SB 10.23.52: Thus reflecting on the sin they had committed by neglecting Lord Krsna, they became very eager to see Him. But being afraid of King Kamsa, they did not dare go to Vraja.


Prabhupada's books on line:




The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc.

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhup&#257;da, Founder &#256;c&#257;rya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness

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The best thing to do is look for a husband who is also a Krishna Conscious individual



What about when there are kids involved? We have 2 kids together and I am going in a completely different direction spiritually and the way my life is being led.

I want to live life of krishna conciousness, and he will not even go to the temple with me.


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Yes, I know what you mean, I knew one couple were are in the same situation as you are in right now, but when she tried to force him(on a meat eating and alcohol issue) it just turned ugly.


I think it is better to just practice KC yourself and pray in your heart that Radha showers her mercy on your husband /images/graemlins/smile.gif I am sure she will .


So, it is wise to encourage the kids in the KC philosophy but only if they show interest.


I think devotion is only dependent on the mercy of Radha krishna, it is better to leave it to them...



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Gita is known as Bhakti-Shastra. Gita repeatedly stresses that the prescribed duties should be performed with devotion to God. Performing one's duties is not merelt an ethical concept. It has a theistic foundation. One's duties are dharma only when performed with dedication to God and with devotion to him. Therefore, bhakti or devotion has an important place in the Gita scheme of performing one's duty.


Bhakti is not merely love or admiration of the object concerned i.e God. It is not merely an emotional attraction. It is loving God realising his supreme nature. Sri Krishna states that "Priyo hi jnanino atyartham aham sa cha mama priyah". He who knows my supremacy loves me, and I love him. The devotee who loves God has to have the knowledge of the supremacy of God. Thus, the knowledge and love are the two essential ingredients of Bhakti.


Bhakti is essential to acquire the paroksa and aparoksa knowledge of Gita. It is required to solicit the grace of God at each stage. Even after Aparoksha jnana bhakti has to continue. Its intensity is increased at every stage, it is named as bhakti, pakvabhakti, paripakva bhakti and atiparipakva bhakti to indicate its increase in intensity. At all these stages it is called Sadhana bhakti. Even after mukti or liberation bhakti has to continue. At that stage it is called sadhyabhakti as it strengthens the realisation of bliss in the liberated stage. Developing bhakti is continuous precess from the initial stage of seeking knowledge to the highest stage of spiritual attainment. The relation between God and Jiva is that of bimba and pratibhimba. In the liberated stage, bhimba i.e God is revealed to the pratibhimba i.e Jiva. This is made possible by Bhakti. Sri Krishna declares in Gita that "the supreme God can be known only by Bhakti", "I will take care of those who are devoted to me alone", "I love, those who love me", "He who is devoted to me, though not of a good conduct initially, will improve soon. My devotee will never perish", "You fix your mind on me, be devoted to me, worship me. You will surely attain me", "I shall give my aparoksha jnana for those who are devoted to me". From these words of Sri Krishna it is clear that bhakti leads to the knowledge and grace of God.


In connection with bhakti and bhakta Gita makes another important contibution. It is already pointed out that bhakti is not merely an emotional state but it has to have the foundation of knowledge. It is love with knowledge but not mere love. That is why Gita repeatedly states "Jnani mama priyatamah", and Jnaninah aham priya". Jnanin is Bhakta and Bhakta is Jnanin according to Gita. There is one more point that is equally important. It is high conduct that is laid down for a bhakta in Gita.


A bhakta should not have hatred for anyone. He should have friendly feelings towards all. He should have compassion. He should have no ego, He should have tolerance and should have a balanced attitude in pleasure and pain. He should always be contended. He must be determined. He should always be absorbed in God.


None should be afraid of him. He should not be afraid of any. He should not be affected by the joy, anger, fear, and any other tension. He should not long for anything other than God's grace. He should be clean, capable of his task, impartial and free from regret. He should not undertake anything that is not intended to obtain the grace of God. He should not have any likes and dislikes. He should neither covet nor regret. It is only a devotee of such a high conduct whom I love.


Thus Gita concept of bhakti is a synthesis of emotional intellectual, and ethcal aspects. Bhakti is not a blind emotional attachment without knowledge and conduct.


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